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Chapter 5 ยท Charmed

There he stood with one hand of coffee cups and in the over a small book. His small form, sleepy blue eyes and untamed messy brown hair screamed book worm. As he looked at me his eyes widen. A look of shook covers his face.

I ran right at him making him jump out of the way. A small whimper came out his mouth as I barrel past him. Then I see the lift.

"Wick grab her" I heard one of the women yells.

"What... why?" I hear the man called wick shout his voice edged with confusion.

"Now!" One of the women say. Then I hear a click of fingers and my legs are bound. I fall face forward into one of the shut lift doors. If I could have screamed I would have instead a small whimper came out of my mouth. "Ow".

"Er, what's going on?" Came the sound of Wicks' voice over the quickening footfall.

"Not now, " came one of the girl's voices. Zoey I think from the way it was softer but then I have just hit my head. I'm not a doc but I think that not a good idea. Oh god, now I'm talking to my self while I'm about to be re-kidnapped.

Slowly I felt body get picked up. I look up to see the scary lady's face not even change as she lifted me. Wow, she was strong. Felt kind of nice to be moved like this. In a pair of nice strong arms.

No no no. What the hell is going on I should be trying to claw her. Yet as I looked at her deep red eyes I felt myself get lost in them.

"Er, why is she looking at me like that. How bad did that fall look to you, Wick." She voice hummed. I felt her rock hard chest and wiggled closer to her.

"Get her in. My charm won't last long" I heard a voice say quickly somewhere behind me.

"This is super weird." Her voice sounded again as I tried to force myself up to her.

"Click" came a sound behind me.

"You can put her down now" came Zoe's voice with a few giggles.

I felt my body placed into one of the sofas in the living room. All my body hurt. From my head to my toes.

"She should come out of it soon." came Wicks' voice. I turn to look at him. As my eyes found him he quickly looked away to the others now also sitting.

"Remind me, Wick, why you have that charm." came the lady's voice.

"Well... sometimes I need information and the best way to get it quickly is by charming them. I mean not that much but I wasn't sure if it would work on her as she looks so fey like and as you know..." he carried on slowly getting redder and redder.

"Sure Wick," came the scary/hot lady's voice edged with disbelief "so how long until she's not like this."

"Soon. I hope. Anyway Bane why are we kidnapping this girl." he muttered.

So that was their names. Zoey strict and warm, Bane scary/hot and wick nerdy and weird. Then suddenly it happened. Like the world pucked up speed. I don't know what just happen but everything seemed to lose its warm fluffiness.

"What did you do to me? What do you want from me?" I said as loudly as I could but it still came out as loud as a whisper. Their heads turned as one to look at me.

A note from Silver tail


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