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Astral Land is a fantasy novel that combines elements of the Indonesian archipelago with a fantasy life.

This novel itself is a series of recitations that tells the journey of a young man named Reno Prayuda adventuring in another dimension called "Astral Land".


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Word Count (VIII)
Group Leader (IV)
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 Out of Body ago
Chapter 2 Subtle Body ago
Chapter 3 Super Ability ago
Chapter 4 Portal Door ago
Chapter 5 Astral Land ago
Chapter 6 Events at the waterfall ago
Chapter 7 Sri Adista Wijayatunggaldewi ago
Chapter 8 Royal Hero ago
Chapter 9 Journey to the Paragon Kingdom ago
Chapter 10 Paragon Kingdom ago
Chapter 11 Rare Precious Jade Stone ago
Chapter 12 Shocking ago
Chapter 13 Reports From Three Admirals ago
Chapter 14 Bhayangkara Knight Competition ago
Chapter 15 Sri Adista's Concern ago
Chapter 16 Chakra ago
Chapter 17 Reno's Decision ago
Chapter 18 Young Admiral Reno Prayuda ago
Chapter 19 Magic Bag ago
Chapter 20 Daha City ago
Vhapter 21 Mysterious Shop ago
Chapter 22 Farewell to the Royal Princess ago
Chapter 23 The Official Bhayangkara Knight Competition begins ago
Chapter 24 Battle Royale ago
Chapter 25 The Book of Sora ago
Chapter 26 Meeting up With Tunggal Yudi ago
Chapter 27 Fighting with Tunggal Yudi ago
Chapter 28 Hunting Other Participants ago
Chapter 29 Last Day ago
Chapter 30 Semi Finals ago
Chapter 31 Djinn Race ago
Chapter 32 Grand Final ago
Chapter 33 Show of Power ago
Chapter 34 The Champion ago
Chapter 35 Return to the Real World ago
Chapter 36 Premium Quality Diamond ago
Chapter 37 Ambushed ago
Chapter 38 Self Defense ago
Chapter 39 Activities in School ago
Chapter 40 Return ago

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Kristiana Putri

OMG all aspects of this book are very good and interesting, and highly recomended.


Ok i think enough, thankyouuuuuuuu❤❤


3 non specific glowing reviews from 2018 yet the first chapter is only 8 days old. The grammar is strange like an extreme version of third person. Buyer beware I guess.


 Addicted. Keep it up author.

Dian Arief Wahyudi

The language is easy to understand. very good

Nice line of story