Reno entered the room and began to meditate.

According to Adista in her story previously, it was stated that one way to increase the cultivation was to meditate calmly.

In meditation later, the natural energy around a person will be absorbed into specific points in the body.

These points commonly referred to as "Chakra."

This chakra itself symbolizes the level of cultivation within.

In the meditation position, Reno sat cross-legged then began to shut his eyes.

His feeling was now calm.

He quickly entered a state of silence.

In the silence, he began to feel nothing, quiet and silent.

Silence brought Reno into an empty condition.

The emptiness began to feel very comfortable.

Reno found himself in a dark, quiet, and empty room.

Soon the young man began able to see the picture of his body sitting cross-legged.

In Reno's body, there is 7 particular dot located on the tailbone, navel, solar plexus, chest, throat, forehead and crown.

Although the seven dots are visible, Reno only found two points on his body that were very bright while the other five points not bright.

These two points that light up brightly positioned in the tailbone with red color and the other location around the navel with orange.

There are five spheres of light circling the red dot.

While at the orange dot, there is only one ball of light that also rotates around this orange point.

The red dot is the tuccha cultivation rank, while the five spheres that rotate within this point are the cultivation level.

Reno has passed the tuccha cultivation level so that the five spinning light balls have the maximum number.

The light spinning balls are different from the second point around the navel, which only has one light ball that symbolizes the mleccha cultivation level that just entered the first level.

Reno then began to focus his meditation in the room until finally, the natural energy around him gathered into the navel point in Reno's body.

Reno was surprised by the phenomenon that is happening at this time.

A sucking power that enters all-natural energy to the navel point absorbed sporadically.

This process lasted long enough for hours, Reno himself did not realize he had done a full overnight meditation without sleep.

Shortly after that, the sound of birds chirping greeted the arrival of the morning.

Reno realized the morning had arrived after hearing the chirping of the birds.

He did not hurry up to open his eyes that morning.

Instead began to observe the changes around his navel once again.

Reno seems surprised by his new findings because around the orange navel point that previously had one light ball now, it has five glowing orbs that are rotating around that point.

"Huh? Did I just level up?"

"Seriously? Is it this easy to level up?"

"The five glowing orb around my navel would be the sign of my mleccha cultivation become level 5?"

"Ah…. impossible!" Reno looked surprised by the change in the orange point inside his body.

'I will try to confirm this with one of the royal admirals regarding leveling up cultivation rank,' Ren muttered in his heart.

Reno opened his eyes, he walks towards the royal bathroom on the 2nd floor for a morning bath.

As usual, five young and beautiful girls seemed to offer the same services to Reno, but the young man immediately refused and asked the girls to go out.

The girls then scattered out and closed the bathroom door tightly.

In this great bathroom, Reno began to think of accepting the King's offer.

But again, hesitated and muttered to himself, "If I die in this dimension, will my physical body also die in the real world?"

He is reminded of the story from Sarah the Ghost Race once stated that in the astral land, what he felt in this dimension, such as pain, pleasure, sweetness, and so on, would have similarities to the feeling in the real world.

It's just that Sarah didn't have the chance to inform the matter of dying the astral land.

'Will the human physical body also died in the real world when their subtle body actually died in the astral world?'

Reno paused for a moment then decided to temporarily return to the portal door to ask this matter to Sarah.

If the death caused his physical body to die in the real world, Reno would not risk taking the King's offer.

Reno then wore elegant clothing prepared by the royal guard after taking a bath.

Reno prefers white robes even though in front of him, there are several other robes with different shades and colors.

Out of the bathroom door, Reno walked towards the outside of the kingdom and found Admiral Prayoga talking to one of the royal guards.

Seeing Reno walking towards the admiral, Prayoga then approached Reno and said, "Good Morning Young Master Reno, can I help you?"

"Ah admiral, incidentally, there is something I want to ask," said Reno.

"Young Master Reno, please tell me if this admiral can help? "Prayoga said politely.

"Admiral Prayoga, can I borrow the precious jade stones from yesterday's event?" Reply Reno.

Hearing Reno's request, Admiral Prayoga was surprised "Huh? But for what? As far as I knew yesterday, the young master has taken measurements, right? It was impossible in one-night young master Reno's cultivation level changed."

Hearing the admonished comments from the admiral, Reno fell silent, then continued, "Admiral Prayoga, will raising cultivation will take a long time to level up?"

"Hahahaha ......" Admiral laughed at Reno's question, which was quite weird.

"Increasing the level certainly requires time and patience, besides being difficult and need concentration, the natural energy cannot just enter the body just like that but must go through a gradual process."

"The higher the level of one's cultivation, the more difficult it is for that person to break through the level."

"Young Master Reno certainly knows that to improve cultivation of a warrior requires a lot of time and patience."

"Increasing the level from one level to a higher level takes around a year while to break through the level of cultivation will take even longer to five or ten years depending on each's talent."

Hearing Admiral prayoga's explanation, Reno fell silent again, if indeed Admiral prayoga's statement was correct, then the phenomenon of Reno's level increase was quite fast and astonishing.

Ordinary warriors take years to level up while Reno can do it in one night.

"If so, is there another tool for measuring one's strength other than through the mechanism of touching the jade stone when entering the screening test?" Reno asked curiously.

"Here, I will give this jade ring to you," Admiral Prayoga handed his hand and gave Reno a green ring.

"Oh, this ring can also be used to measure someone's strength?" Reno asked, holding the ring stone in his hand

"Yes, the way to activate this jade ring is the same, just by touching the jade above this ring will react in an instant."

"When this jade begins to glow and emits numbers, then the numbers released by this jade will appear small compared to the numbers seen using large jade," the admiral replied.

"I can't accept this precious stone ring" Reno then handed back the jade ring.

"No need, this jade ring is a tool that is easily available to everyone in the astral land because after all every astral creature needs to know the cultivation power in their self as well as their opponents on the battlefield so this ring doesn't need to be returned to me" admiral refused.

"Oh? Okay then, thank you! "Reno replied, then put on the jade ring in the middle finger of the young man.

Reno then asked again, "If I want to leave the kingdom for a while, can I come back to enter the kingdom later?"

The admiral Noded.

He immediately explained that re-entering the kingdom, a guest must use a sign like a pin with the royal emblem of Paragon.

Pins are decorative jewelry objects that are designed to be attached or can be attached to parts of clothing or other media.

There is a hook to attach the jewelry to the cloth on the back of the nail.

Reno then explained his reason for leaving through a lying story that his departure only temporarily and will not take so long.

He needs to go back to the waterfall because one of his precious items left around near the lake when rescuing Princess Adista previously.

The young man needs to retrieve the said item he left behind.

Reno also confirmed that his departure would not take more than one day.

Admiral understands with the situations, then nodded and gave the royal "Pin" to the young man in front of him.

Immediately Reno ran darting quickly out of the kingdom toward the portal door to meet Sarah asking, "Will death of humans in the astral land cause the physical body also die in the real world?"


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