Ætla Verǫld

by Etzoli

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Secret Identity Strategy Virtual Reality

~~ on hold due to life things. sorry :( —etzy ~~


AV Online was just a flash in the pan—a harsh, experimental world which lost most of its players in mere weeks. Only the dedicated few remained, carving out their destinies in corners of the vast abandoned world.

Lily Quinn wasn't one of them. With a career worth millions in the esports world, she didn't have time for a game like Avo—but when an exclusive beta test for the new version showed up on her doorstep, she couldn't say no… as much as she wanted to. Literally hooked into the simulation, Lily reluctantly entered a world beyond anything she'd ever dreamed of.

Accompanied by seven other beta testers desperate to save their beloved game, Lily dives into a vibrant, beautiful world, where mystery and adventure waits around every corner. Despite her reservations, Lily finds a joyful escape in Avo, shattering her cold, hollow reality. It was just a game though… until the group discovered they couldn't log out. Trapped in a game with no rules, and surrounded by cutthroat players eager to kill for a quick windfall, Lily and her ragged band have no choice but to fight their way out, or die in a game that has turned all too real.



Hi there! I'm setting off on yet another adventure, come join me :3

Unusually for me, there's only one perspective this time, and it's quite a bit more action-oriented than I usually write. Don't worry, though: everything's still as character-driven as always, and I never get tired of writing dialogue. Just to acknowledge it up front: this story is heavily inspired by EVE Online and the many stories generated by that world. However, since this is a fantasy setting, not sci-fi, don't expect any real parallels. 

Chapter publish rate for this one will be whenever I write them, as with Epilogue. I don't expect to move as fast here though, since it's not for NaNo. The plan is chapters somewhere in the 4k-5k range, and hopefully frequently. The Last Science takes priority as always though.

Special thanks to Reaver and Ace Arriande for pushing me to get this going, and to all my fellow writers whom I've stolen from been inspired by. You're all wonderful people and I love you <3

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The Last Science — A Tale of Modern Magic

Epilogue — A Post-Fantasy Psychodrama

What are you still doing on the synopsis? Get to reading!


Cover art (fullsize): Forgotten World Coliseum, by taenaron (Tobias Roetsch), modified by Etzoli. 

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Don't mess this up please.

A litRPG story that doesn't go over the top with numbers and skills, still feels like a litRPG, has a focus on fighting but doesn't forget about characters and dialogue? Sounds a bit too good for me, but this might be just that.

The story is a bit too early to make any comment on, it seems like the standard VR story so far, but it will probably be expanded later on and honestly as long as it is written well, I don't mind it too much. I just hope that this won't play into too many tropes and at least have reasonable plot devices, though that might be a bit too much to ask for.

Characters are also too underdeveloped for me to say much about.
They seem bland to me, but again, they will hopefully become more fleshed out as the story goes on. My only complaint is that some feel a bit exaggerated, but this is only a personal problem due to my taste.

Grammar is pretty much perfect. Only problems I have seen were a few oddly phrased sentences, but it wasn't a problem when reading. Especially when compared to most other works on this site.

The style is fine, nothing special but prefectly readable and without any problems that I could spot.

 I just want to say that these stars are my hope, so please don't let me down Mr.author, thank you.