I don't want to be the Hive Queen

by ValetheHowl

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Gender Bender Magic Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Ruling Class Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Marcus is a young man that had a very bad day at work. 
First, he had a horrible customer during his shift. Then he got fired by his boss. And after that, he got shot to death during a robbery. 
And to top it all of, he awakened with the body of a weak and strange creature in a fantasy world full of deadly monsters. 

And that's just Monday!

Now Marcus will have to find a way to survive as a Vex Queen, but to do so his bravery and determination are not enough. He needs to build a hive that will protect him, as it won't be just monsters that he'll have to face... 

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Cover art by Kukuruyo

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0 - Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - Bubble Tea Trouble ago
Chapter 2 - A Mother's Disappointment ago
Chapter 3 - Mission One: Start! ago
Chapter 4 - Oh Deer! ago
Chapter 5 - Snake Eater ago
Chapter 6 - Crab Battle ago
Chapter 7 - Laugh Wolf ago
Chapter 8 - Cave Story ago
Chapter 9 - Bugging me out ago
Chapter 10 - Shedding Worries ago
Chapter 11 - At Turtle's Pace ago
Chapter 12 - Fruits, Bacon and an Egg ago
Chapter 13 - The Puppy ago
Chapter 14 - A Boy and his Dog ago
Chapter 15 - Three's a charm ago
Chapter 16 - Chess and Goblins ago
Chapter 17 - Hello Neighbor ago
Chapter 18 - Night Raid ago
Chapter 19 - Firing my laser ago
Chapter 20 - Better served cold ago
Chapter 21 - Homecoming ago
Chapter 22 - Home Sweet Home ago
Chapter 23 - May I give you a suggestion? ago
Chapter 24 - Don't Shoot the Messenger ago
Chapter 25 - Tremors Underground ago
Chapter 26 - Looming from Above ago
Chapter 27 - Expecting Visitors ago
Chapter 28 - Mutual Flashing ago
Chapter 29 - Rib Caged ago
Chapter 30 - Happy Meal ago
Chapter 31 - No Fighting in the War Room ago
Chapter 32 - Dance Earth Dance ago
Chapter 33 - A Tactical Retreat is not Running Away ago
Chapter 34 - Reasonable Instincts ago
Chapter 35 - Awkward Silence is not Golden ago
Chapter 36 - A Pain in the... ago
Chapter 37 - Questioning Question ago
Chapter 38 - Call on Hold ago
Chapter 39 - I know that you know that I know ago
Chapter 40 - In the Eye of the Beholder ago
Chapter 41 - Eye to Face Conversation ago
Chapter 42 - Scheming Schemers Scheming ago
Chapter 43 - Career Path Picnic ago
Chapter 44 - I want my Broodmommy ago
Chapter 45 - Mistakes have been made ago
Chapter 46 - Talk Magic Talk ago
Chapter 47 - Night Raid ago
Chapter 48 - Armorgeddon ago
Chapter 49 - Are you ready for a war!? ago
Chapter 50 - Saving Private Lycan ago
Chapter 51 - Bamboozled ago
Chapter 52 - Pay the Piper ago
Chapter 53 - Dressing Up ago
Chapter 54 - Boys are Back in Town ago
Chapter 55 - We're out of Coffee ago
Chapter 56 - Test your Might! ago
Chapter 57 - Failed a Diplomacy Check ago
Chapter 58 - The Battle of Brettholz Part 1 ago
Chapter 59 - The Battle of Brettholz part 2 ago
Chapter 60 - The Battle of Brettholz part 3 ago
Chapter 61 - The Battle of Brettholz part 4 ago
Chapter 62 - The Battle of Brettholz part 5 ago
Chapter 63 - The Battle of Brettholz part 6 ago
Chapter 64 - Wine and Whining. ago
Chapter 65 - A Random Encounter ago
Chapter 66 - Extra Thicc ago
Chapter 67 - Panic at the Feast ago
Chapter 68 - Hoggs' School for Gifted Youngsters ago
Chapter 69 - Nice ago
Chapter 70 - Coffee Rush ago
Chapter 71 - The Queen's New Clothes ago
Chapter 72 - Breakfast of the Champions ago
Chapter 73 - Little Shop of Horrors ago
Chapter 74 - A Study in Feeling Blue ago

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I should clarify. There have been a lot of chapters recently going into the human companions the MC has picked up. I think that's fine, break it up every so often, but it has felt like the MC's relation with humans has subsumed - what I expected, anyway - a story about a chimera factory dealing with a hostile fantasy world while coming to terms with female, bug and female bug issues.


Sorry, I don't want to give the impression I dislike this story. I really do like it, can't wait for the next chapter and I think in a few months this story could really take off. I hope it does. But I fear it could get bogged down before it has a chance to explore this richly built world.

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Good Story, Dissapointing Fellow Readers

Reviewed at: Chapter 34 - Reasonable Instincts

I like this story. What I don't like is some of the comments. One of which ended with remarking how it's funny how trans people kill themselves when they can just assume their "correct" gender.

I have had Major Depressive Disorder for more than 15 years. I don't think it's funny that many like me kill themselves when they can just be happy. If I can't decide to be happy during one of my episodes, a person suffering from gender dysphoria definitely can't just accept that what other say is truer than what they believe.

Then there are the countless, "seconded" or "i agree" messages. This part of the internet disgusts me. Not the uber weird fetishes you can find on reddit, not the rape fantasy fanfiction writers. These kind of people.

Anyways, this story is great. I honestly don't see the problems other reviewers have with it. It's not perfect and has issues, but it is an enjoyable read and worth looking at. 

I for one am sick of macho men who can take personal horror  on the chin and always make the best most satisfying decisions. This isn't a power fantasy. Stop complaining that the MC is "Overly cautious" and "cowardly".

They're in a completely foreign, hostile environment with no revelent knowledge, education or experience to help this totally normal city boy. I mean come on. 

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 i like the concept so far it is something i haven't seen like this before, im interested in seeing more, there is alot of potential :) please keep it up

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I absolutely, wholeheartedly, and completely love this story.  I also have a fair chunk of complaints about it.

This is one of my favorite stories on the site and I always look forward to updates.  I recently binged through a heavy chunk of chapters that I hadn't caught up on for a while, and it was immensely enjoyable.  But I am, fundamentally, very biased.  I really love gender bender, I really love isekai, and I really love hive minds... and this is a gender bender isekai about hive minds.  It could be half as good, and I would devour it.  

Thankfully, it happens to be good.  The writer has a solid grasp of grammatical rules and there are no glaring errors anywhere in the story.  But there is a prevailing sense of... I'm not really sure a good way to put it.  Motivational simplicity?  

Characters seem to lack nuance.  They have trait X and therefore perform Y action in situation Z.  It feels like the author comes up with things they want to happen, and then finds a way to use character traits or introduce character traits that make things happen that way.  And yes, that is a perfectly normal and reasonable thing for authors to do... but I, as the reader, shouldn't be feeling like the author is doing that.  I want to feel like the characters are deep, complex, living people.  If I were to give advice to the author regarding this, it would be to stop explaining the play-by-play of each character's logic so often: the "that made sense, so they did this" explanation is much less compelling than just describing how characters feel, how they react, and showing the results of that logic.  Letting us infer the thought process behind it ourselves, don't just list it out unless it's particularly essential to do so.

The next main thing I find disappointing in the story is how the internal conflict of the main character's sex change impacts the narrative: which is to say, not really at all.  This isn't entirely unreasonable: Marcus remarks multiple times that he has far more pressing issues to worry about than his genitals, and he arguably does, having so far been in a constant fight for survival.  But there is downtime, and even when it is brought up directly, it... isn't really.  Marcus's attitude is very "go with the flow" regarding gender, enabling the author to put him in amusing situations where he feels dysphoric but unable to comment or correct others about it.  It's following classic gender bender tropes to a T, which (to genre-savvy readers) makes it seem inevitable that he will one day alter how he identifies to match his body, as such stories usually end up.  There's nothing wrong with that, but it does take the anticipation out of the whole internal conflict thing.  It would be nice to have a more nuanced approach to the idea of gender dysphoria than "haha, boy is in dress" but it is what it is.  I also wish Marcus would have less of a foul mouth when it comes to his newfound biology... he seems quite disrespectful towards himself in ways that would be very worrying in a real person, and I find them painful to read.  That said, I can't deny a propensity for crude language is a well-established trait of his.  

Despite these gripes, I still love this story.  It, as the title says, hits my jam zones, and it hits them hard.  While it could be improved, it is at the end of the day solid story about many things I love mashed together into the most delicious of word soups.  I am overjoyed to have this story in my life, and look forward to more of it!

The true Narrator
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I have enjoyed reading this story and while it certainly has its positives, I think people (as they often do on this site) are overexaggerating how great it is.

Many people in the other already existing reviews have stated how 'original' and unique the concept is of being reincarnated as a Vex queen, but I disagree.

While there is certainly nothing wrong or particularly flawed with the authors decided isekai start, it is not nearly as original as others make it out to be, (come on people it's isekai, that stuff is pretty predictable, I would know I've written some and read dozens).

So many other stories have done something similar to this, (human becomes monster), the most unique aspect the story actually carries is how Marcus the protagonist actually deals with his race and gender change, even then, it is not a new concept either and its execution has certainly been done better elsewhere, (sorry author, I'm going to speak my mind).

The story is... slow-paced, almost ponderous at the speed it moves, While a lot technically happens, it does not feel like it, (perhaps I am merely impatient), the first 30 or so chapters are all entirely focused on Marcus essentially trying to get over and adapt to his new life, even then, he never pushes past his issues and only hides them for later plot abuse, (likely so he can fail in some way or make a mistake which forces him to confront his own feelings and state of being for an acceptance scene).

Even after the 30th chapter, things don't change much, Marcus still mopes and complains about his life and how painful egg laying is, and even with the introduction of other characters (humans), things feel stagnant. 

I am uncertain what gives the story this feeling, perhaps it is the lack of chapter releases or merely my own distaste for Marcus and his aggravating nature, (A person given a second chance at life after death should not be so ungrateful).

Alas, much of what I have said is subjective and others have, to some extent, already covered what I have pointed out.

As of such, I will simply give the rest of the review.

Grammar- Nothing notable, only a few typos here and there writing is fairly clean overall, deserving of a 4.5 star.

Style- Sometimes the style rating bar confuses me, what subjective view am I basing the style off? of course, it can only be my own, and if it is based on my views, I think the style here is only above average, 3.5 stars.

Story- I liked the start, (first five or so chapters) but the story is dragging in the mud a little now, needs something to spice it up, (not sure what) 3 stars.

Characters- If you read my above words you would know I don't like Marcus much, none of the other characters really tickle my fancy either, being rather bland to me, Marcus especially, 2.5 stars.

Final summary- Hmmmmm... this story is fine and good but it is is not suited to those who dislike stupid naive characters who misuse their power and don't understand its value, also those looking for a light or comical story probably won't find it here either, nor will those looking for gratuitous violence find their fill here.

The main revolving core of the story seems to be ultimately how Marcus deals with his physical changes (not well) also some slice of life seems to be at play here for now.

The story overall, in my opinion, is a 4 star, not perfect and not to my liking, but solid and written with some skill for sure.

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A breath of fresh air

  It's too soon to give a detailed review, but I will state facts about the story with a tittle for each:

-The characters have certain behaviors explained by their past, personalities, and objectives, making them more fleshed out, even a name in the background has rumors about them.

-The story has a fantasy setting with, for now, more races, and animals than elves and dragons.

-The Author tries to make the story consistent, whether by filling plotholes, or by giving more information of the world.

-There has been no system to quantify any kind of skill, making this story stand out among the rest.

PD: If anyone ask what I like about the story, it's having a sci fi alien (zerg, tyranid or xenomorph) in a fantasy world.

Biological horror villian
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-passive fearfull idiot 

-nothings happened in 41 chapters he eats, he makes babies that's it he hasnt even gotten out of his denial in fact he's sinking deeper in it 


-others invade his privacy and spit on him 

-good world building

-vex arent encountered for the rest of the story the only one we see is marcus who's a complete idiot, has he never played starcraft or seen it? no imagination or experimentation

-later chapters suck just read until 20 and then drop this 

-solid grammar

-no real style but it doesnt feel empty

at this point im wishing someone else would try this i like the story and the concept but the main character you choose is annoying, boring and a little sob who can't deal. At this point im just wishing marcus gets gutted and we get to read about other vex. 


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Has some potential same old reincarnation story with a interesting idea hopefully the author can make the hive queen concept be more then just a sidelined idea the MC has to deal with and more a fouces point that drives the story. We will just have to wait and see where the author gose with it hopefully he expands on the concept and turns it into a good story.

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 Let me just say I am loving this story. It's different from all the stuff I usually read from the fantasy genre. Especially the ones iwth the whole MC reincarnates as a non-human trope. 

What really makes this novel stand out is how the MC doesn't just instantly accept the fact that he is no longer human and is constantly trying to go against the instincts of his new body while also subconsciously being led by such instincts. The Hive-Mind idea is great (reminds me of the zerg from starcraft).

Looking forward to seeing where the plot goes in the future and I hope that this story won't just get dropped like most of the other novels on Royal Road. 

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So, we have a Isekai reincarnating in a different species. Marcus has not simply a species change but also a sex change and he became royalty of a sort. The interest is that Marcus can produce many sorts of drone he/she control, and his disgust with the creation of his drone. 

For the moment the world his broadly sketched, I hope that the author will develop it.