Astral Land



Chapter 15 Sri Adista's Concern


"Your Majesty, can you give this time for the answer tomorrow? Because I have to think about it first, "Reno then answered.

"Hahahaha ... of course, you can, after all, there are still about two months until the competition starts," replied the King.

The meeting in the royal room finally ended; everyone who was in the King's room returned to their respective places.

Reno himself left with Sri Adista without the four girls who had accompanied Adis before.

# Room of Patih Hamangkubhumi

Twilight ended with the night; the moon seemed to shine brightly above the starry sky.

The sounds of owls and crows around the forest faintly heard intertwined.

Two male figures were seen talking in patih hamangkubhumi room that night.

One of the two men appeared to be hiding behind the darkness of the night.

"If Reno decides to take part in the competition, I will send you as one of the representatives of the kingdom" Patih Hamangkubhumi spoke with the mysterious young man who knelt, wearing a black robe in front of him.

"As you wish, my lord," said the mysterious person.

"Make sure you kill him secretly."

"And make sure that everything looks clean too" Patih Hamangkubhumi spoke in an irritated tone.

"Accept this" Patih Adira then handed a black bag to the mysterious man in front of him.

"You should kill him with this poison, make sure you put it in a cup of coffee because this poison will not have smell and taste when mixed with coffee," said Patih Adira.

"Your wish is my command." A shadow of darkness then came out of the window leaving the room

# In front of Reno's room.

"Young Master Reno ………………." Adis called Reno softly.

The girl seems nerveous in front of Reno. She often throws away her eyes to the ground, looked down, did not dare look at Reno.

"Adista, please call me without "the young master" title because it is a bit strange to hear."

"Why?" Adista asked.

"Because it is not fair to me," Reno replied.

"Not fair?" Adista confuse.

"You also forbid me to call yourself with the title of princess, so I also forbid you to call me young master" Reno seems uncomfortable with the term young master coming out and would like to ask the girl to call him without the title before his name.

Adis looked down again, embarrassed because Reno's words suddenly made her happy.

Adis was happy because Reno's request made the girl's position seemed to be getting closer to Reno.

"Ren …………………………." Adis began learning to get used to calling Reno without the young master's title.

Reno then looked at the beautiful girl in front of him, who was still looking down shyly.

The girl's hand clenched, nervous, Adis looked worried, like wanting to say something to Reno.

"Ren ... are you going to take part in the Bhayangkara competition?"

Reno was silent, hearing the question.

The man then looked down and then answered Adis' question, "If I decide to take part in the Bhayangkara competition, then what would be your response?"

Adis's face suddenly turned sad.

There was an aura of worry emanating from the face of the beautiful girl in front of Reno.

Adis hopes that the youth in front of her rejects her father's invitation to participate in the competition.

"Ren ……………. Whatever your decision, I support it, it's just ..." Adis's voice began to be nervous and restless.

Her tone began to stammer, like holding back tears.

"It's just what Adis?" Reno began to get confused with Adis's tone of voice.

The round eyes of the beautiful girl in front of Reno seemed to glaze.

She seems to hold back the tears that were about to come out.

Adis then took a deep breath and then began to strengthen herself to speak.

"The Kingdom of Paragon has never been absent to send its representatives attending the Bhayangkara continent 10th annual event."

"I always watch the event through a screen in the royal room altogether with my father, mother, and royal officials."

"However, I never liked the event"

"A cruel competition, full of bloodshed and violence, I never watched the event seriously up until the end because I did not like the scene that was shown directly throughout the astral land "

"Every 10th annual event held, our royal representatives are always killed in the qualifying section."

"But eventually, the Paragon kingdom managed to penetrate the semi-finals last year but brutally killed again."

"Every time our representative get killed, I was sad and trembling" Adis lowered her head, like trying to cover her eyes from Reno.

Adis paused, took a breath before then continued the conversation again, "And ... and ……… this time ... you? You will represent the kingdom of Paragon? Why do you have to participate in Ren? "

The girl's tears broke unstoppable.

Flowing on both of her white cheeks, Adis looked down, sobbing.

The girl then turned around, turned her back against Reno while crying sadly.

Adis himself was confused by the tears that came out from her eyes.

She even does not know why was she is so sad and so hard to let the young man participate in the competition.

She had just met with Reno this morning, but she does not understand why she felt so upset when her father offered Reno to participate in the Bhayangkara competition?

"I'm afraid ... I'm just scared ... you will experience the same brutal situation as our previous representatives."

"I'm afraid you will end up being killed," Adis spoke again while trying to hold back her tears.

Reno froze in confusion, seeing the situation in front of him.

The young man never saw a beautiful girl crying in front of him.

The graceful and spoiled princess is crying in front of him.

"Adis ..." Reno wanted to say something, but seems so hard to pronounce it.

"I only hope that if there are other choices where you can become part of the kingdom, but don't need to represent the kingdom in this competition." Adis suddenly spoke again.

Adis sobbed, crying while Reno could only be silent.

Reno wanted to touch the girl in front of him, but he was afraid to do it.

"Adis ………………………… .. take it easy, there are still other choices ..." Reno then answered.

Adis then turns her body and asks, "What do you mean with other choices? really?" While wiping her tears.

Reno nodded.

"I became part of this kingdom, then took part in the Bhayangkara competition and then come out as the champion," Reno said while trying to calm Adis.

"You ......... ughhhh," hearing Reno's answer, Adis glared irritably.

Although upset and angry, Adis's face still looks beautiful and seductive.

While hitting and pushing the young man's chest in front of her, Adis then turned her slender body then ran while crying, leaving Reno behind.


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