Summoning Shenanigans

by Mighty Moushie

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Grimdark High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Mythos Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Adding in  [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

Sean was a chemist on Earth with a lovely family life.  Everything was going well, until a group of gods decide to summon him to their world.  An unfortunate appearance by the trickster god derailed a normal summoning, and now Sean finds himself in a pickle.  

Content warning:  There will be profanity and quite probably some gore, though the point of the story will not revovle around any gory scenes.  I'm also including traumatising content as there will for sure be slavery and rape.  The rape will be alluded to and not described, there are other places for that.  I think this also explains the grimdark tag.

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Mighty Moushie

Mighty Moushie

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The Days after Christmas
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The main character grows too fast.  However, the bigger problem in my mind is that the overarching plot is too stereotypical.  Extra-dimensonal baddies of shadow who have subverted the goody-goody races that worship the light gods, and the summoned hero has to race to root out the corruption before the next big war happens.  With this corruption mainly taking the form of racism, slavery, religious and economic corruption and stupidity.  It's honestly a very boring and very dull plot, especially when he makes the bad guys into idiots in order to make them worse than is at all rational. 


Grind fest with lots of explanation

So take a smart dude who knows science and throw him into a world where your magic talent is based off how well you understand the "elements"


*cue OP MC time*


Honestly not a fan of this one, the author is talented and writes well. However, I'm kinda bored at 27 chapters. All it is every chapter is the MC grinding like crazy. Sprinkle some combat in where the MC burns out in the first 30 seconds and crushes everything.


Every chapter MC applies SCIENCE and gains massive amounts of class levels and skill levels. The plot feels hollow to me, it being just about grinding.


I should also mention terribly cliche this novel is, it is so bad sometimes. We have a MC who is agonizing over some trauma (taken away from his family so valid trauma) who gains elf waifu within the first 6 chapters and who wants to devote her soul to her for no fuckin reason (other than it is fateeee~).


Oh did I mention that MC went from being a normal husband to being a killer and has barely reacted to his actions at all. He is pretty chill with going from citizen to murder hobo.

I'm not honestly sure why authors fall for the trap of endless grinding so much, but here is a shocker. It is boringgggggggg. We the readers don't need to hear about everything being done, time skips are cool to get along WITH THE PLOT *COUGH COUGH*


Decent system but broken MC

Reviewed at: Chapter 21

A family father gets summoned into a magic world with a system, where he's supposed to serve as a chosen hero. Bored trickster god Lokir interferes in the summoning and the unwilling hero gets dumped somewhere in the middle of nowhere only to be immediately enslaved.

Thankfully this state isn't forever since he meets an elven slave girl who teaches him the basics of magic, which he uses to escape and enslave his prior slavemaster. He then planlessly proceeds to follow the caravan, learns some more magic and runs into some encounters.

Now the author has put some thought into the magic system and how the MC can use his otherworldly knowledge to quickly improve his magic skills. The problem here is that this takes forever and takes up a large part of the story. There's only so much "and then the protagonist applied highschool physics to a spell to achieve the next level" before it gets boring.

That honestly wouldn't be so bad and more like nieche on RRL, if it wasn't for the fact that this is really slowing the story to a crawl. That said the story seems pretty cliched. Evil powers of shadow are corrupting the mortals for some nefarious reason and are now fighting the protagonist who hasn't even have a clue what he's been summoned for in the first place.

But all of this would be bearable if not for the main problem. The characterisations are just bad. The elven slave girl insists on being a fetish accessory by continuing to call the MC "master". The supporting casts reactions seem to be all over the place and have little justification. But worst of all the MC turns out to be a psychopath. I'm not sure if that's actually intentional or if the author actually thinks mass murder is a completely reasonable response to being scammed. Considering just a few chapters before our protagonist had issues with not burrying Goblin raiders the characterisation just seems wildly inconsistent.

It's not even tagged villain protagonist or anti-hero.


 Im sorry to dis this story but after i red oblivion online, i got disapointed very quickly.

For the most part grammer and english are good there are some minor mistakes but were human so...

Im sorry to say that the world sounds beutiful but is discarded as background and only expresed throgh the memories of our mc and supporting cast, another is the reality created by reading isnt sofficent enugh for the readers mind to create your intended vision.

Mc has less of the mc focus and perpose than the supporting cast, has too much power to early and fuck up in using it and the strained "love" or tsundre connection with the main heroine is ok at the first book but by the 2nd its annoying to get the i want but cant feeling caouse his in a magical world light years away and even the cant track his planet of origin, now im not saying live and forget but be a man

The good thing is the diversty of species and variation as those usually get cut short, on that note the dungeon intellegent munsters are great and i love the use of godly war for development.

In conclusion good story if u have a good amount of time to burn


Progression makes little sense and the MC is pretty weakly written

I stopped reading after roughly 30 chapters since the story simply was neither captivating nor interesting.

It starts out somewhat interesting not having your typical loner isekai protagonist but rather somebody who actually wants to go back.

That said this is mostly what the novel has going for it. An interesting premise.

The system seems overly complicated and convoluted and mostly grind dependent. The MC mainly grinds out skills rather than furthering them by using them in combat.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 All in all I can just say that the novel is weakly written in terms of characters and the underlying story aswell as plot developments that make little sense.


Depends on how a person sees this fiction

We are currently in chapter 22, english is not my main language so forgive my mistakes

my current review is made viewing how the characters behaviors according to their situation and era. and how i see everything according to my own vision of morals and ethics

honestly there is much to be said but i will keep my review "short"

let's start with the characters, the main character and bribis a gnome

the main character is the typical hero summoned to a world filled with magic and disgrace

the behavior of the gods doesn't acctually fits their situation

so the gods summon a father and a husband, he has one daughter, once summoned to the world he is filled with anger and resentment towards the gods for summoning him from his family and putting a clone there which brings the problem if the gods could create a clone, why not creating a clone instead of summoning the mc?

the mc once in the world instead of having a cheat hability, he uses he's knowledge to use magic in a way to escape enslavement

in the current chapter 22 he is fighting with himself about morals and the people he had to kill and how his family would react to him if he return, using his world's "Even if this world’s morals suck, I could still hold myself to a higher standard." which shows that the mc is mostly ignorant or arrogant to not reconize that our morals that we live by today are not good in a era which is similar to the dark ages, debating against himself in order to see a better way instead of killing for survival is wrong because you have to kill for your own life, debating if this is right or wrong is not efficient in that era, you just kill, it's extremely similar to our time but instead of killing you make decisions which will may affect in a worse way then just killing someone, deciding that kind of moral ground is superior is wrong in many ways, ethics only appeared in the ancient greece and morals are something that is always changing, in a era that doubts can kill you, you simply don't think, you react and later you deal with the reaction. a good moral ground in this world would be killing the guilty even if he was ordered and not killing the innocent but if the innocent will represent something that can brings endless trouble in the future, you deal with them.

the gnome bribis i see him as a character who believes his moral grounds are superior to the rest he doesn't recongnize, killing for him is one the worst type of thing to exist, and if someone has a different take on his own vision then he doesn't recognize this person at all

for me the author lacks a better characters development.

i don't think the author has sucesfully grasped what is a world with magic and the needs to survival

this review has been made with my own opinion, i'm not an expert in literature, but i can see patterns the fictions are having.


I mean it's got good grammar and levels

TL;DR: Grammar is fine, story is untouched, style makes conversations hard to believe/decisions hard to understand, and charaacters are illogical and inconsistent.  you'll enjoy it if you like litRPG- there's rapid growth and OP mc

You've seen it in other reviews already.  

The story has yet to be flushed out as of chapter 14.  It's the classic summoned to another world to be a champion/hero to save the world.  from what? dunno. when? dunno. How? dunno.   

Characters are inconsistent and illogical.  MC, elandria, bribin (w.e.) don't make any sense.  their decision making and actions don't fit their characters or atleast what we're first meant to believe of them.  Also, MC at level 7 or something can make a miniature sun? What happened to not making him op.  In the same moment he makes 4 miniature suns.  How does a novice mage have enough MP to sustain that anyways.

Style. Conversations are scripted, it feels like one person is halving a conversation with himself.  There's no personality to each response.  There are also just illogicalities within the plot. e.g. if something is urgent, are you really gog to wait until the next day before bringing it up? if you wait till the next day, are you going to wake the person up just before noon- i mean you've already waied like 10 hours, whats another two.  



MC turns from being queasy at slavery to justifying himself buying slaves in about ten seconds flat. Similar problems exist with the supporting cast


As soon as the MC got a little bit of power, he started mass murdering people at the slightest sign of them doing something that the MC doesn't like.

Usual powertripping self-righteous mc. Think xianxia lvls of hypocritical logic. I would stay away.


Don’t be fooled by bad reviews

This is a story that I am really enjoying. While some people are saying that there is too much grinding, that is not necessarily true. While a good portion of the book is the MC learning magic in a semi-repetitive way, the author also uses this “Grinding” to explain the magic system and and how it connects to modern science in a really interesting way. I feel like this is a book you either enjoy or don’t, so I would recommend you read the first couple chapters and see if the story sticks.