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Chapter 11 ยท London rush

We hurried down the road. The sun hadn't risen yet and only a few people seemed to be out. As Zoey pulled me along I didn't get to see many details however the street I could almost feel were different.

It was like a dark aura filled the streets. I shivered and not from the cold wind. People hurried on most hiding their face and some even under dry black umbrellas even those it wasn't raining.

We went on and on Zoey gabbing my hand pulling me along. I wouldn't have minded but I almost fell face first many times trying to keep up.

Left. Left. Right. Left again. Going in between empty alleyways. Past closed shop and running across roads until we came to a small office building. Dark glass windows were impossible to see into. Gray concrete walls stood tall and strong.

"Fwww, we made it and in good time too," Zoey said turning back to me for the first time since we started running.

"I never doing that again" I puffed bent over.

"Come on we need to talk to Void," Zoey stated as she walks towards the door and headed inside. Slowly I joined her.

As I stepped in the colours changed. A small welcome room with White painted walls and purple cushions chairs lined the wall. A small table sat in the corner filled with magazines. A wooden door seemed to lead more into the office. Above the door sat a logo.

The logo seemed to glow golden almost with a relic feeling to it. On a wooden shield base sat a painted golden key hanging from a chain. It was a simple design but at the same time odd like it was missing something. A large crack seems to run from one end of the wooden shield to the over yet it still stayed together.

"Why would some be called Void. Is it a gang name or something." I stuttered as the warmth of the heating make me realise how bitter outside it was for the begging of spring.

Zoey giggled as she placed her hand on a glass screen next to the door, that seemed to scan her hand.

"Sorry just trying to think of Void as a gangster," Zoey replied as the wooden door clicked open "maybe as a mob boss but I think he got it when working for the government."

"So you also work for the government," I asked quietly so not to stain my voice. Already it was starting to itch.

"No Void got fired I think and had to babysit Felix or something. As for what I do I'm a relic hunter." she puffed proudly as we walked down a large room with much the same decor and past a few desks with paperwork and computers sitting on them.

Then we came to three doors. One a large reinforced metal door and two wooden ones. The wooden doors were named on brass plates as such: "Void" and "Lily".

Zoey knocked on the one marked "Void" and a deep stone cold voice reply " Come in Zoey and bring her with you."

A note from Silver tail

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