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Chapter 13 Reports From Three Admirals


"This young man has natural talent."

"He is only 16 years old but already has five martial arts skills with a high level of cultivation. "

"You are right; I cannot disagree with your judgment, this is purely a genius, it has never been in the history of the astral land this young man can do such achievement."

"It seems that in my day when I was young, there were no young people like him."

"I remembered, I was still struggling at the level 1 tuccha at that time, how could this youngster have been at the level of mleccha cultivation?"

The Royal Admirals made comments and exchanged between them before Reno.

However, Reno was only silent when the admirals commented on his results in front of the young man and ignored the words that came from the admiral's mouth.

"Thank you so much for your hospitality and permission, Admiral Sire; now I will need to leave the stage, come back to the princess at the balcony," Reno said.

Reno then gave a farewell to the three admirals in front of him and then left the stage.

The admirals then nodded their heads.

Reno went quickly to the balcony on the second floor back to where he was before.

"Prayoga, let's together report our findings to the king" the admiral then quietly thought then continued, "After all the young master had extraordinary abilities, we must invite the young master to join the kingdom." Said one of the admirals.

"I agree with Prayudi; what do you think, Arok?" Said admiral Prayudi

"Do you know the name of the young man?" Said Admiral Arok Ken.

"You don't know? The young master was named Reno, according to the news that spread quickly around the kingdom, he was the savior of our princess from the kidnapping carried out by wild creatures in the lake near the waterfall, "said Admiral Prayoga.

"Oh, I have heard the news that was spread before but have never seen the figure of Young Master Reno directly, at first I also suspected whether the person who was with the princess was a gossiped person around the kingdom," said Admiral Arok Ken.

"Our problem solved then," said admiral Arok Ken.

"What do you mean? What problem is solved? "Asked Prayudi

"Do you remember, no? The King requests us to look for candidates for the royal representative in the big 10-year event in Bhayangkara, which will start in two months? "Said, Admiral Arok Ken.

"Ah…. that's right, so far, we haven't got a suitable candidate for that big event, it seems that young master Reno is very proper to be one of the candidates from the Paragon kingdom! "Reply Admiral Prayudi.

After exchanging talks, the admiral rushed to the King's room, where the King used to work in the kingdom.

Before going to the King's room, the three admirals did not forget to give an order to close the event to one of the royal guards.

In addition to the closure, the three admirals also handed over the process of screening.

The entrance screening test itself finally closed as well; the new royal guards escorted by one of the guards to the barracks located to the south of the kingdom, not far from the entrance test location.

# King's room

"Knock, knock, knock," the sound of the door knocked.

"Who is it?" King Paragon asked

"Reporting to the king, I'm the royal maid would like to inform your majesty a message that in front of your majesty's door, Admiral Prayoga, Prayudi, and Arok Ken had stood to ask permission to enter the room," said the Royal maid.

"Please come in," said the King.

The three admirals then opened the door and entered the King's room.

The King's workroom looks luxurious.

All the King's furniture made from teak wood carving equipped with red "Ruby" precious stones around it.

The King's workroom floor is also no less classy, made of high-quality ceramic stone, on the tiled floor there is a beautiful tapestry layered with fine feathers making everyone who enters the King's room will immediately be amazed and feel comfortable.

"Reporting to the king, we find talented candidates that we can use as royal representatives to attend prominent and most well-known activities around the Bhayangkara continent," said Admiral Prayoga, who is currently kneeling.

"Oh, who?" Said the King is smiling.

"Young Master Reno!" Admiral Prayoga swiftly answered

"Huh?" The King was surprised to hear the words of Admiral Prayoga.

"Are you sure Admiral Prayoga?" Then asked to make sure

"We are sure, my lord!" Admiral Prayoga returned with confidence.

"Allow me to tell in detail how we learned that young master Reno was a candidate who was very suitable to be one of the representatives from the Paragon kingdom to attend the biggest activity throughout the Bhayangkara continent, your majesty," said Admiral Arok Ken.

"Please," the King give permission.

The three admirals then speak in detail about the incidents surrounding the prospective royal guard's screening test situations at dusk time.

Starting from the beginning of the registration until when Reno finally touched the jade on the stage, it was told in great detail by the three admirals.

The three admirals enthusiastically told each other in turn to the King, including how the participants suddenly make a commotion when Reno's results announced beyond everyone's expectations.

The story of the three admirals made the King's eyes glared, not believing in the explanation of the three admirals before him.


"All of you can't be wrong, right? After all, Young Master Reno is not part of the Paragon kingdom, how can he be the one who represents our kingdom into that well-known competition? "Said the King.

"For this matter, the three of us have agreed to provide a solution for my lord, please allow us to convey the solution that we have been collaborating with each other and we are wondering whether you agree or not with our solution," said Admiral Prayudi.

"Please, say what's on your mind?" Said the King.

Then the three admirals alternately gave their thoughts.

"Your Majesty, we understand that young master Reno is not part of the kingdom, and we have thought about this before."

"Therefore, we recommend recruiting Young Master Reno as a young admiral position under us."

"With the young age of Reno, who is currently under 17 years old, coupled with his talented abilities, in the future, he will become a great figure who is likely to make triumph to the kingdom along with the magnitude of Young Master Reno name and his achievements in the future"

"The age of young masters is also fairly young while to enter into a large activity among all the candidates; the candidates must have an age of no more than 18 years."

"So far, we don't have many talented young people with abilities like young master Reno, if there are any, their abilities are not as good as young masters."

"At least if young master Reno can represent our kingdom, then chances are that young master Reno can bring the kingdom of Paragon to the top 100."

"We know that ten years ago in the same activity, our kingdom was only able to sit in the top 500 rankings and ten years ago was the best achievement of the kingdom of Paragon during the event"

"Previously, the Paragon kingdom had never been ranked in the top 500. Therefore we had to maintain last year's achievement."

Hearing the three admirals comments, the King did not immediately approve it but was silent and pensive as he was thinking in his mind, but so soon, the King began to speak.

"Call, Patih Hamangkubhumi" The King's order to one of the royal guards beside the King's office entrance.

"Yes, your majesty," said the royal guard swiftly.

It did not take long, Patih Hamangkubhumi arrived and began to mingle with the conversation between the three admirals and the King.

Hearing their conversation, Patih issued a look of annoyance and anger even though he immediately hid this expression so as not to be too visible to the King and the three admirals.

Patih Adira, from the beginning, dislike Reno because the young man seemed to have a particular position in the eyes of Princess Adista.

Moreover, Patih Adira had put his feelings to Princess Adista for a long time.

Reno's existence was a threat to his feelings and his career position in the kingdom.

Hearing the advice of the three admirals, Patih paused and thought for a moment before rashly said his disapproval.

In Patih's mind, if he refused, then surely his decision would arouse suspicion from the three admirals and kings.

They will undoubtedly question the reason why Patih refused Reno because after all the figure of Reno is currently trending this time, if Patih cannot provide reasonable ideas, then his action will drop his credibility as a royal official.

Finally, Patih had the idea to approve the advice of the three admirals and kings; with a cunning and mysterious smile, Patih seemed happy with his plan.

#Balkon Level 2

While enjoying the twilight, Sri Adista and four other girls joked around on the balcony along with Reno.

The position of Reno in front of the girls is getting higher.

How come? Because in the astral world, power is an excellent source to glorify all people.

Seeing Reno has excellent potential and extraordinary talent makes all the girls in front of him pounding when they are near the young man.

"Permission to face the princess!" One of the royal guards knelt.

Sri Adista then looked with a look that was not happy to see towards the royal guard who was currently kneeling before her.

"Please!" Said Sri Adista.

"Princess, allow this servant to deliver an important message from the king,"

Sri Adista then fell silent and wondered in her mind, why did her father send this guard?

"Please continue" Sri Adista speaking

"Princess, your Majesty, the King asked this servant to summon Young Master Reno to the king's room now."

"Oh ... do you know why my father is looking for Young Master Reno? "Said Adis with anticipation and suspicion.

"Apologies, Your Highness, I was not told by the King, I did not dare to discourse or assume, I came to see the Princess just conveying the message that the king wanted to summon the young master Reno, no less or more," Said the royal guard while looking down and kneeling.

"Okay, then I'm going too, bring us to meet Father."

Shortly afterward, Reno, Sri Adista, and the four girls walked to the King's room.


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