I don't want to be the Hive Queen

by ValetheHowl

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Gender Bender Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Marcus is a young man that had a very bad day at work. 
First, he had a horrible customer during his shift. Then he got fired by his boss. And after that, he got shot to death during a robbery. 
And to top it all of, he awakened with the body of a weak and strange creature in a fantasy world full of deadly monsters. 

And that's just Monday!

Now Marcus will have to find a way to survive as a Vex Queen, but to do so his bravery and determination are not enough. He needs to build a hive that will protect him, as it won't be just monsters that he'll have to face... 


The release schedule for this novel should be one chapter per week.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0 - Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - Bubble Tea Trouble ago
Chapter 2 - A Mother's Disappointment ago
Chapter 3 - Mission One: Start! ago
Chapter 4 - Oh Deer! ago
Chapter 5 - Snake Eater ago
Chapter 6 - Crab Battle ago
Chapter 7 - Laugh Wolf ago
Chapter 8 - Cave Story ago
Chapter 9 - Bugging me out ago
Chapter 10 - Shedding Worries ago
Chapter 11 - At Turtle's Pace ago
Chapter 12 - Fruits, Bacon and an Egg ago
Chapter 13 - The Puppy ago
Chapter 14 - A Boy and his Dog ago
Chapter 15 - Three's a charm ago
Chapter 16 - Chess and Goblins ago
Chapter 17 - Hello Neighbor ago
Chapter 18 - Night Raid ago
Chapter 19 - Firing my laser ago
Chapter 20 - Better served cold ago
Chapter 21 - Homecoming ago
Chapter 22 - Home Sweet Home ago
Chapter 23 - May I give you a suggestion? ago
Chapter 24 - Don't Shoot the Messenger ago
Chapter 25 - Tremors Underground ago
Chapter 26 - Looming from Above ago
Chapter 27 - Expecting Visitors ago
Chapter 28 - Mutual Flashing ago
Chapter 29 - Rib Caged ago
Chapter 30 - Happy Meal ago
Chapter 31 - No Fighting in the War Room ago
Chapter 32 - Dance Earth Dance ago
Chapter 33 - A Tactical Retreat is not Running Away ago
Chapter 34 - Reasonable Instincts ago
Chapter 35 - Awkward Silence is not Golden ago
Chapter 36 - A Pain in the... ago
Chapter 37 - Questioning Question ago
Chapter 38 - Call on Hold ago
Chapter 39 - I know that you know that I know ago
Chapter 40 - In the Eye of the Beholder ago
Chapter 41 - Eye to Face Conversation ago
Chapter 42 - Scheming Schemers Scheming ago
Chapter 43 - Career Path Picnic ago
Chapter 44 - I want my Broodmommy ago
Chapter 45 - Mistakes have been made ago

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  • Overall Score

One of the best isekai novels on RRl

This is 1 of my favorite stories on RRL for now. It has the comedy tag but that is completely misleading as so far at least this is a straight up drama. The character is endearing the concept is novel and fun. What it lacks for now is some interaction between the MC and a non hive mind character which for now is not a weakness but a strong point as it strengthens the non human lead characteristic but..... Also i would like some developement that will force the MC to be more aware of no longer being a male. I really look forward to continuing to read this hopefully far into the future.

  • Overall Score

A breath of fresh air

  It's too soon to give a detailed review, but I will state facts about the story with a tittle for each:

-The characters have certain behaviors explained by their past, personalities, and objectives, making them more fleshed out, even a name in the background has rumors about them.

-The story has a fantasy setting with, for now, more races, and animals than elves and dragons.

-The Author tries to make the story consistent, whether by filling plotholes, or by giving more information of the world.

-There has been no system to quantify any kind of skill, making this story stand out among the rest.

PD: If anyone ask what I like about the story, it's having a sci fi alien (zerg, tyranid or xenomorph) in a fantasy world.

  • Overall Score

This story always manages to amaze me in a strange way. Sometimes the English is so good, I feel like I’m reading some first-class novel. The creativity used in some sentences is so good sometimes. And the descriptions are good too, not too long, but still descriptive enough to make u able to imagen the setting. But best of all, are the characters in this story (later on after the ‘monster survival arc’). I like how the personalities are clearly depicted. There are the perceptive, the tacticians, the greedy ones and so on.

I also like the setting of the story. It’s still the reincarnation type of story, but the mc isn’t op in any way. In the opposite, I feel like the author is intentionally trying to make it hard on the mc, to make it not too convenient for the mc like most other stories do. The author always making him make no progress while at the same tie making the mc’s character develop bit by bit. I like how the mc is trying to oppose his fate by trying to be has human (and male) as possible and not giving in on his instincts like other stories sometimes tend to do, while still making him cope with his situation. The mc is taking the midground between him being a hive queen, but still being a human male.

 But sometimes the grammatical mistakes are too obvious. The grammatical mistakes are always kinda similar in a way, I’m hoping the author will fix them in the future. There is also the problem with the mc always swearing in the same way… he/she almost always says the same word: ‘fuck’. It kinda gets old with time. I hope the author will try to mix it up in the future and maybe use some funny made-up swear words (and maybe even change the old swears at some point for new readers).

All in all, I like this story very much and I’m even looking forward the most for the new chapters of this story than any other story on RR. I don’t get it myself, but I feel super giddy whenever a new chapter is reeased XD

  • Overall Score

 i like the concept so far it is something i haven't seen like this before, im interested in seeing more, there is alot of potential :) please keep it up

  • Overall Score

It so GOOD, but pity that releasing chapters  is so slow.

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  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

A unique take on the Isekai subgenre

Overall: 5/5

This story is a unique take on the usual “reincarnated in a fantasy world” subgenre. In this case, the human protagonist, Marcus, is reincarnated into the body of a Vex queen (A hive mind species likely inspired by Starcraft’s Zerg).

The story is written extremely well. The plot is paced slowly, keeping the readers from being overwhelmed by exposition as we are introduced to the world, but it also consistently moves along without dipping into a lull.

The shortness of chapters, and poorly developed villains currently holds the story back somewhat, but the author could easily fix those issues in future chapters, and even with those issues the story so far is a great read. I highly recommend that anyone interested in the story’s premise should give it a try.

Style: 4.5/5

The writing style feels professional and well edited. It’s a fast read, without too much exposition or excessive detail. Descriptions are both concise and concrete. The plot is paced slowly, but there is always movement. The story never lulls, plot happens in every chapter, and nothing feels like “filler.” The author’s description of the protagonist’s hive mind control over their drones and how they design new drones to birth is especially well done.

Elements of the world, the humans, and the Vex themselves are introduced slowly and naturally, without excessive use of exposition. The exception to this is the antagonists. The few villain focused interlude chapters feel somewhat rushed and exposition-heavy. The sudden info dump feels quite disorienting after switching from the nice slow exploration of the world during the Marcus focused chapters.

The chapters also tend to be quite short (~2400 words on average). Since chapters often end on cliffhangers, this means that slower paced sections of the story can occasionally feel rushed, not given the proper time to play out fully. Marcus is constantly reacting to different crises and they don’t really have “downtime” to explore the world. Some more time to slow down and let the characters interact with each other in natural ways might help things.

Story: 5/5

The premise here is solid gold and it’s set up very well. The protagonist is dumped in the middle of the monster infested wilderness in an unfamiliar body and is forced to use that body’s strange abilities to survive.

The survival plotline slowly transitions to hive building, then hive defense, and as I write this (around chapter 34), Marcus has only just began interacting with friendly intelligent beings other than themselves. The plot is progressing slowly but consistently and I’m anxious to see where the author goes from here.

In the future, I’ll be especially interested to see Marcus interact with more humans and explore the world. It’ll be interesting to see how they deal with the fact that they’re so scary looking. I’ll also be interested to see more on how their genderswap affects their interactions with others. At the moment, Marcus’ sex change hasn’t affected them much, but that might change once they have to deal with other people.

Grammar: 5/5

I wasn’t specifically looking for grammar mistakes, but I didn’t notice any while reading. Nothing took me out of the writing.

Characters: 4/5

Marcus has a strong personality and is very well developed, as they should be since they’re the only character in the story for the first few chapters. The two secondary characters introduced around chapter 21 also seem to have consistent personalities, though they haven’t had much time to interact with the protagonist and develop their personalities yet.

The antagonists are not especially memorable at the moment. The short interludes focusing on the villainous characters feel rushed and lack any big character moments to define the villains’ personalities. The number of villains is also a problem. The interludes focus on their villains meeting each other and discussing their plots, which means that no single villain gets enough time for the audience to connect with them.

This might change with future chapters, once the villains have had more time to develop. In future villain chapters, I would suggest for the author to spend more time focusing on individual villains doing their nefarious deeds rather than following them as a group.

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I should clarify. There have been a lot of chapters recently going into the human companions the MC has picked up. I think that's fine, break it up every so often, but it has felt like the MC's relation with humans has subsumed - what I expected, anyway - a story about a chimera factory dealing with a hostile fantasy world while coming to terms with female, bug and female bug issues.


Sorry, I don't want to give the impression I dislike this story. I really do like it, can't wait for the next chapter and I think in a few months this story could really take off. I hope it does. But I fear it could get bogged down before it has a chance to explore this richly built world.

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score


I generally avoid genderbenders like the plauge but this was a welcome exception I enjoyed reading this story

I just finished reading it I dont remember anything super annoying that distracted me from the storry.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Has some potential same old reincarnation story with a interesting idea hopefully the author can make the hive queen concept be more then just a sidelined idea the MC has to deal with and more a fouces point that drives the story. We will just have to wait and see where the author gose with it hopefully he expands on the concept and turns it into a good story.

  • Overall Score

Lot's of potential

But hard to rate jet, as of  Chapter 26  

The story is engaging  and  has potential and  gladly the  hive and  the  MC aren't as OP as most other stories that go this route. 

It's also no all about te Hive some human  Characters seem to play a greater role as well as does some conflict with Goblins.