Shatter the Heavens; Slaughter the Gods

by ForrestStaley

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Strong Lead Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Arminius of the ancient era stood over mankind with the ability to perform magic. His ability allowed him to triumph over mortal armies and carve a domain for himself. 

Then, the martialists attacked. Their individual strength was lower than that of magicians, but the sheer number of them made them an unstoppable force. In the wake of tens of thousands of martialists and hundreds of thousands of mortal warriors, one lone magician was unable to stand against the tide.

But, the powers of a magician allowed Arminius to escape the cycle of reincarnation, landing him an eon into the future. In the new age, magicians are entirely extinct, and the martialists from the old era have perfected their martial way, allowing them to attain godly powers that far surpass what Arminius was ever capable of.

So, what else should Arminius do except learn their method and use it against them?!

Reincarnated as Andric, he seeks to gain the powers of the martialists and reclaim his position at the throne of the world!

A fossil of a bygone age where magic was rampant and he ruled with an iron fist, Arminius is reborn into a world in which magic is fading. The non-magical revolution successful and his rule long over, he must master the new ways of martial arts to rule anew.

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Slow pacing, Deux Ex Machina Magic System.

I lasted only until chap 14, but was already bored and decided to drop. First 10 are him in a farmer village. There's a lot of exposition and very little happens. MC is also a push over, being bullied by all without retaliation. 

The Cultivation is very detailed. With several long chapters on meridians, cultivation methods, energy etc. Nevertheless when he starts hunting bandits after leaving the town he uses only magic and all the things we read about cultivation seems useless or at least out of place.

As for the magic system, is contrary to the cultivation, where almost nothing is explained. He has a core where he gathers mana, but that's it. As for the spells, they are absurdly powerful and can pretty much do anything, and we don't know why or how he managed to regain so much power in 15 years. He can disintegrate and recreate limbs and body parts at will, fly though the air, cast detection spells that extend for several miles, make gravity bombs and other really advanced stuff. So advanced that it becames boring because there's no challenge and it becomes pretty obvious that there's no limits to what his magic can do.

Anyways, the pacing is bad, the expositions are too long and the lack of usage of the info dumped by the MC makes it worse. There's no system for the magic and it's too powerful, taking any tension away. The lack on any other interesting plot point going on made me drop.

My advice is for the magic to have a parallel system that grows together with the cultivation. He might know strong spells and all but he shouldn't be able to use them because he couldn't gather the necessary mana yet, or something like that. He should get stronger by combining both and not steamrolling anyone that shows up with magic while negleting the cultivation so extensively developed. Set some limits on what this magic can do, and of course, tone down on the exposition and inner dialogues. Most of the first 10 chapters could be said in 2-3.

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Wow, xianxia done right

I was going for a late night browse and checking out multiple random stories but wow, I only meant to read a little but ended up binging this entire thing. This is incredibly entertaining, with good readable grammar. The idea isn't anything new, but the execution is.

Haven't you ever wondered how a xianxia world would look if everyone WASN'T batshit insane? Look no further! The story so far is about the MC living his life like any normal person. He doesn't run into arrogant young master after arrogant young master, nor does he find any world shattering beauties. Shit, even if he DOES run into them later on during the story, they will actually mean something. World shattering beauties aren't so world shattering when the MC meets a new one every other chapter.

I like the way side characters are handled here. They use their brains, everyone has some little story that you notice when you pay attention. It's kind of aggravating how every villager has this 'us vs outsiders' mindset, but it makes sense when you take into account the time period they live in. I can't judge too much though, because there isn't too many of them so far. I really hope the MCs mother has a good ending!

As for our MC? I like his attitude and drive for betterment. If there's anything I don't like about this story is the way magic is handled. The MC constantly goes on about how he doesn't know how magic is treated in the current day, so he doesn't use it. That's fine and all.... but he never tries to even figure it out?! For all he knows, in the eyes of other people there is no such thing as magic, just strong cultivaters! In fact, what is stopping him from masking some minor magic as just a martial technique? Also, if he can put an entire caravan of people to sleep with magic... well that's just insanely abusable and it makes me wonder why he never abused it back at his village.

Other than that though, this story is defo worth a read.