Supreme Truth of Chaos

by brokebutton

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Male Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Although he was plagued by nightmares, David Knox was an everyday architect living life on Earth. Then one day he met a woman that introduced him to a whole different world. Then things went awry for David and he was tossed into a world where myth and legend rule. 

Join David as he tries to rise from his misfortune into one of the supremes of existence.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Nightmares ago
Chapter 2: The Idea ago
Chapter 3: Dream Action Plan ago
Chapter 4: Client Meeting ago
Chapter 5: Progress ago
Chapter 6: The Party (1) ago
Chapter 7: The Party (2) ago
Chapter 8: The Party (3) ago
Chapter 9: The Party (4) ago
Chapter 10: Awoken ago
Chapter 11: Making Sense ago
Chapter 12: Darkness ago
Chapter 13: Again ago
Chapter 14: Payback ago
Chapter 15: Offer ago
Chapter 16: The Gym ago
Chapter 17: The Test ago
Chapter 18: Back Home (1) ago
Chapter 19: Back Home (2) ago
Chapter 20: Back Home (3) ago
Chapter 21: Back Home (4) ago
Chapter 22: Return ago
Chapter 23: Contract ago
Chapter 24: Inside Joke ago
Chapter 25: Concept ago
Chapter 26: Dream Reaper ago
Chapter 27: New Normal ago
Chapter 28: Grand Opening ago
Chapter 29: Mr. Carmine ago
Chapter 30: Family Visit ago
Chapter 31: Battle ago
Chapter 32: Fallout (1) ago
Chapter 33: Fallout (2) ago
Chapter 34: Mr. Gauge ago
Chapter 35: Dilemma ago
Chapter 36: Tournament ago
Chapter 37: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 38: Qualifying ago
Chapter 39: Crash ago
Chapter 40: Weapon Skills (1) ago
Chapter 41: Weapon Skills (2) ago
Chapter 42: Start ago
Chapter 43: Second Fight ago
Chapter 44: Victory ago
Chapter 45: Decision ago
Chapter 46: Friends ago
Chapter 47: Darkness ago
Chapter 48: Slave ago
Chapter 49: The Gateway ago
Chapter 50: The Other ago
Chapter 51: Auction ago
Chapter 52: First Night ago
Chapter 53: Manco Family ago
Chapter 54: Mines (1) ago
Chapter 55: Mines (2) ago
Chapter 56: Killing Dreams ago
Chapter 57: Trapped ago
Chapter 58: Dead ago
Chapter 59: Payday ago
Chapter 60: Succubus Dreams ago
Chapter 61: Proof of Worth ago
Chapter 62: Bargain ago
Chapter 63: Back ago
Chapter 64: Miners ago
Chapter 65: Freed ago
Chapter 66: Misery ago
Chapter 67: Rebellion ago
Chapter 68: Dreams ago
Chapter 69: Chaos ago
Chapter 70: Demigod Fight ago
Chapter 71: Grief of Night ago
Chapter 72: Desert ago
Chapter 73: Demons ago
Chapter 74: Presense ago
Chapter 75: Demon Town ago
Chapter 76: West ago
Chapter 77: Caravan ago
Chapter 78: Ring ago
Chapter 79: Mastered ago
Chapter 80: Demon City ago
Chapter 81: Misunderstanding ago
Chapter 82: Causing Trouble ago
Chapter 83: Lilith ago
Chapter 84: Challenge ago
Chapter 85: Fight after Fight ago
Chapter 86: Demon Court ago
Chapter 87: Countess ago
Chapter 88: Couple ago
Chapter 89: Settled ago
Chapter 90: Meeting of Clans ago
Chapter 91: Negotiation ago
Chapter 92: Meeting of Cities (1) ago
Chapter 93: Meeting of Cities (2) ago
Chapter 94: Meeting of Cities (3) ago
Chapter 95: Piedra Oasis (1) ago
Chapter 96: Piedra Oasis (2) ago
Chapter 97: Journey Continues ago
Chapter 98: Nazca City ago
Chapter 99: The Con ago
Chapter 100: Return ago
Chapter 101: Intel ago
Chapter 102: Preparations ago
Chapter 103: Special Commander ago
Chapter 104: Leaving for War ago
Chapter 105: Destroyer ago
Chapter 106: Keres ago

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shin chan
  • Overall Score
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A new type of cultivation story

Update at ch76 the story has quite nicely transitioned from ch 30 as in any cultivation novel the mc requires time  to increase his own strength but the author  uses this time quite efficiently to not only improve the plot of the story but also tempers the character of the MC . The author also uses this time to explain the power system ,but still some clarity is required on what actually makes one advance to a higher stage/level

The grammar and the style of writing are great, the author is easily able to get across his points and story moreover is detailed enough that one can quite easily imagine the scene

While the cultivation in this story is new(a kind I've never read about) with mc having access to people's dreams and manipulating them in it that affects them in real life

  • Overall Score

Over all a good story but it has two fairly major flaws.

1.  the power sytem changes half way and at several points seems to confuse it self.  For instance, they say the mc must be the descendant of a demi-god practitioner because of his high affinity, but then that turns out to weak overall.

2. The demons are originally are protraid as evil killing/inslaving machines, then turn out to just be normal people that look different than normal/may have special abilities.

So overall good story, but the auther suffers from a large amount of plot instability.

  • Overall Score

Good read so far as of the early chapters, but it really needs a repolish for some of the grammer. Its not Wuxia bad, but it has a handful of common mistakes that break you from the story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Creative Twist on a Tired Genre

Well rounded main char that actually goes through character development and changes based on his experiences without becoming a different person. Unlike most stories where the MCs personality is a blank slate and his  backstory is an afterthough, the author takes pains characterize his life, job, personality and family relationships before having  his life turned upside down.

Believable supporting chars. Thoughtful worldbuilding. Interesting plot. It's essentially an urbanfantasy/transmigration/cultivation mashup that innovates on and subverts elements from each genre. Also has an interesting magic system.

Highly recommended.

TYE rannical
  • Overall Score

I originally read this novel on a whim and was immediately surprisd by how good it was. the MC doesnt get stong just by gaining it from mistic reasonings and has to actually work hard. this is great.


edit: i changed my rating from a five to a 3 and a half mostly because the power system was very wonky. 

  • Overall Score
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So i saw this story was posted two days ago and already had over 70 chapters this caught my attention. the story is great. i don’t wanna go into detail cause spoilers but read this you wont regret it. also the names are cheesy but the characters are interesting.
  • Overall Score

Well thought out premise. Slightly slow in the beginning, but after reading a few chapters the pace feels solid.  World building is excellent.  The use of tried and true concepts, other worlds, God’s, cultivation, etc. is done well with a unique and personal twist.  All in all a very wonderful story especially for a first time author.

  • Overall Score

The sudden tragedy is the only thing I dislike

Tragedy tag plz wtf had me cursing and raging at chap 47 and promptly dropped.

  1. Great story otherwise, grammar and structure is great but wtf  sudden tragedy broken my heart man. I cant .
Scesce Scesce
  • Overall Score

Hmm the book doesn't seem bad itself, but it has some very bothering problem for once the complete lack of descriptions of the characters,    literally i don't know how  all the characters looks like, the only descriptions so far e it has been , REALLY GENERAl , red hair and two horns (description , of some nurses ) Karine ( tall , cold girl , beautiful)  karine father(he has the attitude of a king) , literally a lack of descrpitions, the story sems cool but i have stopped at chap 17, i will wait for an improvement of the quality of the chapters. the story has potential i will wait for this potential to be developed completely before starting reading again.

  • Overall Score

 i truly have no idea how this hasn't shown up in trending or hot yet. Just read the whole thing in a day (which was a mistake because it's exam season).

The issue i have with it are occasional moments where a character does something that seems entirely counterintuitive to what you'd expect this character to do in this situation (though this only happens about 3-4 times up untill chapter 94)