Astral Land



Chapter 25 The Book of Sora


Reno then walked towards the girl who was currently leaning on a tree.

Reno felt sorry to see the sad condition of the girl.

"Miss, are you okay?" Reno asked.

"Are you blind? Am I okay?" The girl replied while showing a look of pain.

Hearing the girl's curt response, Reno was surprised. "Then let me help miss to move from this location."

"No need!" The girl curtly replied back

"Miss with the wound condition in Miss's body, what will happen if other people come again then see you like this?"

"I said it wasn't necessary!" The girl snapped with all her strength.

Seeing the temperament of the girl, Reno was increasingly annoyed because after all, Reno could not imagine what would happen to the girl if she did not want to be helped by the youth immediately.

"Miss, I have no bad intentions towards Miss; after all, I am a man who cannot possibly leave a woman who is currently injured."

Suddenly the girl let out a vomit of blood from her mouth then fell unconscious.

Seeing this, Reno then carried the girl.

Putting his hands between her head and legs, then making his chest as a support to hold the girl's body.

Reno then holds the girl walking inside the forest.

Reno had walked for more than three hours along the forest.

The young man also had a reasonably massive wound in the chest due to the punch of Gareng in the previous battle.

In a state of injury, Reno was unable to walk for too long, every step he was moving at the moment slowed down.

"Ah, finally I found a cave," not far from his view, he found a large cave hole.

"I can use the cave temporarily to rest and take care of this girl."

Reno then entered the cave and put the girl on the ground.

Reno watched the girl's body in front of her carefully.

This Chinese ("Oriental") girl has a face that is no less beautiful than the Paragon royal princess, her body is also quite slim, her skin is white like milk, her legs are long, her lips are thin, and her eyes are like a crescent moon.

Reno then saw six severe wounds all over the girl's body, stab bruises on both her thighs, cuts to the ankles, right hand, shoulder, and waist.

These six serious injuries were quite severe, even the white girl's robe was no longer white but was full of blood.

"Reno, this girl is still alive," said a mysterious voice.

"Who?" Reno fell silent, looking right then left looking for the source of the sound

"Reno, it's me" The mysterious voice spoke again.

"! @ #! ##! @ #! @ #! @ ##! @" Reno is still confused about where did the voice come from?

"I'm the spirit from the book of Sora, "Sora answered.

Reno surprised, spirit? The book of "Sora"? The book he got in the mysterious shop near the city of Daha can speak?

However, Reno did not bother; he was more worried about the condition of the girl in front of him.

"Sora! How can I help this girl? The wound is quite severe; I can't bear to see this girl's condition! "Reno asked frantically.

"Reno, you can help her" Sora responded.

"Serious? But how? "Reno was happy to hear Sora's words.

"You must enter the dimension of your subconscious, meditate, I wait for you to enter into your concicesness," Sora replied.

Reno then took a cross-legged position and then focused on meditating.

In an instant, the consciousness of Reno moved into himself.

When he entered into the self dimension, Reno met "Sora."

Reno's eyes suddenly glared at the figure standing in front of him.

He did not expect, the character of "Sora" the spirit from the book he got from a mysterious shop in the city of Daha was a beautiful girl dressed in green.

Visible white accessories stuck above her head, thick eyebrows, tiny lips, round eyes looked perfect.

Sora walked to the position of Reno standing while carrying a large black book in front of her.

"Reno, this book contains information about the cure. Open the table of contents, look for the obstruction section and enter into the "Prana" sub-section "Sora orders Reno.

Without further ado, he immediately opened the black book in front of him, entered into the table of contents, then searched the table of contents with the title "Medic," in the table of contents, he then searched for sub-sections with the title "Prana."

Reno was surprised when he entered the page titled "Prana."

The language used on the "Prana" page is extraordinary and foreign in the eyes of Reno.

"Sora, how do I learn it?" Reno asked in confusion.

"Reno this unique book specifically made for humans simply by touching the page in this book, automatically "Prana" contained in this book will be absorbed into you."

"If you can master this knowledge, then you can become the savior of the girl."

"This knowledge can cure all diseases, severe injuries, and even restore damaged and destroyed organs."

Hearing Sora's explanation, he was amazed and asked himself, was "Prana" very powerful?

Reno followed Sora's orders, then touched the page.

As soon as the page was touched, Reno's body underwent a transformation, each nerve in his body immediately shined out a golden color, radiating brightly from the palm to the whole body of Reno evenly.

"Reno, this golden color is pranic energy. When you touch this page, pranic power will automatically installed into each nerve indefinitely. You can use Prana Energy as a healing medium. "

"But remember, pranic energy has limits and can be used up. When pranic energy runs out, you need time to refill it. "

"One of the sources of pranic energy is by absorbing the core stone of a ferocious race or doing meditation."

"It's just that I need to remind you when pranic energy has been" installed "in the body, then these energies will absorb some of the energy needed in cultivation."

"Therefore, the speed to breakthrough in cultivation will automatically slow down due to the energy you absorb for cultivation will automatically be divided by the pranic energy needs around your body."

Hearing this, Reno didn't give a shit, because after all, the young man's cultivation ability was quite fast, if his cultivation speed decreased a little, it was not a problem.

Reno then realizes and opens his eyes again, then rediscovered the Chinese girl in front of him.

"Reno, open your right palm, aim at the girl's wound, then try suggesting yourself by imagining the pranic energy flowing into every wound on this girl's body."

Reno stretched out his hand to every wound on the girl in front of him. Reno's hands moved slowly toward the scars that were all over the girl's body.

Starting from the white and smooth stab wounds in her tight, then spread to the girl's waist, arms, and shoulders.

At the same time, surprisingly, gold energy piled up around Reno's palm and flowed around the wound of the oriental girl in front of him.

Slowly but quickly, the skin and wounds torn on the girl's body began to stop bleeding.

After that, the wound is dry, starts to close, and then forms new skin.

Seeing how Prana Energy works like a miracle, Reno was shocked in surprise.

Reno then continued the healing process until all the wounds on the girl's body finally recovered completely.

Seeing the wound on the girl's body began to heal, Reno took a deep breath and then exhaled.

Not long after, the young man suddenly fell unconscious.


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