Astral Land



Chapter 22 Farewell to the Royal Princess


Reno was surprised to see that everything in front of him disappeared, like hallucinations, now Reno was standing in a vacant lot.

The strange and unique building just disappeared.

Reno regained his consciousness, then walked out of town, back into the palace.

In his room, he found a piece of paper that read:

"Ren, meet me at the royal flower garden tonight - Sri Adista."

Seeing the writing on the piece of paper, Reno smiled and folded it carefully and then put it into his tiger bag.

# Royal Flower Garden

Reno walked amid the bright moon shining on the darkness.

The sound of the night beetle heard in the middle of the royal forest, which intertwined with the music of owls making the atmosphere around the flower garden look soothing.

Even though the night illuminated with darkness, the flower garden still looks charming because of the torch lighting around the flower garden makes anyone who sees this flower garden will immediately be fascinated.

A girl is wearing an elegant green dress sitting between the fountains.

Near the fountain, there is a large rock.

This stone is deliberately flat so that anyone who comes to enjoy the view of the flower garden can sit on this stone foundation.

The beautiful girl stood alone, facing the fountain.

Reno, who had just arrived, looked smiling at the sight in front of him, amazed by the elegance of the girl named Adista, who was currently standing.

Adista seems stunning even though Reno sees her from the back.

Her body is slim; her white skin radiates very beautifully, making anyone who sees the shape of her body will vibrate.

"Sri Adista," Reno called softly.

The situation around the flower garden is quiet, only Reno and Adista, who currently seem to fill the beauty of the flower garden.

Adista's whole body suddenly shook, hearing a voice call mentioning her name, for some reason, her heart pounding hard.

"Badum, badum, badum, badum."

The beating sound of the heart beating quickly was heard in the ears of Adis.

For some reason, Adis herself did not know, meeting with Reno this time made her whole-body tremble and limp.

Nervous, Adis is tense now, her hands are freezing, her whole body can't resist being nervous.

Adista actively reverses its body towards the sound.

Reno was suddenly amazed when Adis showed her face.

Tonight, Adis is genuinely charming.

Adis immediately embarrassed when her eyes stared with the eyes of the young man in front of her.

Her face began to flush; her body was hot.

'What is wrong with me? Adis, Adis, please wake up, wake up, sighhhhhhhhhhh'Adis muttered to herself.

"Reno ……………………………………………." While looking down, Adis still tried to reply to Reno's call.

Reno, who was still amazed by Adis's beauty, realized that for almost two months, he had not met Adis, the face of this pure girl in front of him was even more beautiful.

"Not seeing your face up close for almost two months, you look even more beautiful, Adis" The youth teased.

Hearing the temptation of Reno, Adista could only look embarrassed; her small lips began to bite, nervous, her face looked red again.

Adista is holding a brown leather bracelet.

The bracelet she held in her hands.

Not long after, Adista opened her hand and then handed the leather bracelet to the young man in front of him, "Reno, this, bracelet for you."

"Adis …………………………………… .." Reno then saw the bracelet given by Adis, who was still in Adista's hands.

"I made this bracelet, especially for you," Adis spoke softly to Reno.

"So that you remember me."

Reno smiled with Adis's very innocent expression.

"Hopefully, this bracelet can bring miracles," Adis said, staring at Reno's face in amazement.

Adis then continues, "Hopefully, this bracelet can continue to take care of you and always remind Reno to ……………………………."

Reno fell silent then asked, "Remind me of what, Adis?"

"Reminding ………………. A princess is waiting for your return; I will always wait for you to return," Adis looked down again.

Reno smiled at Adis's words, then walked over to her, picked up the bracelet offered by Adis.

Slowly walking toward Adista, getting closer, the distance is almost one meter facing the beautiful girl in front of him.

The more Reno approached Adista's position; the fragrant "vanilla" smelled blushing from the whole body of this girl.

Reno weakened, his body trembled, almost losing self-awareness when the thick smell of "vanilla" flowed into his breathing.

The distinctive smell of perfume from the body of Adis flows scattered around the air makes every man who smells this will be tempted and fascinated.

Reno hurried back into his consciousness because he did not want to fall in the fragrant reverie that emanated from Adi's body.

Reno then approached Adista to get a brown bracelet from her hand. When Adis and Reno's hands touched their hearts, beat faster.

"Badum, badum, badum, badum, badum."

Adista is a pure and innocent girl who had never been close to any man, especially when the skin of Reno's hands touched the surface of Adista's side made the girl weak.

Her heart was pounding; her body was warm, feeling comfortable.

There is a desire to surrender to Reno immediately. However, Sri Adista held back the turmoil that was on her.

"Thank you Adista, I will use this bracelet and hold it for my keepsake," Reno said softly.

Hearing Reno's words, Adis smiled then turned her body suddenly went to walk, leaving the young man.

On the way to leave Reno, the girl's tears seemed to flow slowly from Adista's eyes.


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