A Blighted World

A Blighted World

by The Juggernaut

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Mutasm, who was transmigrated into a dark world filled with a hidden blight, found himself without the ability to grow stronger. Given weak or passive abilities, he must navigate a world that wants him dead. More so considering he decided to raise Hope through it all.

He was given multiple paths towards strength, but in order to move forward in them, he must forsake who he was taught to be. He would have to accept the darkness and blight that inhibited the people of this world.

How will he survive? How will he raise Hope? Will he lose everything he ever loved once again? Will he forsake everything he fought so hard to keep?

Cover by MrZombie!

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The story starts off with a slow chapter than segues astoundingly poorly into the next section, so let me just be honest about that here. If you can bridge the gap though you will find a fairly fun tale of being thrown into another world. I genuinely enjoy the main character thus far, what seems like a rare treat nowadays.

The grammar is a bit painful, with seemingly random capitalizations and a lot of misused punctuation. While credit for working at using more sophisticated language, the mistakes are too numerous to simply ignore. However, if you are not as picky as I am then you should enjoy this just fine.



Inside the rather stale Isekai-genre, this novel tried to tread ground aside the standard. Without a truck or system, but with a colorful and interesting world full of fantasy-weirdness. Every chapters highlights a new idea, a fresh turn on an existing trope or just a fascinating detail. With a literary standard above your “typical webnovel”, the author creates the fertile soil for his story.

One that might put off some readers with long paragraphs of world-building, bore others with the slow pacing or lose the reader’s interest between the MC’s mundane actions. But to others this will be a compelling tale filled with rich scenes, fascinating lore and a love for details.

This story is by no means flawless. Some character actions feel inauthentic or forced, relationships can feel rushed inside the slow scenes and some paragraphs are oh so easy to skip. But behind those minor flaws, lies the potential for a great story. One where the author gives you enough time to explore the world and its characters. A tale full of beautiful words where the end of a chapter makes you forgive the small problems and leaves you craving for more.

To me - this is a good novel with the potential to be great. 4* + 0.5 for potential!
To you? Just read it to find out!