The position of Reno's room is no longer in a guest room but in a new chamber, specifically for royal officials.

The location of Reno's room is next to the eastern corner of the royal palace.

The location of this room faces east, where the position of the sun rises even though it is in the corner,

Reno's place is now ten times more significant compared to the royal guest rooms that Reno has previously occupied.

Decorated with colossal classical d├ęcor, artsy paintings with the right furnishings make Reno's rooms look comfortable and classy.

The transfer of Reno's room from the royal guest room to the high-ranking royal room is commonplace and naturally happens because, after all, Reno's position is no longer the same as his previous position.

Before leaving his room, Reno took the time to measure the strength of himself using the jade ring that had been given by the previous Admiral Prayoga.

As Reno had previously thought, the results of the meditation that had been carried out for almost two months in the room produced sweet results.

Reno cultivation level is currently experiencing a one-level increase from the previous level.

At present, Reno is in the candala level 1 cultivation.

Reno seems to suffer difficulties in raising his level now. He cannot go fast in leveling up as he can usually do in one night.

This time, he needs two months to break through from one cultivation level to another cultivation level because breaking through is not the same as leveling up and requires a lot of energy.

But even so, breaking up from the mleccha to the candala cultivation that he currently achieves is still considered fast because others cannot be as quick as Reno when they try to break through to the next level.

Many people will take years to break through, while Reno only needs less than two months.

Surprised by how quick Reno went up, he decided not to be too hasty in going up the cultivation level in the future.

Reno realized that his ability in cultivation was somewhat irrational, of course, this phenomenon could arouse suspicion from other astral beings.

"Knock, knock, knock" The sound of Reno's door knocked.

"Excuse me, young admiral, the king asks to summon admiral to meet his majesty immediately." Said the royal guard outside Reno's door.

Hearing this, Reno went straight to the King's Room swiftly.

# The King's Throne

"Reno, tomorrow, you will leave the kingdom to attend the bhayangkara competition; therefore, today, you must immediately prepare yourself before leaving," said the King.

"Admiral Prayoga will accompany you on the way to the kingdom of Bhayangkara, and he will stay there until the competition is over," the King then continued.

"Remember that Prayoga will only stay in one of the pavilions that the bhayangkara kingdom has provided for the representatives of the kingdom."

"Tomorrow, the Paragon kingdom will send two representatives, you and one young man named Tunggal Yudi. Tunggal Yudi himself is Patih Hamangkubhumi's chosen candidate. "

"Tunggal Yudi himself is 17 years old, mastering two martial arts abilities and currently his cultivation is tuccha level 5".

"At least with the existence of Tunggal Yudi in the competition will be additional assistance and ammunition for us to increase the chances of entering the top 500 rankings again."

"Sorry, your majesty does not every kingdom have the right to get a quota of ten youth in this competition?" Asked Reno, confused.

"Sighhhhhhhhh," The King exhaled and shook his head and then explained again, "This year we lack a talented young man; therefore, we only send two representatives from our kingdom."

Hearing the King's explanation, Reno nodded and understood.

After finishing talking with the King, Reno then left the King's room and went straight to the city.

Reno visits the city to prepare his supplies before going to battle tomorrow morning.

He plans to study the contents of the city, learn what objects the town can offer.

According to the King in this city, he could find all kinds of herbs and "Mantra" forms.

The mantra itself, according to the King's explanation, is wording or affirmation in the form of notes.

This note contains magical writings and affirmations made by magicians.

These magicians are members of the archipelago magic institution.

A mantra is an expensive and luxurious item containing affirmation.

When someone recites the affirmation written in the notes, the magical power stored in the record will be released and then help the astral being increase its combat power.

#Daha City

Daha City is a city that is quite large and wide, directly controlled by the kingdom of Paragon; the town is managed by the royal prime minister, in this case, Patih Hamangkubhumi.

The city offers a variety of goods and services that are quite varied.

Reno walked down the town of Daha alone.

Walking, looking around, he also did not forget to ask and gather new information about the astral land.

While learning and asking, Reno understood more.

Books are almost hard to find in the astral land because, in the astral areas, books were scarce objects.

The only record available in the astral land is a note which is different from books.

The existence of books in astral land can be considered objects that have an invaluable selling price.

Reno also began to know that herbal plants on the astral land are commonly used to make potions - certain ingredients to help cultivate, cure diseases, increase stamina, increase strength, to anti-poisons.

Reno also had time to find some prohibited herbs commonly used in combat.

This herb can increase the strength of people who consume these herbs to multiple folds.

This herb can also quickly raise the level of cultivation to several degrees within a specified period.

This concoction is called forbidden because, indeed, after the effect of the multiplicity of strength disappears automatically, it will cause terrible side effects.

The side effects that arise usually cause extraordinary and overall pain in the body.

Even this extraordinary pain can cause death if someone consumes it excessively.

Potions or the ingredients are wrapped in capsules and powder but have popular more choices in capsule form.

Reno realized that three well-known institutions were dominated by popular professions in the astral lands such as the magic archipelago institute which consisted of magicians commonly referred to as magicians.

Another well-known institution is the medicine archipelago institute, which contains the physician profession with prana, herbal, acupuncture, and massage skills.

One last institution that is also not less famous is the mental archipelago institute, this institution itself contains indigo creatures with telekinesis capabilities that can move and change objects easily.

Currently, Reno has purchased various kinds of equipment needed to face the competition.

The needs purchased by Reno are "Survival" needs, such as healing capsules, anti-toxin capsules, smoke bombs, and some mantra notes.


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