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Chapter 6 ยท Sit Down

My words seemed to bring silence to the room. Wick looked at Bane who then looked at Zoey in turn.

"Well. When I found you I couldn't just leave you. I mean you might have tried to... redo it." Zoey said slowing closer to the end.

Everyone was still staring at her wait for her to continue.

"Z is this about you know who?" Bane asked with a frown.

"No no. Maybe. I don't know. " she muttered sinking into the chair more.


"Well," Wick said slowly look back to me "I'm Flitwick but everyone just calls me Wick. What's your name."

I look at him. Was he joking after all of this that's the first thing he asked?

"Err. I'm sorry that we have not met in a better light but if it makes it any better I got you a drink." He said placing down a red coffee cup next to me.

I looked at it then back at him.

"I'm Jade." I whispered. His face turned to one of concern.

"Are you ok. Did someone," he turn to look at the others "hurt your throat."

I shook my head
"Its been like this for a while."

He nodded his head.
"I think we should all take a rest. Today has been more than odd," At that, he stood up and started to walk toward the door. "Bane takes care of them I'm going to look something up."

"Yes, mom." Bane said while rolling her eyes.

With that, I heard the door close with a click.

A note from Silver tail


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