Can I really keep my Goddess Wife to myself and away from all the Crazy OP MCs?

by Kira Minoru

Original ONGOING Comedy Romance Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Male Lead Slice of Life Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

If interested, feel free to check out my other work “I was Summoned as a Hero, but I Became the Demon Lord Instead”

Volume 1 Word Count: 108K Including Volume Exclusive Content Available on Amazon

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Volume 1: Including Prologue - Chapter 34 available on Amazon and Patreon.

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Volume 3: Including Chapter 60 - 86 + 1 Exclusive Side Chapter available on Amazon and Patreon


I married the goddess of calamity, the daughter of the mightiest god in existence. You don't like me? Well too bad, come talk to my mighty father in law!

Who dares mess with me now?


Who are these lowly ants?

Why do I feel threatened just by their existence?

What's with the cold sweat on my back?

Are they the MCs?

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Kira Minoru

Kira Minoru

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The Vale
  • Overall Score

It's a moron mc gets married to a goddess for random reasons, and is thoroughly whipped due to the massive gap in the power dynamic. The humour is all cliche overreaction, mc being a sexually obsessed idiot dumber than a bag of bricks, mc pure bullshitting because he is a moron, and mc getting bullied, teased and denied by his wife.

Taken in small doses it might be palatable, but for me it goes too far and gets stale and repetetive quickly, using the same jokes repeatedly. I was probably burnt out on this kind of humour before I even started reading, so I lack an aprecation for it.

The style reads like a comedy anime - juvenile readers will probably get the most enjoyment out of it.

The author knows what they are doing though, the writing is heavily targeted, consistent in style and tone, characterisation is solidly consistent and on theme, grammar has no issues.

  • Overall Score

Yep. It's definitely another Wuxia before chapter 7. After that the... MC? MA? SC? The dude we are following turns into a Ciaphas Cain.

If I say anymore it would be spoilers

  • Overall Score
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This story hits all the high notes for me. It's so-far about a man who dies, falls in love with a goddess, marries her, and than has to deal with the fallout.

Grammar: I'm not a grammar nazi so I can't be blamed for not knowing just how good the grammar is. Suffice to say that it has no faults that ought to turn off the typical reader.

Character: I love the dynamic between the MC and his wife it's really humurous. The other characters aren't lackluster either with little Han being a lovable brat, his diciple is likewise a fun personality, everyone in this book just keeps the humor rolling and is enjoyable.

Story: I love the idea behind it and I'm hoping that there is more deveolopment as far as the romance between the Main Couple goes.

Style: Really hard for me to describe but here I go. The voice of the author is perfect for this it reads like some of the other modern day chinese authors might but with soo much humor in it.

This novel isn't some super serious Cultivation Novel nor is it just a silly for the lols novel I've read plenty of both some may be turned off initially as can come off as a silly novel, don't do this persevere the characters are lovable and the story is a lighthearted piece that's honestly one of my favorite slice-of-life/romance novels.

To the author: If you read this know that enjoy this work immensly and that I really hope you keep writing this piece into the future.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
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A story with a lot of self-derision

This story is a hidden gem. So far, it is mainly a comedy at the expense of the MC. He is very narcissistic and arrogant, but in a funny way. His wife likes to tease him. There is a hidden depth to her, and a lot to develop between them. The romance is slow, but they act as a couple so it is quite fresh as they are already together. 

The author's style of writing and his content are quite innovate and made it quite funny. Indeed, the style is light hearted and can't really be called traditional, but manages to pass its message well. The point of view isn't omniscient, as it reflects the perception of the character (which is well done) in a good way. As such, the comedy and the actions are depicted in their own way and can further enhance the enjoyment of the readers. 

However, it should be noted that the MC's love for his wife, even when she is a bit teasing, and it put in a M position can put off some readers, as they would prefer he acts as a macho or mass murderer (like most Cultivation stories). MC isn't a masochist, but as a lot of people wouldn't hate it if a sexy goddess was a bit seductive. In terms of personality, he acts as a bystander with great pride. 

Another good point is that the author releases a chapter roughly once per 48 hours, though I don't know how long it will go on. 


PS: I didn't laugh as much since reading RE: HAMSTER, though I still think the latter is the best thing ever. I have a smile almost every chapter, which isn't always true with a lot of comedy. I just don't like the names, why made it Japanese if the final setting is Chinese and the MC's personality is far from a Japanese (Japon isn't important at all in the story). It almost made me afraid to see some garbage that tries to copy the style of Japon's light novel, which are mostly popular fanfics, rather than novels, but I was fortunately wrong! 

  • Overall Score

Refreshing, and entertaining

This is a really refreshing new take on Wuxia.

It's entertaining and can make for some laughs. 
You just need to get past the few early chapters, they're kinda messy and confusing, but after you come a few chapters, the humor really shines through.


I like it, looking forward to reading more of this, thank you author!