Astral Land



Chapter 17 Reno's Decision


Reno is currently in front of the portal door, where he entered the astral land for the first time.

He then penetrated the portal door and was immediately brought back at the location of his home in the real world.

The young man returned to meet Sarah and then asked: "Sarah, if I die inside astral land, what happens to my physical body in the real world?"

Sarah looked at the young man and then swiftly replied: "If you die in the astral world, then you will never be able to return to the astral land."

"Death in the astral land is a sign that your subtle body has gone."

"However, your physical body will still be fine in the real world."

"All you need to keep in mind is that when you die in the astral land, all the abilities that you have acquired in the astral land will automatically disappear."

"Besides that, you will be no longer able to return to the astral dimension!"

Hearing Sarah's answer, Reno was quite surprised because, after all, this astral world was a unique new world for Reno, and he began to like it very much.

Reno himself began to enjoy his adventures in this new world.

Experience in a beautiful colossal world makes the young man feel reluctant to lose his new life.

Because his adventurous behavior very high followed Reno's love of fantasy, the given information from Sarah did not make him flinch.

The young man then decided to participate in the competition as a form of challenge for him.

After hearing Sarah's explanation, Reno immediately shot towards the portal door and returned to the astral land.

Arriving at the astral land, he immediately returned to enter the kingdom, showing a pin that had previously been given by the admiral then headed towards the King's room to give his answer.

#In the King's room.

The King immediately welcomed Reno's arrival when he arrived at the King's room.

The King then ordered the royal guard to summon the admirals and patih to gather in the room to listen to Reno's decision together.

In a short time, all the royal officials requested by the King to gather were present before Reno.

"Young Master Reno, has there been a decision?" The face of the King and the admirals seemed to show a stern expression but were anxiously waiting for the young man's answer before him.

"I am willing to participate in the bhayangkara knight's competition," Reno then answered calmly.

The King and the admirals smiled with relief at Reno's decision.

The King and the admiral then walked up to the young man in front of him, shook his hand, then patted Reno on the back while Patih himself stared without expression.

"With the joining of the young master, this king will give the title of young paragon admiral to you."

Reno was suddenly surprised by the words of the King because all this time, the King had never informed him about the offer to be given to Reno when he decided to take part in the bhayangkara competition.

Reno realized that the position of the young admiral was a position that was not ordinary in the land of astral.

"As a form of appreciation, this king will also announce your appointment as a young admiral throughout the population and neighboring kingdoms that are located in the bhayangkara continent."

"Tomorrow, we will carry out the official appointment of the new young admiral in the kingdom of Paragon." The King happily spoke to Reno, patih, and the three admirals before him.

"Admiral, please help all the preparations for the inauguration tomorrow!"

"Make sure all kingdom official, ministers council, religious law officials, and the royal council including Bhattara Saptaprabhu to be invited to come, "the King ordered

"As you wish, my lord!" Said the three admirals simultaneously.


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