In an alternate timeline where Lolicon's Righteous Retribution only gave 100 flat damage, instead of percent Health Regeneration as damage, per percentage above 100% DR penetration

He first tried his strategy on a timeline closely adjacent to his to see if it would work with only minimal repercussions, preferably none. Surprisingly to Degritone, it did. I guess things just go right, sometimes, he thought before teleporting into the meeting room behind the majority of the nobles and king. If two of them were very carefully looking for him, they may have seen him.

They didn't. Omen of Famine was cast on the closest noble first, then the second, and third, and so on. The king started to turn unlike in the test timeline, and Degritone cast Omen of Famine on him. Watching his Mana, Degritone didn't lose even a single Mana with Empower.


The king raised his hand and a high pitch chirp came out of him as Degritone started to make the teleportation construct. It faded away.


Degritone didn't know the king enough to properly predict him, but he began an up right slash at the air in front of him just in case they were a close range combatant. Another chirp rang out and Degritone fell to his knees and was forced into a bowing position. He started casting more Omens of Famine and Pestilence, each time losing almost no Mana beyond their casting cost.

Don't die daddy!

Degritone barely felt his Mana armor shatter and cut deeply into his body, only being given the minimum sensation the System deemed required as his body still had no nerve endings. With one attack, his Health was reduced to the triple digits. He started to rapidly cast Revitalization as he flew into the wall, the impact causing just enough damage to have reduced him to 0 Health had he not gotten at least one off.

Another chirp from the king and he was back in a kneeling position. He tried to move, but couldn't.


Time seemed to slow to a crawl, even accounting for the speed at which events were happening, as Degritone watched the king's leg come in for a kick to his head, which would guarantee a decapitation. He wasn't sure if that was lethal or not with his body.

But he knew a body in which it wouldn't be lethal.

Degritone's body exploded as it was replaced with the Immortal Troll, his skin now marked by decades of battle and his hands constantly releasing black flakes of withered skin as they regrew to replace the ever-dying flesh. He tried to move out of the way, but felt a tearing as his head was ripped off his body. He watched his body grow further away for a very short time before his head explosively grew a new body, sending out a massive shock wave from the air being forced away.

Another chirp was sent out. This time, with the Immortal Troll's body, Degritone could hear it. He was once again forced to a bow, but he immediately began moving, tearing the flesh off his arm and puncturing multiple holes in his torso and head, which all explosively regenerated. He moved just enough that the next kick did not take his head off. The king looked surprised down at Degritone and effectively teleported away with his speed.

Another chirp from the king and more holes and flesh were ripped from Degritone as he stood. "How is it a beast like you can withstand my Imperial Order and live? Not even Level 90 invasion bosses can do so without dying."

"I am Degritone, the Lolicoknight," he said with the Immortal Troll's exaggeratedly deep voice, "and I will never lose to loli hurting scum like you." With that, he used his own speed to also effectively teleport forward and land a punch into the king's body. His skin immediately blackened and they responded by swatting Degritone away with a scepter that appeared in his hand.

A throne appeared behind him, a regal red cape and golden crown appeared on his shoulders and head, and he sat. The throne flew up multiple feet as Degritone went into a defensive stance. All he had to do now was wait a few relative minutes for Withering to kill the king. With Mark of Antipathy's 93% damage increase and Lolicon's Fervent Support's 43% damage increase, only one application of Withering would suffice unless he had more than 43% damage reduction that worked against Withering.

Another chirp ripped Degritone to shreds. He activated Force Barrier as the king pointed at him with his scepter. A small light came out of the orb at its top and as it impacted his barrier, Degritone saw the world light up, felt his body begin to be ravaged, and felt as if he were falling. His body explosively healed all the injuries as the light lasted for all too long, during which he felt himself land on his back.

When his torment finally ended, he saw he was in a crater multiple miles wide and at least a mile deep. The ground was still red hot, much of it still lava, as the king slowly floated down to just a few feet above Degritone's head. Degritone stood as the king said, "Impressive. If only you hadn't already killed my associates, then maybe I could have had such a defensive asset on my side."

Degritone didn't respond as the king seemed to expect a response. Every second Degritone could stall was a second closer to his victory. "I'm sure Maldol would have loved to cut you open and learn how your impressive regeneration works. Maybe he could have even made a second detector with that knowledge. But no matter, he is dead. And soon, so shall you be."

Without waiting for a response, the king released chirp after chirp, almost sounding like a continuous sound, causing Degritone's body to be torn to shreds and regrown over and over and over and over and over and over and over, in a seemingly never ending torrent of pain as he slowly walked forward toward the king, who sent another explosive light from the end of his staff.

Degritone watched his Health reach 0, and he put all his mind on maintaining the Immortal Troll, forcing his body to regrow without the System's assistance. His eyes popped from the heat combined with an Imperial Order latching onto them as collateral and they immediately grew back, only to pop from the heat again. He closed his eyelids, and was shot back up a few inches as he landed on lava, his legs effectively turning into steam rockets for a few fractions of a second.

The crater began filling with lava through the significantly weakened crust and Degritone worked on angling himself toward the king as he fell. As he approached the lava, Degritone bent his knees before thrusting his legs down as hard as he could upon reaching it. His legs turned to steam, regenerated, and began a cycle all too fast for physics to get him out of the lava quickly enough.

He was sent flying at the king faster than either could react, and Degritone splattered on the king's chest before regenerating. He reached up to the startled king's throat and squeezed before saying, "Quietly die for me."

For multiple minutes of relative time, the king tried everything he could to get Degritone off his throat.

Until finally, he went limp.

His floating throne disappeared.

His crown and scepter disappeared.

And Degritone began plummeting back down into the lava.

A note from Degritone

Probably the last thing I'm going to release before going on hiatus. Don't really feel like even finishing chapter 66, but didn't want to leave where I did and also didn't want to go without finishing the Writathon. So, here you go.

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