Chapter 24: "Battle Royale"

Reno magically carried into the new dimension.

Suddenly the scene before him changed in an instant.

Currently, Reno is around a green forest, filled with tall and sturdy banyan trees.

This tree, with its original hanging roots, looked lined up and spread very massive around Reno.

The morning dew formed a mist that seemed to wet the grass around the plants in this dimension.

This thick mist seemed to cover Reno's visibility, making it difficult for him to focus on the movement.

The weather around the forest is icy and tense.

The extraordinarily thick mist pierced the pores of Reno’s skin.

A small ball like a "drone" flies up and over the head of Reno.

This ball always seems to maintain visibility up to 5 meters from Reno.

According to the information he obtained earlier, this small ball is a tool to capture the image and atmosphere of each participant in the competition arena.

This little ball will later play a role in giving a "live report" to the committee and the entire audience on the continent.

Every time these ten-year events begin, projector screens in the form of holograms appear on every major road around the city and village, including the royal residence.

The magical attractiveness of the 10th annual competition is almost attractive to all people in the land of Astral to not miss the live broadcast event that took place in the Bhayangkara competition.

Not long after, Reno began stepping on his feet forward.

At the same time, Reno also tried to look at the conditions before him.

He tried to detect whether there would be other participants around this forest.

One of Reno's abilities that he had just discovered was the skill to detect the presence of other participants within a thousand-meter area.

When faced with a "mindset" of fighting, somehow, Reno seems to be able to feel all the senses in his body become very sensitive.

He can hear the battle sound going on towards the east of the forest when all of Reno senses are used to the maximum to capture a suspicious sound along a thousand meters around him.

"Clang, clang," the sound of objects made of iron collide with each other.



Hearing the sound of the battle, Reno then approached the sound source, then shot very fast. "Zappppppppppp"

Reno was a hundred meters from the battle that occurred in front of him in less than a second.

Reno lowered his head and hid around into the shady bushes filled with weeds.

Three people seemed to be fighting fiercely before Reno "A fight between two men against a girl?"

Reno was suddenly shocked by the scene of the battle in front of him, the fight that took place was a battle between two men against a girl.

"Woman? How can there be women taking part in this competition? Isn't this competition specifically made for men? "Reno muttered to himself.

"Ckckckckckck, beautiful lady, it's a pity, you have to die in our hands, even though your face is beautiful, we still can sit down and get laid if you want to hahaha ...... ..." said one young man wearing iron armor.

"Hey miss, give up, let us enjoy the beauty of your body, hahaha ..." the second youngster then replied.

"If you give up, we don't need to fight; maybe we can spoil ourselves in this forest with pleasure, hahaha," The first male voice added.

The oriental and graceful girl in front of Reno showed an expression of disgust and annoyance but was not afraid.

She did not seem to budge and remained steady with the conditions before her.

Reno then tried to measure the strength of the three people who were fighting in front of him using a jade bracelet that Reno had previously obtained from a representative of the Bhayangkara kingdom.

Reno again remembered the explanation of the representatives of the Bhayangkara kingdom during the process of reviewing the participants.

The bracelet can measure the strength of each participant in front of him within a radius of one hundred meters.

When the jade is touched, the bracelet will automatically carry out an observation on all the astral creatures before him.

The results of this jade observation will flow through the participants' brains.

The participant's eyes will then display the gender information and the cultivation power of other participants in front of him.

Not long after, Reno got information that the girl in front of him had a level of cultivation power equivalent to the standard 1 mleccha while the two men she fought had levels of cultivation of the level 1 mleccha and tuccha level 5.

Seeing the battle in front of him, Reno was shocked because of the attack that the two young men had launched could still be handled by the girl without any problems.

The young girl will swiftly deflect every attack that landed on the girl.

"Clang, clang," the sound of the sword collided with each other.

After all this time, the girl then counterattacked.

Jumped past the heads of the two young men and then landed right behind them.

Seeing the girl so nimbly jumping and dodging, the young men were shocked at the speed of the girl.

The girl then thrust her sword towards one of the young men.

"Clang" Swiftly, the sword of the girl was pushed aside by the young man.

The two parties who fought then retreated a few meters behind.

"Dap, dap, dap, dap," the sound of shadows dropped from the top of the tree.

The shadow that appeared in front of Reno was eight additional men who had previously been hiding in a tree.

Reno didn't expect there were still eight men hiding in a tree.

"Ckckckckckck, it's embarrassing, two versus one, you still can't beat this girl after all this time?" Said one of the men who had just appeared to the two young men who were fighting with the girl.

"Lord Gareng, this girl is quite agile and fast, this is beyond our expectations," The first youth said.

"Too many reasons! Don't take too long! You invite other people to come if it's too long to fight with her, "said the young man named" Gareng "who seemed to be the leader of this gang.

Reno glared irritably at the scene in front of him.

How is he not upset?

Their actions are very embarrassing. Ten people attacking one girl?

The face of the girl who was previously tough and not afraid began to change worry.

"Shameless! Fighting a single woman against ten men, where is your dignity? "The girl began to speak.

"Dignity? Hahahahaha, hey beautiful girl, in this competition, everything will be legal to do, have you forgotten the words of the organizers at the beginning of the opening of the game? "

The girl fell silent; she understood that in this competition, all means could be used to survive, including forming groups to bring down other participants, this was indeed not prohibited.

The girl began not confident enough to face several men in front of her.

If the girl must face more than three men with the same level of cultivation as her, then it's likely that the group of men will slaughter the girl.

"Attack!" Said Gareng.

A battle will retake the place.

But this time, more than five men attacked at once towards the girl.

In a short time, the girl began to get cornered.

Every attack that came out from the five men began to hurt the girl.

A man pulls a dagger on his waist, stabs the girl's thigh.

"Jlebbbbb" The dagger then penetrates deep enough.

Not long after, some attacks from other men began to attack the girl repeatedly.

A small knife managed to snatch the girl's shoulder.

The girl tried to fend off the attack, but her efforts were in vain, this time a sword managed to snatch the girl's left leg.

The girl's thighs, arms, shoulders, and left leg appear to bleed with severe injuries.

"Bang" A punch landed on the girl's stomach.

The girl's mouth began to bleed and then fell to the ground with pain in her body.

Reno already could not stand seeing the conditions before him.

He is currently furious, annoyed, all mixed up in the mind of the young man.

He then jumped out of the bushes, turned his back to the girl who was still lying down in pain.



Reno stood before ten men who had attacked the girl, trying to protect the girl from the next attack.

Seeing Reno's arrival, the girl was surprised but also happy.

In critical moments, Reno's arrival certainly could bring hope to the girl.

If the time is right, she will try to run away and save herself.

The girl tried to move, dragging her body to lean near the nearest banyan tree, avoiding the battle before her.

"Shameless! Sissy!" Reno shouted, echoing in the middle of the forest.

"! @ #! @ #! $! @ #! @ #, What did you say?" One of the men from the gang was annoyed.

"Hahahaha, hey boy, want to die, huh?" Gareng then shouted disparagingly.

Reno was not at all afraid of ten people in front of him because their cultivation level was only level one mleccha and level five tuchha.

Reno himself is currently in the first level candala.

"Don't talk much; I finish all of you!" Reno attacked

"Zap, Zap, Zap" shadow after shadow appeared before ten young men.

The precious red pomegranate in Reno's body is active.

Reno's movement suddenly turned very fast.

Reno released the keris, which make his cultivation increased by one-fold to become the second level candala.







The sound of three men screaming in pain was heard echoing in the middle of the forest.

In an instant, three men in front of Reno drew blood from their own necks, then fell while trying to hold the blood out of their throats.

The three men who fell wanted to ask for help, wanted to talk, but couldn't, their throats had been torn apart by sharp objects that Reno had been thrust using his sharp weapon.

When the girl who was about to run away quietly wanted to drag her severely injured body left the scene of the fight then suddenly stopped and turned towards the battle between Reno and ten men in front of her.

The girl was surprised at the current battle conditions.

Aside from not able to see how Reno was moving, the young man seems easy, killing the lives of three men in front of her in one move.

"Huh, how is that possible?" The girl muttered in her thought.

Reno's unusual movements quickly made every move he had done, unable to be seen with the naked eye.

Amazed by the young man's fighting strength, the girl then touched the jade she was holding to find out the mysterious power of the youth in front of her.

When information about the power of Reno appeared, the girl was suddenly shocked.

Her body trembled, who would have thought, the young man who was trying to help her had the power of level 2 candala cultivation!

Her rescuer was only 16 years old, but his cultivation level was far above the girl.

What made the girl more amazed was that Reno was only 16 years old and one year above the girl who is currently 17 years old.

The girl seemed to shake her head several times - shaking her head a sign of not believing in the figure of the young man in front of her.

Seeing his three friends killed in an instant, Gareng trembled.

How could it be that in an instant, his three friends could die?

"Attack together!" Gareng said.

Hearing Gareng's orders, the six young men immediately attacked Reno simultaneously from all directions.



Seeing the battle before her, the girl becomes more and more amazed.

The battle conditions that the girl thought would be one-sided made the girl even more shocked.

An individual could balance the fight against six people at the same time is an unusual thing.

Gareng tried to release a mantra, then opens his palm forward

"Eat this!!!! Fire Tongue Charms!!!! "

Immediately, the leader released a fire resembling shrapnel sped towards Reno quickly.

"Buzzzzzzz," the sound of the fire flew away.

Ten tongues of fire then shot quickly from the leader's hand to Reno's body many times.

"Buzzz, Buzzz, Buzzz"

Reno swiftly dodged, he jumped from one tree to another like an agile squirrel.

Every flare that came out could not hurt Reno at all.

The tongues of fire collided with the banyan trees that Reno leaped over.

Seeing how Reno very aggressively avoided all of his attacks made Gareng pale.

The other six youths began to look exhausted and stopped attacking Reno.

Seeing the condition of his group helpless, Gareng muttered to himself, "It's impossible, what is the level of cultivation of this kid? Ten people cannot beat him? "

Gareng then attacked and hit Reno right in the chest.

Reno was knocked back and bled come out from his mouth.

Seeing Reno being knocked back and bleeding, Gareng then began to attack Reno from all directions in a barrage of ways that made Reno cornered.

Seeing the power changes that occurred to Gareng, Reno then brought back the Nagasasra heritage keris from his waist.

Reno then returned to counterattack.

Even a fierce battle was quite intense.

The girl was shocked and frozen in amazement, seeing the battle in front of her.

She wanted to run but changes her mind not to do it.

Because the savior in front of her could be very possible to win the fight.

"Jlebbb" keris heirloom nagasasra pierces Gareng's neck.

"Arghhhhhhhhh," Gareng was covered in blood and died lying just like that.

Seeing Gareng die, the other six young men looked angry then immediately attack Reno blindly.

Seeing the situation, Reno then shot towards the six young men who will attack him.

"Zapp, Zapppp"

"Zapp, Zapppp"

"Jlebbb, Jlebbb, Jlebbb, Jleebbbb"

The six young men who were just about to attack Reno suddenly lay down, all strangling lives with stab wounds on the neck.

Not long after, the sky above the dimensions of the competition issued an announcement:

"Announcement to all participants, Reno Prayuda representative from the kingdom of Paragon, has succeeded in positioning himself as the participant with the first highest killing rank in this competition."

"Announcement to all participants, Reno Prayuda representative from the kingdom of Paragon, has succeeded in positioning himself as the participant with the first highest killing rank in this competition."

After the announcement of the voice stopped, suddenly the sky in the dimensions of the competition began to display a list of killer rankings in the tournament so far:

Remaining Participants 3,990 out of 4,000 Participants

Top Five Kills Ranking

  1. Reno Prayuda - Paragon kingdom: 10 Kills
  2. ................................................ .................
  3. ................................................ .................
  4. ................................................ .................
  5. ………………………………………….

All participants were surprised to hear the announcement above the sky in the competition dimension.


"How could it be that fast? Has someone died? Ten people die in the hands of 1 person? "

"No way, who is he?"

"The kingdom of Paragon? Isn't that an E class empire? Since when did the Paragon kingdom have such talented young people? "

Unbelieving comments began to be heard by each participant around the field of competition.

They were not sure of the achievements of the youth of the Paragon kingdom currently.


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