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Vhapter 21 Mysterious Shop


"I think this is enough," Reno said to himself.

While looking at the contents of the tiger bag in front of him, Reno then nodded his head, stating that he was satisfied with the materials of the equipment in his tiger bag.

Currently, Reno is abundant with 100 diamonds in his hands, buying equipment - supplies in the city do not cause him to get a headache.

Of all the equipment that Reno bought today, objects that have exorbitant prices are "Mantra," the amount reaches one diamond.

"Alright, I'm going back to the kingdom," Reno said to himself.

On the way back into the kingdom, he walked into a shady forest, passed large rocks, Reno also crossed one of the shops with a quite strange decoration.

This shop looks quite strange and unique.

Quite strange because the existence of this shop is in the middle of the forest, unique because the interior and exterior forms have carved symbols that are strange and difficult to understand.

Symbols are like spirals, triangles, and Unicode codes on a computer.

Reno was quite curious about the store in front of him, "what kind of goods does this store sell?".

Having hesitated, he decided to go back into the kingdom because the preparation items were complete, he did not need to buy additional equipment.

When Reno walked away from the mysterious shop, surprisingly, a strange voice suddenly came to call his name from inside the store.



"Reno Prayuda"

Reno stopped, then turned back to the store.

"It seems like only hallucinations."

Reno began to walk again.

When Reno started to step foot, the voice called again from inside the store.



"Reno Prayuda"

"! @ #! # @ # $! @ #! @ #! @ #! @ #! @ #" ????? "okay that's not hallucinations" muttered to himself in the mind finally the young man turned his body back towards the mysterious shop.

When Reno set foot in the storeroom, he found an old man around 80 years old standing behind the counter, having white, long, and tied hair.

His long, white beard made the man look very old.

Reno was even more shocked when he saw the old man's eyebrows.

His eyebrows are white, thick, and long, broken down like hair.

The white color around the eyebrows, the beard, and the old man's hair are the colors of gray hair.

This old man did look quite aged, which Reno did not know about this old man is that his age had reached more than 1,000 years.

"You!" The old man shouted when his eyes saw the young man in front of him.

Reno was surprised by the old man's shout.

"You're human !!!" The old man then shouted again.

Reno suddenly shocked and glared at the old man's words, how could the old man know that he was a human?

"You're human !!!" The old man shouted again.

Reno's feeling was not good; he then turned toward the exit to get away as quickly as possible.

Seeing the signs of Reno who was about to run, the old man shouted again. "Wait, young man, wait, stop."

Reno stopped his steps, turned towards the old man, turned back to face the old man with full anticipation.

Seeing Reno did not run away and looked calm, the old man then spoke to the young man in front of him. "Don't be afraid; this old man can confirm you are a human because of this shop only available for humans."

"Therefore, when I saw you enter this shop, this old man could immediately confirm that you were a human race." The old man immediately clarified.

"Oh? Why is that? "Asked Reno curiously.

Reno knew that the existence of humans in this world was like a curse that was feared by some Astral Race, especially the Djinn Race and the Demon Race.

Therefore, he is still on guard and alert to the old man.

Reno still doesn't know where the old man's position is.

Is he part of the astral being who contradicts humans? Or maybe the opposite?

"Young man, this shop is intended specifically for the human race; after more than 1,000 years, this old man took care of this shop, finally on this day, there is a human who came back into the shop," replied the old man happy.

"Why is this store only intended for humans?" Said Reno to the old man.

"I also cannot answer your questions, but one thing I am very certain that the objects in this shop are legendary objects that were once used by the human race before they lost in the holy war against the demon race."

"When humans are extinct from the astral land, some magical objects that left behind will automatically return to the shop."

"This old man is responsible for continuing the responsibility for generations from this old man's ancestors."

"The shop will be there every time the human race appears in the astral land and will appear near the location of the said human being."

"When this old man shops appeared again in the astral land after thousands of years of sleep, this old man realized that a human appeared again on the astral land."

Reno then cut the conversation and said, "Then old man, what is the selling price of the items? Is it expensive? Because these items are items inherited from legends of human races from earlier times. "

"It's not expensive, I will give it to you for free!" the old man replied

"What? Can you repeat that! "Reno said.

"There is no cost to own these items; it's just that you can't choose as you like."

"The objects here who will choose their master, they will choose who this object submits."

Reno was shocked, then fell silent and listened to the old man's explanation further.

"Young man, stand in the circle." The old man then ordered Reno to advance into a circle under the floor.

Hearing the old man's order, Reno immediately stepped towards the circle in front of him.

The simple symbol in front of Reno made of white chalk.

"When you stand in that circle, then all objects in this shop will begin to fly towards you, they will judge you, do you deserve to be treated as their master."

The circle then lights up brightly to emit a perpendicular light forming a tube that wraps Reno's body like a blanket.





Thousands of magical objects inside the storeroom began to roam around Reno.

Reno was also amazed by sight in front of him; thousands of flying auspicious objects circled the young man like they were judging not only the strength and personality but also the contents of Reno's body like being stripped naked.

These magical objects are like looking at Reno's full body.

The objects that fly around Reno consist of various kinds of weapons such as keris, spears, shields, swords, robes, precious stones, and black tomes.

Not long after, Reno began to feel the spark of energy flowing like electricity in his entire body.

This incident flattered for 3 hours, until in the end, thousands of magical objects that had previously flown around Reno returned to their original positions, leaving three objects before him.

Seeing this incident, the old man suddenly shocked.

"Three? How could this young man have three magical objects at once? "The old man muttered to himself.

The old man was surprised at the scene in front of him.

Only this time in the history of the astral land, three magical objects submit to a human being.

History says that for thousands of years, there was only one magical item a human could have.

But why this time, Reno can have three at a time?

Three willing objects come to be owned by Reno; this phenomenon makes the old man almost do not believe in the events before him.

The three objects then shot into the body.

"Zapppppppppp," the sound of objects darting into Reno's body.

When the three objects entered his body, Reno tried to hold back the pain that arose from the penetration into his body.
These three objects rushed in forcibly infiltrated Reno's body quickly.

"Jlebbbbb," the sound of piercing objects entered Reno's body.

Reno was unconscious, Reno's consciousness seemed to enter another dimension inside him.

Reno then saw himself in a dark room.

There are three white rays in front of Reno at this time.

In front of each of these white rays, three floating objects appeared.

The floating objects are keris, precious purple stones, and black book.

The three white rays before Reno then began to speak.

"Reno Prayuda, I am the spirit from this keris with magic in front of you, this keris will be yours and be loyal with you on the journey to gain strength in the astral world. This keris, named keris "heritage of Nagasasra," has the ability of a god, when you use it, your cultivation level will increase to 1 degree. "One of the lights with the keris in front of him speaks.

Reno was surprised to hear the words of the spirit before him because if he used this heirloom keris, his cultivation would increase by 1 level.

"Reno Prayuda, I am the spirit of the stone that has a spirit before you, this stone is yours and is faithful with you in the journey of gaining strength in the astral world. This stone is precious "Red Pomegranate" has the ability not inferior to other magical objects, when I enter into your body, then your speed will increase many-fold." One of the lights with pomegranate in front of him spoke.

Reno was again surprised by the pomegranate spirit in front of him. This object can increase body movement when running and attacking.

"Reno Prayuda, I am a spirit from this book before you, this book is yours and will be faithful with you in the journey of gaining strength in the astral world. this book is the book of "Sora" has the ability not inferior to other magical objects; this book contains all information about Magic, Mental, and medicine. "

Hearing this explanation, Reno almost fainted, this book contained prominent information about magic, mentality, and medic.

Books that will automatically make Reno able to do things that are done by three prestigious institutions in the astral land, three influential and famous institutions throughout the astral area!.

Not long after, Reno was brought back to his senses and saw the old man and shop before him suddenly disappeared mysteriously.


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