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Chapter 9 ยท Morning person

The light tickles my eyes. Slowly I awoke to the sound of traffic and the noise of the everyday life of London. For a second it felt like I was in my flat. Then I remember.

The cold. The fear. That feeling of not belonging anywhere.

But now I felt hot. Too hot. As slowly as I could I turned my head. She was next to me.

I could feel her breath on me and that smile on her face. It was... cute. Almost like a puppy. Inch by tiny inch I oozed my way out from under her.

I gently tiptoed to the bathroom and refreshed myself. As I got up I looked at myself in the mirror. As I started to wake up more and looked closer I realized something.

"Their gone" I stuttered. I poked were my cut had been but now it had almost gone just leaving a light scar.

As I exited the bathroom I could see her still asleep. I stopped. What was she? Who was she? She had done so much for me yet I didn't know her. I only knew her name.

Was I a bad person. I had dump myself on this lady. I had taken her bed and her time. She had even stopped me from feeling that nothingness.

Maybe I should l just leave. I start to turn to the door.

"Marw" the mumbled cried came from behind me.

I turn back. I walked closer to her. Little damp spots were on the sheet next to her. She was... crying.

"Mark" I heard it that time. It was someone's name.

I lead in closer and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Awwwwww" came her yell.

I felt the wind whoosh past me. Then I fell and hit the floor. Ow.

"Oh I'm sorry," she said while she jump up and helped me up. She looked me up and down before hugging me. It was sudden. I felt myself lock up in shock. I could feel her heart against mine.

"I'm so happy you stayed" she hummed as I grew used to her warmth. It was like a soft cloud almost. I look around to see I was right next to her chest and her...

I started to glow red and my body started to try and wiggle out of her arms.

"How... did you do that," I asked as she let me go.

"Do what," she asked as she looked around at the bed "gross did you drool?"

"No and I meant my face," I exclaimed quietly pointing at my face.

"Oh I just used a bit of healing gel" she smiled back. She was a morning person foreshore.

"Somewhat," I replied back

"You know... alchemists magic stuff," she said with a small frown and a raised eyebrow.

"Magics not real," I replied with a giggle. The stress was getting to me.

Zoey's frown deepened.


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