Dating Trials of a Vampire Queen

Dating Trials of a Vampire Queen

by RabbleRouser

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Bonnie Stanford is a natural-born vampire, but she doesn't know it until her parents die and leave her a man-toy to eat, abuse, or torment at her whim.  Yay for inheritances.


Vampire Queen 1: The Samurai - Soundbooth Theater

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BOOK 1 - The Samurai
BOOK 2 - The Barghest
BOOK 3 - The Feylord

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4th Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Table of Contents
108 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Surprise! You're a Vampire... ago
Chapter 2 - The Queen's New Slave ago
Chapter 3 - The Virgin Queen ago
Chapter 4 - Freedom ago
Chapter 5 - Between a Wall and a Hard Place ago
Chapter 6 - Calm ago
Chapter 7 - Daimyo ago
Chapter 8 - The Naked Crow ago
Chapter 9 - Man Skirts ago
Chapter 10 - To Feed or Not To Feed ago
Chapter 11 - First Blood ago
Chapter 12: Afterglow ago
Chapter 13 - The Vampire Lord ago
Chapter 14 - A Day on the Town ago
Chapter 15 - The Blademaster ago
Chapter 16 - The Samurai in the Bookstore ago
Chapter 17 - Shopping with Satan ago
Chapter 18 - Home Turf ago
Chapter 19 - Vampire Problems ago
Chapter 20 - Penance ago
Chapter 21 - Delectable Diversions ago
Chapter 22 - Meal Ticket ago
Chapter 23 - The Slave Traders ago
Chapter 24 - The Barghest ago
Chapter 25 - Plan B ago
Chapter 26 - Car Chase ago
Chapter 27 - Standoff ago
Chapter 28 - A Queen's Consort ago
Chapter 29 - The Grinding Habit ago
Chapter 30 - Tough Choices ago
Chapter 31 - A Second Time ago
Chapter 32 - The Samurai's Dilemma ago
Chapter 33 - Bringing Home the Barghest ago
Chapter 34 - Vampire, Meet Barghest ago
Chapter 35 - Home Alone ago
Chapter 36 - Women Problems ago
Chapter 37 - Just a Reflex ago
Chapter 38 - Abandoned ago
Chapter 39 - Small Talk ago
Chapter 40 - The Note ago
Chapter 41 - Drained ago
Chapter 42 - Taking a Chance ago
Chapter 43 - Road Trip ago
Chapter 44 - Trouble in the Diner ago
Chapter 45 - Tl'oghk'etnaeyen ago
Chapter 46 - A Favor Owed ago
Chapter 47 - The Sorceress and the Beast ago
Chapter 48 - The Barghest and the Bartender ago
Chapter 49 - The Samurai and the Jiaolong ago
Chapter 50 - The Disease Within ago
Chapter 51 - The Most Useful Degree...Ever ago
Chapter 52 - The Problem with Couch Men ago
Chapter 53 - Mead ago
Chapter 54 - The First Favor ago
Chapter 55 - Hunted ago
Chapter 56 - The Inquisitor ago
Chapter 57 - The Subtle Approach ago
Chapter 58 - Simpler Times ago
Chapter 59 - Honor Among Demons ago
Chapter 60 - A Conflict of Interest ago
Chapter 61 - A Hidden Pestilence ago
Chapter 62 - The Truth ago
Chapter 63 - Facing the Fury ago
Chapter 64 - Of Demons and Angels ago
Chapter 65 - Psyche's Sacrifice ago
Chapter 66 - Starting Fresh ago
Chapter 67 - The Right Boat ago
Chapter 68 - Compromise ago
Chapter 69 - The Problem with the Dog ago
Chapter 70 - A Viking Funeral ago
Chapter 71 - A Younger Man's Dream ago
Chapter 72 - Escape ago
Chapter 73 - The Savage Side ago
Chapter 74 - An Uneasy Alliance ago
Chapter 75 - Sundered Calm ago
Chapter 76 - Carnage ago
Chapter 77 - The Appeal of a Ball-Gag ago
Chapter 78 - Kidnapped ago
POLL: Top or Bottom? ago
Chapter 79 - The Island ago
Chapter 80 - Dominated ago
Chapter 81 - A Feylord's Revenge ago
News: Picking Up This Story Again ago
Chapter 82: Sibling Rivalry ago
Chapter 83 - Carnage ago
Chapter 84: Fun with Portals ago
Chapter 85: The Valkyrie ago
Chapter 86: Oops ago
Chapter 87: Thrall, Meet Thrall ago
Chapter 88: Standoff ago
Chapter 89: The Second Road ago
Chapter 90: The New Couch-Man ago
Chapter 91: A Unicorn Slave ago
Chapter 92: Pestilence's New Pet ago
Chapter 93: Foiled Feylords ago
Chapter 94: The Mystery of the Gods ago
Chapter 95 - The Wretch in the Basement ago
Chapter 96 - How…not…fry? ago
Chapter 97 - Delusions Above Her Station ago
Chapter 98 - Thunderbird vs. the Dread Unicorn ago
Chapter 99 - LARPing with the Gods ago
Chapter 100 - Not...LARPing... ago
Chapter 101 - The Schizophrenic ago
Chapter 102 - Bonnie and the Crazy ago
Chapter 103 - Like a Plantar's Wart... ago
Chapter 104 - Bonnie vs. the Sex Shop ago

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Read it in spite of the title, enjoyed every word.

Novel setting, interesting take on the supernatural/divine, with hilarious characters titillatingly on the edge of what I find acceptable in a light-side set of protagonists.


Also enjoy the precise and descriptive English--which is not a given on this site.


I don't like harems, vampires, romance, mind controll, rape...I think? and most every topic about this story.  For some reason i've enjoyed reading it....... gj author.  

I don't think this is a perfect story in any way but it seems nicely character driven and less checking off things on a list for a plot as so many other webstories seem.

As a negative--- the auther does not seems to know what to do with more than 2 characters interecting at a time.  there have been so far 2 major/minor characters that seem to have dissapered and show no sign of reappering or having the mc care that they have dissapered.  but I also suspect they will be brought back into the story soonish.  

ch 68.


Hilarious Reverse Harem

With the harem and vampire combo, you'd typically think this was just a trashy story with all of the author's pent-up fantasies written down.


Maybe it is, who knows, but the writing is GOOD. It's FUNNY, and unexpectedly I got really attached to all the characters. I ship all of them except burger boy (didn't know he was a contender until I saw the poll), but this was definitely a nice addition to royal road. Too many OP LITRPG boring fantasy MCs - but Shannon is rootable, the harem cast is shippable, and the writing is high quality.

Some people are anti-harem, but personally I support the author's goal set in chapter 2.

The plot did get heavy and very action packed since some people pushed the author to advance the story. It's not really a bad thing, the author kept the humor and the plot is still fairly interesting - but at the cost of some character interactions I was looking forward to. Hoping that won't stay the case for long!


I will be as vague as possible in this review while still striving to convince you to read this wonderful piece of literature. I wouldn't want to spoil it for you after all.

That said, the cast is the blood that flows through the veins of the story, bringing it to life. Be it a heretofore ordinary girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances or an extraordinary man adjusting to the ordinary, her missing parents that are fresh out of a period piece on vampires or the looming shadows of evil waiting to take the stage - they are all exquisitely crafted and presented.

So, sink your fangs into this delectable read. I guarantee you won't be able to leave after just a taste.


Get Ready To Sink Your Teeth Into This One!

Reviewed at: Chapter 92: Pestilence's New Pet

Short of it: It's funny, though dark. I really enjoyed it. The monsters don't shirk from being monsters, and even with the horror there's humour.

The long of it:


The writing style is enjoyable and simply done. Humourous lines are well placed, and the voices of different characters is pretty distinct.


Any grammar errors that may or may not have been present are neglible, as I was so absorbed in the story that I did not notice them.


I enjoyed the mythological creatures presented in the story, with regards to their powers and biological makeup. Shannon's initiation into the world of magic is done hilariously, though RabbleRouser doesn't shy away from the dark realities of such monsters. I liked the first half very much, until Norse mythology took over the story and plot. Where at first the story was focused on Shannon and her figuring out her new reality, the story soon shifts to a more ensemble cast with a Big Bad that needs to be defeated. Personally, I enjoyed the story more before that happened, or at least I might have enjoyed the shift more if the focus was kept moreso on Shannon (aka Bonnie). Still, now the stakes are higher and the ensemble cast is being tied together better because of the overarching Big Bad, so that is a plus.


Shannon (aka Bonnie) is a somewhat dumb, if kindhearted teenager. Though it is thrilling/funny to watch her get monsters who intially want to kill her to join her team, it's a tad like she's some wonderful angel...but even still, I enjoyed that aspect of the story. It was fun to see the other characters reasonings for helping her.

I felt Masaaki's (the bird dude in the attic) trauma was well portrayed, in that his trauma didn't just disappear once he became the MC's companion. 

Vampire lord Theo I liked, however, Shannon's reaction to 

the fact that he killed her parents, even if they were monsters, was kind of not illustrated well. They still raised and cared for Shannon, you know? Even if they also traumatized her. I also don't get why Shannon's parents let her grow up as a relatively normal teenager with a human mindset instead of preparing her to be the monster she would become.

Theo's mini arc in helping Masaaki get over his trauma was kinda weird, but I get the logic that was presented behind it, and also think it was a good way to have the team bond outside of the singular bonds they had to Shannon.

was unrealistic to me.

The barghest was problamatic to me on many levels. 

Though we end up learning that his "I want to eat you," line implies that he likes the person and doesn't want to literlly feast on them...I found his actions up until the reveal of his reasonong unreasonable.

The barghest is crude and gross for many many many chapters. When his motives are revealed, that he was subject to horrific abuse himself thus his awfulness...I didn't fully buy it. There is a scene where Nauyen (not sure if I spelled that right, but the fae dude in a dog's body) is reading his mind...and it's awful. I don't see how those thoughts are excusable or even quite make sense even after learning of his abuse. 

I also just was not a fan of the whole soul mate thing in general, when this disgusting brute was Shannon's soul mate. I guess retroactively when you find out they weren't born soul mates but made soul mates it makes sense that they might not actually be the best that ends up making sense.

Also, the barghest's character arc with Couch Man was hilarious, but it happened too fast? I really think the barghest character needs some polishing with regards to making his actions match his feelings and background. 

(I think the main reason I don't like barghest is that he is too much. His crudeness was too much, his violence too much, his presumptions too much, and even his trauma too much and slow recovery...too much. He just wasn't beleivable to me overall. But, for example, Masaaki's trauma and healing in more believable because the scope of it makes sense to me. The barghest's does not.)

Fae lord guy's past is really depressing, and his dynamic with Shannon a little unsettling because of his curse. I feel bad for him and understand his desperation at wanting to be himself again, but semi forcing Shannon into a deal with him, even with the horn of truth thing where she can't deny she's interested...just because she is interested in him doesn't mean she has to help him in that way.

Actually, now that I'm writing this all out, there is a very clear pattern here with the male cast.

Massaki's traumatized --> Theo helps with the trauma

Barghest is traumatized --> Couch Man helps with traum

Fae Lord is traumatized --> he's stilll dealing by himself...but will prob eventually get help

Theo probably has a dark past too, since it was just revealed he's a Norse god in disguise...cue recovery from trauma, prob.

Even Shannon's been traumatized by her crazy vampire parents...

This story is basically about overcoming trauma as much as it is about supernatural beings at war.

I know I've brought up a lot of gripes...but:


This story is really fun and funny despite it's flaws. If you like snark, comedy and dashes of romance, coming of age, with tablespoons of overcoming traumas (though this tends to be done well and occasionally in a humorous way with some characters) this is a great story to sink your teeth into.

Trigger Warnings and general warnings: mention of and semi graphic rape, sex, murder, gore, abuse and emotional and mental trauma. Your sides may split from laughter at some parts too.


I was captivated by the very first chapter.I don't write ever reviews but this story deserves recognition.The plot is intriguing,the characters are realistic and lovable.However,the pacing is a little confusing at first but the author improve their writing constantly.In short,this is a story worth your time.


In general Charakters are a weakness of royalroad. 

Not this story. It thrives by the Charakters and the interaction between them.

It's a great fun, but has pacing issues. In the beginning somewhat slow, later to fast. But all the while entertaining  


-- Young and naive, humble, forthright, 19-year-old Shannon finds out she's an apex predator. As a vampire queen, she rocks making loyal protectors by supporting their right to free will. This is not your average vampire story. Lots of surprising methodology and touching moments. Awesome character development and writing again and still, Sara King!


   First of all, I have to confess that the author, Sara King is a favorite of mine. But does that make me biased to her work, or is it simply an indication of just how amazing it is?    

Sara's writing style is very unique, in its ability to introduce one character after another, from the character's own perspective.

For this book, the result has the reader rooting for this poor young girl whose upbringing has been full of neglect and shame, but at the same time, laughing at her struggles to make all of that and more into some kind of normal existence.

The reader is introduced to a handful of men who have their own weird problems (like vampirism, an ancient Samurai, or being cursed to exist as a giant mastif dog who talks)-- but each one seems like a nice enough guy, once you get to know him!

The story is fresh, benefiting from unique lore, completely different from any other vampire tale I've ever read. That, coupled with the perspective of a college aged sexual abuse victim, who has just learned she is a vampire queen makes for a great page turner!

Grammar score is perfect for this book! There is nothing I hate more than to be rewriting sentences & trying to unsee people's dangling participles while attempting to enjoy an otherwise great story!

A for the Character category, as I mentioned above, this author is top notch in the character building department. Her stories ar character driven and put the reader right behind the wheel. It's easy to immerse oneself into the unlikely lives of these interesting people!


Panda the Shanda

I am SO addicted to this book! Looking forward to seeing how all of the new threads are going to entwine as this book and this series continues, especially with the nugget about Pestulance. I also want to see how Bonnie is going to connect with all these different characters. It seems to me that she is at the center of all of it, so who is she actually and what will her role be?  She seems to have a lot of men interested in her. I really want to see how things play out with the Fey lord (how do you pronounce his name????) and with Bjorn.

im)Patiently waiting for our dear Overlord to get back around to this story. 😊