Astral Land



Chapter 26 Meeting up With Tunggal Yudi


Cricket and owl sounds adorn starless nights in the current dimensions of competition.

The wind and thunder of lightning seemed to envelop the atmosphere of the competition in gripping darkness.

The atmosphere of the sky without a star flicker would be a sign that the rain will fall.

"Tick, tick, tick, tick ……………………………………" the rain began to descend from the sky, quite heavy, followed by a loud sound of wind and storm.

The oriental girl opened her closed eyes.

Surprised to find herself in the dark, the girl got up to stand up, took something from the little bag she had in her pocket.

A short wood with a size of about one hundred centimeters came out from this small bag.

The girl then says weird "Mantra" before tapping the wood in her hand.

Shortly afterward, a beam of fire came out, illuminating the cave.

"Huh? is this a cave?"

"Who took me to this cave?"

"Why am I in the cave?

"How could it be? I thought I'm dead."

The girl wondered with a bit confused by the scene in front of her.

Who brought her into the cave?

This oriental girl then saw the blood decorating all her clothes, realized she had gotten injuries that were quite severe.

However, the oriental girl was shocked by the wound he had experienced.

Seeing the wounds all over his body have healed, the girl doesn't believe in her current vision.

"My wound is quite severe; how could my injury not leave any marks at all?"

"Am I hallucinating?" The girl was amazed.

At first, the girl thought she was dreaming, but this was immediately pushed over by the girl because, after all the blood that adorned the girl's clothes was proof, she was not dreaming and had been injured by several men quite severely.

This oriental girl then turned around, found Reno, who was lying covered in blood around his mouth.

Reno's clothes on the chest seemed torn due to a fierce battle before.

Seeing Reno lying, the girl murmured.

"This young man saved me? But how is that possible? "

The girl then sat down and saw Reno's condition.

She then touched Reno's wrist, this girl was checking the pulse of the young man lying unconscious before her.

"Seems to be alive, and only fainting is not worrying."

The girl decided to wait for Reno to regain consciousness.

Rain still seemed to overflow the dimensions of the competition.

Around midnight Reno then woke up and found the girl sitting cross-legged, still frozen like a goddess from heaven.

The oriental girl who had previously closed her eyes then glanced at Reno then said, "Are you awake?" The girl looked at Reno in mystery.

Reno's eyes and the girl's eyes looked at each other.

"Not yet, not yet awake," the youth joked.

"Huft," The girl pouted.

"Hey, what have you done with my wound?" The girl asked Reno.

"Is it important?"

"Where is your thank you?"

"Remember, you are indebted to me, "Reno then answered.


"What debt? " The girl pretended not to know what Reno meant by debt.

"Huh? I helped you from the ambush of ten men; you fainted, I carried your body for three hours into this cave."

"Your wound, yes, your wound has healed; it's also because of me, "Reno explained.

Hearing Reno's words, everything made sense.

It turned out that the young man in front of him had brought the girl into the cave when she fell unconscious.

But because of the high sense of prestige from the girl, she ignored Reno's explanation.

"Oh, are you touching my body?" The girl was suspicious.

"! @ #! @ #! # $ @ $ # $% #% $% ^ $ ^, What?" Reno shocked.

"Even now you accuse me of being perverted? "Reno was annoyed at the girl's accusations.

The girl just kept quiet, not answering Reno's words.

Then again, closing her eyes, continuing the process of meditation.

What Reno did not know, at this time, the girl seemed amazed at Reno's sacrifice. But she covered up her feelings.

Reno returned to focus on healing the remaining wound with pranic energy.

Because the girl was closing her eyes, the pranic energy that came out of Reno's body was not known to the girl.

Nearing the morning, Reno stood up, went out of the cave, leaving the girl.

Seeing Reno leave just like that, the girl panicked.

"Hey, you want to leave me?" The oriental girl then opened her eyes, panicking with Reno's actions.

"You already look fine, right? After all, now we are in the competition dimension, automatically you and I are enemy."

"After all, why are women participating in this competition?" Reno asked.

"Is it prohibited?" The girl answered

"After all, there's nothing wrong with us in groups? Isn't that better than hanging around alone in this qualification? "The girl replied

Reno ignored the girl's advice then left the oriental girl herself in the cave.

Seeing Reno leave, the girl panicked, stood up, and ran after Reno.

In the eyes of this oriental girl, Reno is an influential strong figure; there is no harm joining with the young man during the qualifying round.

As long as she can continue to follow Reno from behind, the chance to qualify for the semi-finals will be higher than solo fighting in this dimension.

Reno's attitude was suddenly cold to the girl because the girl was temperament and did not appreciate Reno, who had sacrificed helping her.

The girl seems to follow the young man but still kept her distance on the way down the forest.

Not long after that, the same announcement appeared again in the sky.

Remaining Participants 3,940 of 4,000 Participants

Top Five Kills Ranking

1. Reno Prayuda - Paragon kingdom: 10 Kills
2. Lando Tribuwana - Bhayangkara Kingdom: 9 Kills
3. Aria Wirabuwana - Bhayangkara Kingdom: 8 Kills
4. Singgih Trimedia - Trisakti Kingdom: 7 Kills
5. Mangku Alam - Kertajaya kingdom: 6 Kills

Only five names of participants posted by the announcement of the top five kill ranking in this competition.

This announcement will continue to "update" once every hour.

The names currently perched on the announcement above the sky at any time can change.

In one day, sixty people killed in the qualifying round, forty of them were killed by five participants who were posted by the "Top Five" announcement.

Several other participants outside of the five names displayed in the announcement killed the remaining 20 people.

Seeing how large the number of participants died in one day, it is not wrong if the term "Battle Royale" dubbed the qualifying round in this competition.

In the journey of tracing these shady forests, Reno's senses begin to be sensitive again.

Reno suddenly looked down, began watching the environment around the forest within a thousand meters of Radius in front of him.

Seeing Reno lower his head suddenly, the girl followed her down.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Said the girl

"Shhhhhhh, people are coming from the east." Reno then shot towards the bushes.

Seeing Reno hiding, the girl then follows Reno, running to take a position next to him.

The figure of the young man in brown clothes seemed to walk cautiously through the forest.

This young man's face is ordinary but charismatic.

His hair is a little brown long bound by a rope.

Reno was shocked by the figure in front of him, "Oh, isn't that Yudi?" Reno muttered to himself.

Reno then jumped and shouted. "Hey, Yudi!"

Hearing someone call his name, Yudi turned towards the voice, surprised by his view. "Reno!"

When Yudi walked closer to him, Yudi's eyes glanced towards the oriental girl with white clothes covered in blood standing next to his friend.

"Reno, who is this beautiful girl?" Yudi was amazed by the face of the girl.

"Oh, her?"

"No need to bother asking. I also don't know," Reno answered casually.

The girl ignores Yudi's question or Reno's words and throws her face towards the other side.

Seeing the look on the girl's face, Yudi realized that this girl had a problem with her temperament and began to ignore the oriental girl next to Reno.

Reno's group decided to rest on the edge of the lake after a day of walking through the endless forest.

Reno and Yudi then prepared two tents.

They used one of the two tents as shelter.

The oriental girls who always follow Reno wherever Reno goes will use the other shelter.

"Reno, let's share the task, this time you should try hunting for dinner, while I cook water to drink coffee?"

"I happen to bring a typical royal Paragon coffee," Yudi advice.

Reno did not dismiss Yudi's suggestion and then nodded.

He immediately rushed, looking for prey for dinner dishes.

Seeing Reno darting and disappearing into the forest, Yudi then smiles slyly.

Reno darted into the forest and began hunting wild deer.

In an instant, Reno managed to catch a wild deer and then started skinning him.

The deer that has been skinned by Reno washed around the lake.

Reno stabbed a stick into the body of the deer he had just peeled and cleaned.

Reno also prepared the firewood then started roasting the deer like a rolling goat.

The oriental girl continued to stare at Reno with admiration.

Reno is not only very good at cooking, but his face is also handsome, his cultivation is high, in the eyes of the girl, men like Reno are rare on this land.

Seeing the deer almost well done, Yudi came over to Reno, carrying three cups of coffee for Reno and the girl.

"Reno, let's enjoy this coffee while it's warm" Invite Yudi.

What Reno did not know was that the glass of brewed coffee offered to him had been spiked with poison by Yudi.

If Reno drinks up the coffee, then surely Reno will die of poisoning.

Reno took the coffee cup, but when he was about to gulp down the coffee, Sora's voice suddenly echoes to his ear. "Reno stop, don't drink, the coffee is poisonous!"


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