I Know I like Ships but Why did I reincarnate as an Aircraft Carrier? *REWRITE*

by Arco

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead Urban Fantasy War and Military

Luke gets killed by driving his car off a cliff. He then is called to the Reincarnation Place TM with Olen, the overseer of Drda's. (or Earth in the future) She secretly reincarnates him into her world without God knowing. But the problem, he's an aircraft carrier, a Nimitz class aircraft carrier to be exact. Follow him into Drda's as he goes into this world. Who would win? Bullets vs arrows? Aircraft vs dragons? An aircraft carrier vs the demon lord? Find out in this story.

(Some Stuff About The Author: *bad writing ahead* Hello. I'm Arco, a middle schooler and light novel reader interested in reincarnation novels and fantasy stuff. I don't expect this to get many views, blah blah blah.)

[I will try to update every two days but mostly updates to the data-dump and adding stuff to chapters and grammar.] 

LINK: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P093Ja0G1KzoZQGAM-27SdquBwcTVwhmtPf6gXYa3mY/edit?usp=sharing

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/XXvHMZq


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  • Overall Score

i cant belive a middle schooler is writing this it makes me feel bad about my self but keep up the good work and i hope you make this a possible furture for yourself in this field (edit 2/18/19 some guy is a jerk and has down voted all the reviews not cool)

Halowolf 117
  • Overall Score

Very good idea kiddo and a brilliant story for an erlea writer

  • Overall Score

But make sure not to repeat the same table over and over again in the same chapter. Besides that little issue your story is quite good so far.

Moses Lambert
  • Overall Score

Interesting idea, terrible execution

I'm giving up on this one, after 5 or 6 chapters. It desperately needs to be proofread/corrected by someone. The constant insertion of real-life comments is distracting and unnecessary. The frequent "blue boxes" are not only, not needed, there are so many of them, it's irritating. Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation... well, if a student gave me this to grade, I'd have to give it a D+ or possibly C-. Apparently, it's written by a 7th or 8th grader - he has potential, if he works at improving his language skills.

smol snek
  • Overall Score


NC Story and OP MC keep it up :D


  • Overall Score

I like the concept of your story but I just can't read it it because of the grammar keep up your work though and once you're older your writing will get better. ☺