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Chapter 23 The Official Bhayangkara Knight Competition begins


# Departure Day

There are about a thousand royal guards standing firm located right in front of the high gate.

In addition to the royal guards who stood tall, the King, three admirals, Patih, Tunggal Yudi, and Reno, also seemed to stand in front of the imperial soldiers.

"Reno, let me introduce this young fellow here, he is Tunggal Yudi, He is the Duke of one of the villages close to the city of Daha."

Duke is a noble title for the inhabitants of the Nemok race.

This position was in line with the village head, who was subject to the structure of the government of the Paragon kingdom.

Reno then approached Tunggal Yudi and introduced himself "I'm Reno; hopefully, we can work together in the future" Reno thrust his hand to shake Yudi's hand.

Tunggal Yudi smiled and immediately shook Reno's hand. Seeing this scene, Patih Adira seemed to be smiling slyly.

"Drap Drap Drap Drap" the sound of a horse came over to Reno.

Three black horses seemed to stand firmly beside Reno. Each horse is guarded and held by a royal guard.

These three horses are the best horses of the Paragon kingdom, explicitly given to the Reno group as a vehicle going to the Bhayangkara competition.

Shortly after that, Reno, Tunggal Yudi, and Admiral Prayoga climbed the horse's saddle, preparing to leave the royal palace.

When the horse began its first step towards the high gate and left the kingdom, a thousand royal guards who seemed to line up neatly before began to divide as if giving way to the Reno group to pass.

The horses began to neigh and speed away from the kingdom.

From the balcony on the second floor, Princess Adista looked at Reno's departure.

This girl's eyes were glazed, holding back the pain that pierced her heart.

Adis deliberately did not participate in Reno's release today because she could not stand to see the departure of the young man.

Her heart was quite chaotic; she was worried, worried whether Reno would be able to return from the competition or be killed as a representative like the previous event.

Adis's eyes did not blink, kept staring at Reno, leaving from a distance.

Until finally, the shadow of Reno and the group of horses got smaller and disappeared from her sight.

Reno has left.

The journey from the Kingdom of Paragon to the Kingdom of Bhayangkara will take around two weeks on foot, but because Reno is currently using horses, then the trip to the competition location will only take six days.

Towards night, Reno and the group took a break by making tents for bathing, eating, and sleeping.

They usually place tents for rest close to springs around the forest.

Lake or waterfall can be found easily In the astral land.

Unlike the conditions in the real world, springs such as lakes and waterfalls are tough to find.

Reno and the group hunt wild animals such as deer or birds to eat food during the trip.

They hunt every day for six days while walking to the competition location.

Admiral Prayoga said that the journey to the kingdom of Bhayangkara would be safe because the road they used was a particular road with the term "Silk Road."

"Silk Road" itself is a term commonly used in the land of Astral to refer to safe trade routes.

Famous for roads that can guarantee 100% security, this route is used by nobles, merchants, or royal honorary guests to visit from one area to another.

There will be no disruption that can occur if someone passes this path; even the Djin race, demon, or monster that used to lurk or attack the Nemok race will be helpless.

The disruption will not happen because of a magical shield cast to the silk path, which causes the Demon Race, Djinn, and wild creatures not easy to penetrate.

At last but not least, the trip for six days had finally come to an end.

Standing from the top of the hill, Reno faced with an extraordinary view of one of the largest kingdoms in the land of Astral.

#The Bhanyangkara Kingdom.

Arriving before the Bhayangkara Kingdom, Reno's expression was amazed to see how big the kingdom was before him.

because at this time, Reno was faced with an empire, which was ten times the size of the kingdom of Paragon.

Reno could see how magnificent the royal area was before his eyes because now Reno and the entourage were standing on a high hill so that they could see very clearly the size of the kingdom of Bhayangkara.

The natural landscape stretched vast and beautiful before Reno caused the kingdom of Bhayangkara to look very big and majestic.

Reno and the entourage then rushed to the gate of the kingdom.

In front of the high gate of Bhayangkara, there is a long queue that looks snaking.

The snaking queue is a queue of royal representatives who want to re-register in the bhayangkara knight competition.

Right in front of the high gate of Bhayangkara, there are several wooden tables lined up neatly.

Behind the wooden table, there are about ten representatives of the Bhayangkara kingdom whose job is to review the competition participants.

The organizer representative carefully checked the participants.

The royal representatives bhayangkara reviewed all the requirements of the prospective participants.

The kingdom of Bhayangkara will provide a green jade bracelet equipped with a competition system to confirm participation.

When Reno and his entourage were present before the Bhayangkara kingdom, they also had to go through the same checking process as the other participants.

Admiral Prayoga and Yudi were surprised to see that the young man cultivation level at this time of checking because the young lad is at level 1 candala.

Reno cultivation turned up five levels within two months, making the admiral not believe the information he saw.

However, the admiral failed to ask this question to Reno because if the current Reno cultivation is indeed actual, then this is something that can increase the chances of the Paragon royal representative to return to perch in the top 500 rankings.

Seeing Reno fulfilled all the requirements for participation, the young man was then given the same bracelet like the other participants.

Although this jade bracelet has the same function as the jade ring, this bracelet is equipped with magical structures connected to the dimensions of competition.

The bracelet is also equipped with a small red button in the middle of the bracelet.

This button is the "give up" button.

The organizers of the event always warned the participants to be careful not to press the button carelessly because when the button was pressed either intentionally or accidentally, the system would automatically bring out the participant from the competition and disqualify the participant.

After exchanging information with the organizers, Reno and his entourage were invited to the Pavilion by the organizer representative, where Admiral Prayoga would settle down.

The Pavilion itself is in the middle of the hill in the form of a small villa building but contains classy furniture equipped with a projector screen to watch live broadcasts during the competition until the final round.

Admiral Prayoga then settled in the palace while the organizers brought Reno and Yudi to the field in the middle of the kingdom of Bhayangkara.

This field is vast and is commonly used as a meeting point where the competition has begun.

Reno was amazed by the magnificent view of the kingdom of Bhayangkara during the trip to the meeting point.

The building was tall and wide and different from the buildings in the Paragon kingdom.

"Is this what the S-level kingdom means?" Reno muttered to himself.

Together with representatives of the bhayangkara kingdom heading to the primary meeting place, thousands of participants seemed to have packed the meeting point, all participants in the competition were youthful like Reno and Yudi.

Not long after, a middle-aged man flew past the participants.

This middle-aged man wore a black robe around 45 years old.

This man flew circling above the participants, walking around staring at the participants, then making a sound.

"To all respective royal representative, I as the representative appointed by bhayangkara king, I was given the honor to open this event"

"Before the event officially opens, I would like to inform you all that the participants that all involve in this event received a green jade bracelet."

"This bracelet will bring all the participant to another dimension specifically made for the qualifying round."

"According to the latest information that I got, currently, the qualifying round is followed by four thousand participants."

"In the qualifying round, each participant has the right to use all means to win and survive."

"This qualifying round is a stage where you are all welcome to kill each other up to the remaining one thousand people."

"Every participant who successfully kills another participant will automatically get 1 (one point)"

"For participants who have succeeded in killing other participants who already have several points, then all aspects possessed by the dead participant will automatically be transferred to the winner."

"When four thousand participants are reduced, and a thousand people quota is fulfilled, the qualifying round will automatically be completed."

"Thousands of participants who qualify from the qualifying round will be automatically sent back to the point in this meeting."

The situation in the middle of the field seemed quiet. All participants faces seemed tense, severe, and listening.

"With this, the official qualifying round starts!"

Suddenly all participants disappeared from the field when the middle-aged man officially shouted.

All participants, including Reno, had moved to another dimension mysteriously.


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