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Chapter 14 Bhayangkara Knight Competition


When Reno and Princess Adista arrived at the king workroom, Patih Adira frowned, unexpectedly, Reno did not come alone because there was also Princess Adista who accompanied Reno besides her.h

"Oh, Princess, you also here?" Patih Adira asked

"Then? Is there any prohibition from my father to attend this glorious meeting?" Hearing Sri Adista's temperament response made Patih silent with no answer.

Seeing this situation, the King then began talking to Reno, "Young Master Reno, is the service and hospitality of the kingdom of Paragon satisfying young master?"

"My lord is too polite."

"I'm very flattered by the hospitality of the princess during our tour of the kingdom."

"The King's Palace is genuinely magnificent and classy; I am fortunate can be entertained by the princess directly around the palace. "Reno replied enthusiastically.

"Thank God then," the King smiled.

"Oh yeah, if this king is not mistaken or hear it wrong from the three royal admirals, young master Reno has extraordinary talent?" The King asked again.

"I do not dare to be arrogant before my lord, apologize if the attitude of mine interfering with the entrance examination previously."

"My actions only want to find out about my strength," Reno answered the King's question.

"Oh, young master Reno, you don't know what level your current cultivations?" The King asked again with suspicion on his face.

Reno was quite panicked, hearing the King's question.

He understands that his statement could bring suspicion since it is likely strange as if Reno does not know his current cultivation.

Reno hurriedly covered his panic by answering, "It's not like that, my lord, I just haven't had the chance to confirm how much this improves so far," Reno replied with a smile.

Hearing Reno's answer, the King paused and smiled.

Seeing the King's response, Reno breathed a sigh of relief calmly.

The King seemed to think that Reno's answer was reasonable, then continued the conversation.

"Young Master Reno certainly knows about the Bhayangkara Knight Competition, no?" The King asked again.

Reno paused, looking cautious about answering the King's question because if he replied, "Don't know or haven't heard about the competition," then it could be that the answer would arouse suspicion.

Reno then thought before answering that question because if Reno carelessly answered, then his identity as a human race might uncover.

"Yes, my lord I know, but I had never participated in the competition, only a little information I knew if it was permitted, could the king tell me more about the Knight Bhanyangkara Competition?" Reno replied with a smile.

"Hahahaha ......" The King laughed amused at Reno's answer.

The King wisely explained what the Knights Bhayangkara competition is to Reno.

The King took out an object like a 100-centimeter wooden stick that had red stones on it then pointed it forward.


Reno was surprised because suddenly, a hologram screen appeared before him like magic.

This screen is similar to "Projector" in the real world.

The projector screen is capable of displaying specific images regarding the Bhayangkara competition.

Reno was amazed by the workflow of the projector screen in front of him.

He did not expect, even though the atmosphere of the astral land seemed ancient and colossal, the hologram screen in front of him looked futuristic and modern.

Even the real world does not have such technology, which is currently displayed by the King.

Seeing the sophistication of the screen before him, Reno deliberately did not panic or ask questions.

Reno realized that if he showed a face that seemed to be surprised by the screen in front of him, then inevitably, Reno's gesture would raise the King suspicion and everyone in front of him.

According to the King, the Bhayangkara Knight Competition is a 10-year competition carried out and held by the Bhayangkara kingdom.

There are seven continents in the astral land of which are named Bhayangkara, Wirabhumi, Jalapati, Tribhuwana, Terracotta, Kertagama, and the Continent of Jayanegara.

The name of the Bhayangkara kingdom itself used as one of the names of the continents in the Astral Land, and the Kingdom itself was one of the largest empires in the Bhayangkara continent.

The Kingdom of Bhanyangkara is the fifth largest Kingdom of the seven largest empires in the Astral Land.

Every Continent has a Peninsula, and every peninsula has Regional Kings.

Every Regional King has his territory and government.

Each Regional King leads the city and village in his area of authority.

Of course, the higher the field of power, the higher the influence in the royal ranking.

So far, Bhayangkara's Kingdom has never shifted its position to become the most extensive Kingdom in the Bhayangkara continent.

As one of the largest kingdoms in the land of the astral, the Kingdom of Bhayangkara always holds a 10-year event in the form of a grand and significant competition called the "Bhayangkara Knight Competition."

This competition is held every ten years by inviting all representatives of young people in the Bhayangkara continent to participate in the tournament.

This competition was held to see the potential of the young generation in the Bhayangkara continent.

The Bhayangkara kingdom is aware that the regeneration of youth in its territory is a fundamental thing that is very important for every domain in the astral world.

The young generation is the backbone of a kingdom.

The successor to the glory or at least can defend the coffers of power that their ancestors have achieved.

It is not easy to take part in this competition, because there are conditions that must be owned by a representative to be able to join this event.

The competition representatives must come from royal members, have a letter of recommendation, aged not more than 18 years, master a minimum of two martial arts abilities, and at a minimum, have a tuchha level three cultivation rank but no more than level 1 candala rank.

The winner of this competition consists of several ranking levels, namely, a ranking of the top 5, ranking in the top 10, ranking in the top 50, ranking in the top 100, ranking in the top 200 and ranking in the top 500.

Each ranking offers fantastic prizes and awards not only for the participating youth but also for the Kingdom they represent.

Last year's Kingdom of Paragon placed in the 457 spots in the big 500 categories.

Prizes and awards in this position will get the royal title of class E plus a grant of 1.000 capsules of level 1 empowerment and 100 additional diamond.

Also, the ranking will display the Kingdom's name on the Bhayangkara kingdom list of winner for ten years.

Furthermore, prizes and awards for young people who participated in representing the Kingdom ten years ago were also no less attractive.

He can get 50 diamond stones, and ten third-grade core stones from the monster race that can be used in training to improve cultivation.

Hearing the King's explanation regarding the core stone of the monster race, Reno then remembered to the time when Adista explained the core stone.

Even so, the core stone just mentioned by the King is still unable to get Reno immediately understand how it works and how to get it.

Apart from cultivation problems and core stones, Reno is also still confused by the royal ranking levels used in the astral land.

According to the King's information, currently, the Kingdom of Paragon is in the category of class E kingdom, then what is the specification of class E?

Then what is the specification of the Kingdom in category C, B, or A?

Reno was still confused and then again listened to the King's explanation and planned to find information about cultivation, royal rank, and core stone after the conversation with the King was over.

The King then explained again that the Kingdom of Paragon needs at least maintain its position of being ranked in the top 500, just like the achievement of 10 years ago.

The King did not emphasize the royal representative to be able to penetrate a rank above the top 500, but even so, if the royal representative could reach a position above the top 500, the King would certainly be very grateful.

The King then explained that 10 years ago the top 5 ranks were held by royal representatives with class S kingdom categories including Rank 1 - Bhayangkara Kingdom (Level S), Rank 2 - Trisakti Kingdom (Level S), Rank 3 - Mahadewa Kingdom (Level S) , Rank 4 - Mahadewi Kingdom (Level S) and Rank 5 – Kingdom of Bhinneka (Level S).

Prizes and awards ranked at the top 5 are indeed more tempting than the rewards offered below the ranking.

The King then gave an example that the Kingdom whose representatives could win this competition, the youth who participated in this competition would get the "KNIGHT" title permanently, 100,000 diamonds, and 100,000 third-class core stones from the monster race.

The Kingdom's prizes also no less attractive in this competition.

The Kingdom will get the S class royal title and 100,000 capsule level 2 and 500,000 core stones.

Also, the ranking will display the Kingdom's name on the Bhayangkara kingdom list of winner for ten years.

Of course, every Kingdom will compete to send talented young people to this event because, in addition to prizes and significant awards, the dignity will automatically lift the nation's name.

This competition itself is quite cruel and sadistic, where the percentage to escape life from this competition is very small.

There will be five hundred large and small kingdoms in total, where each domain must send ten most excellent representatives of its youngest people into this competition.

The competition itself consists of 3 stages, namely, the qualification stage, semi-final, and grand finale.

Before entering the qualification stage, each participant will obtain a magical bracelet.

This bracelet will then be used as a tool for selecting the participants.

The bracelet as a tool to measure the strength and life of the participants in the competition.

If one participant is killed or dies, then the system in the competition will automatically detect, report, and disqualify participants from the list.

Aside from being a selection and measuring device, this magical bracelet equipped with a "surrender" button.

When the button pressed, the participant automatically declares himself out of competition voluntarily.

Only by pressing the button in the middle of the bracelet, participants will automatically throw out of the competition dimension.

The qualification stage will begin by hunting. The difference is this hunting would hunt participants and killing them ("Battle Royale").

The killed participant will automatically cross out of the list of participants who will later automatically give a live notification system both on the battlefield and on each projector screen in the Kingdom and the resident screen.

Reno was suddenly amazed by the Bhayangkara competition, which turned out to be broadcast live throughout the Continent.

In the eyes of Reno, this was an extraordinary thing; he did not expect, the ancient land of Astral could do live broadcasting and "Live Report."

The semi-final stage begins when the quota of participants decreases to one thousand participants.

When a thousand participants reached, then the qualifying stage is completed after that will be followed by the semi-final stage.

The semi-final stage is a one on one battle competition. From a thousand people, then it will be filtered to 50 people, this is where the grand final starts to get the champion.

Not long after, the King asked Reno, "Seeing the ability of young master Reno, who seems to have fulfilled the requirements number 3, 4 and 5 but not for terms 1 and 2."

"The matter of terms 1 and 2 Young Master Reno no need to worry because we can take care of that by giving attractive offers to young masters."

"So young master Reno, do you willing to accept our offer?" Said the King

Reno's forehead wrinkled at the King's words, then looked at the King with a stern look.

Surprised by the King's conversation and curious about the King's offer, Reno did not immediately receive and give answers.

The young man then looked down and thought very seriously.


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