In an alernate timeline where Melena never reinstated the order to win, before Degritone's impulse to win came into effect

Degritone's opponent quickly reequipped his pickaxe and broke the floor, with Degritone's second disarming attack doing nothing. A small amount of lava seeped in before he could patch the hole, his brain being tired after materializing images for so long. He decided to go ahead and try to push through. Try as he might, though, each and every time he managed to deal enough damage to take an arm, his opponent simply had another splash potion of healing.

Degritone did the estimations on inventory size, and his opponent couldn't have had more than 15, probably less since he was probably forgetting stuff, healing potions in his inventory, though he wasn't sure exactly how many had been used. He was hoping his mind would hold out long enough for his opponent to run out and for him to eventually win.

His opponent had used his 9th potion before Degritone's mind couldn't bear the abuse and the box dematerialized. "WE WIN THEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!" His opponent shouted while the lava had yet to flow. Degritone fell into the lava and his body erupted into steam, sending him to the top of the air bubble while his opponent simply began floating upward through the lava while smiling. "See, chat? I told you we could do it."

Degritone's heart sank when the lava came in fully. Almost all of his body and even parts of his head were immediately turned to steam, and he tried to go upward at all, but it was like trying to move in a specific direction while inside honey, and he wasn't moving, even as his Mana and Stamina ran out, he tried desperately to move up at all. After nearly two minutes of agony, he finally returned to Melena.


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