By request, this is a list of the primary characters in Ætla Verǫld. These are listed in order of introduction in Chapter 1. There are very minor spoilers in this list, and it is not required to read this in order to enjoy the story. I'm including this as a recap for readers who are coming back after a long break and want to get back into the story more easily. Thanks for reading! 💙



Character Weapons Misc

Shortsword (left)
Curved dagger (right)

Real name: Lily Quinn
Famous name in an esport, Riposte. Younger sister of Melchagar
Melchagar Rauch
Crystal-tipped quarterstaff Real name: Michael Quinn
Content director at Multiverse Games (MVG), original creator of Avo
Avalynn Syvela
Wakizashi, throwing daggers Hardcore roleplayer, member of the Elven assassin group Masnas
Ketra Zutis
Bow and arrows Close friend of Larali, member of Masnas, outranking Avalynn
Larali Dahlquist
Two-handed broadsword Boisterous, huge fighter with a love for drinking and having a good time
Dirk Real name: Harry Strauser
Coder at MVG, working directly under Michael
Phoenixia Fireheart
Paired daggers,
bow and arrow
Exuberant member of the party with a love for magic and for exploring the world
Requiant Volavus
Longsword, shield Lore-obsessed superfan of the game, dresses in all black
Shirogane Kei
Iron-lined quarterstaff, dagger Real name: Simon Miller
Family friend of Michael and Lily, oldest in the group
Susanoo Umehara
Rapier Real name: Kevin Umehara
Lily's biggest rival in Conquest. Abused a known bug to win their biggest tournament. The two formerly dated.

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