Can I really keep my Goddess Wife to myself and away from all the Crazy OP MCs?

by Kira Minoru

Original ONGOING Comedy Romance Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Male Lead Slice of Life Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

Volume 1: Including Prologue - Chapter 34 available on Amazon and Patreon.

I married the goddess of calamity, the daughter of the mightiest god in existence. You don't like me? Well too bad, come talk to my mighty father in law!

Who dares mess with me now?


Who are these lowly ants?

Why do I feel threatened just by their existence?

What's with the cold sweat on my back?

Are they the MCs?

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shin chan
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The dark truth behind op mc

A wuxia story completely unlike any (that I've read ), one of the unique pieces on RR , great potential to bring about a new segment in wuxia stories

At ch 7 a story with great comedic value  from looking at the tags you'll think of it as another wuxia but stop the mc of the story  isn't the actual mc even though he has got himself a goddess in the first chapter. The mc of the story isn't the mc in the story but just a spectator, so you guys are most probably confused as I'm so bad at this so no more explanations just read the novel and you'll understand 

Ps. This is what I've read till ch7 so I may be wrong or you may not agree with me

While the style of writing is quite good and expressive but as you've drawn up the character a little more expressions that may appear as showboating will help increase the comedic value of the situation based on my thinking if the author is going for a comedy story

I wasn't able to spot any significant grammar mistakes(but I don't really pay attention to this also especially if the story is good)

Story as it is still a fledgling plot can't really comment but so far so good (in future will update)

Character the character of the God of war aka the overprotective dad was ........ forced a little uncomprehendable situation which may give a dumb like face to the story that too in the beginning , due to which some readers may leave the story at that stage 

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Yep. It's definitely another Wuxia before chapter 7. After that the... MC? MA? SC? The dude we are following turns into a Ciaphas Cain.

If I say anymore it would be spoilers

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Refreshing, and entertaining

This is a really refreshing new take on Wuxia.

It's entertaining and can make for some laughs. 
You just need to get past the few early chapters, they're kinda messy and confusing, but after you come a few chapters, the humor really shines through.


I like it, looking forward to reading more of this, thank you author!