Reborn as Living Mana

by Ianthern

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

After a boring death and a deal with a mysterious yet unhelpful figure, Jason finds himself in a "body" unlike any other. He must learn to adapt to this new form as soon as possible, otherwise the consequences could be dire.

Join Jason as he stumbles through a world ruled by the powerful and well-connected as he begins his journey to the summit of the world.

Read if you enjoy: LitRPG elements, Fantasy/Sci-Fi Hybrids and Reincarnation stories.

Avoid if you are looking for: Harems or Deus Ex Machina style Plot Armour.

Schedule is to be decided. I will fall into whatever is comfortable for me.

Cover is a mix of a picture from Google Images and some text boxes. If you are the owner of the artwork and have an issue with its use here, contact me and I will remove it.


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A promising story (first time reviewer)

This is my first review on RR, this is super early on and I'm not really a critic of any kind, so forgive the fact that this review may not make sense.

I'm only guessing on what style score is for, but I'm pretty sure it's for the author's unique way of writing. I've seen ones I prefer, and I've seen worse, this is definitely one of the better ones.

Grammar gets a 4.5/5 because I don't really think I am capable of critiquing at a fine enough level to give a 5/5 rating there, but the grammar is really good in my own opinion.


The story gets a 3/5 mostly because  it's kind of too early for the story to be more than "dead -> reborn as _" which I've seen a lot but isn't really a bad thing.


Characters are fairly relatable so far but I'm not blown away, this may very well change as the story goes on and character development happens. 3.5/5


keep in mind that 3/5 is average, in my opinion, people read average and people like and read average. A good number of people even like 2/5 which I'd call "less than good" ;p

-Someone who tries to spend all day reading

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A really good start for a story

As the title says, a really good start for a story. A protagonist that is not too OP from the start, a believable deity with boredom and an interesting premise. Last but not least - There is Boxie, the trusty, silent blue box. As a sucker for all things chest-shaped, this is a definate plus for this story. 

I quite like the writing style, I think you can go places with this style. It´s not yet perfect, which is why I am giving only 4 stars (but I guess I can come back later and revise this).

The Story so far is not as progressed, but based on everything we have so far I am confident that this will evolve good.

Grammar is nearly perfect, no obvious mistakes. Some spelling mistakes take half a star away, but I think one can live with that.

Character Score - My only sore point with this story until now. As we only hear 3 Deities and J talking / thinking, for me these are too few characters to accuratley say that the author can write different sort of characters. However, based on the current feeling of this story, this should not be an issue for long. 

I wholeheartly recommend this story :)

Bjorn Dragonwing
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Look that Way!! HA! Gatcha! :)

Alrighty, as per usual, ignoring this being the third time I've done this, I am only going to be judging this on the first few chapters, so I will go easy on any plot and such that needs more time. In order to mature into a soupy bubble of frothy goodness, of course.


Style: I do like how you use bolded, and italicized words to add emphasis, it does add another dimension. However don’t become reliant on them, try and alter what words you use, or change the tone without changing the font. Also, this is something you are integrating well, so take this as a very small thing to think about, but keep in mind how long your sentences are, you shortened them when necessary, which is very good, it does affect the tone and tempo of the writing a lot.




Grammar: Okay, let's get this out of the way, Really, Really, GOOD. Not perfect, as I am not perfect and as such cannot judge to that level. However, far and beyond what is normal, or even abnormal for RRL. I cannot see anything wrong, not to say there isn’t, but damn, you are either incredibly good or you spent way too much time editing.


Jeez, I am so reluctant to do this, don’t let me down in late chapters!




Story: As cliched as this topic is, reincarnation and snippy deities, this is one story in which there is some extra, I suppose, oomph added to this particular reincarnation, what with all the looking into the future and choosing to sacrifice potential power for your friend. As I haven’t read too far into the story, I can see that there is some potential, as well as some nicely done foreshadowing.


4/5  because it is good, but can be great.


Character: Okay, this is quite well done, we are introduced to the MC, given some backstory, and we are instantly able to connect with him. One thing to think about, as this is told from the point of view of the character, you are given an opportunity to have the reader experience the characters emotions, use it. Also, the side characters are introduced well, and quickly begin to feel familiar. I assume, that characters like the gods are introduced in more detail later, try and stay out of cliches, though I think it will be fine.


4.5/5 I know this can be better, also you already got a 5 from me, and Dammit! I can’t give that many of them out!

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Something new from the same old same old

Honestly when I first read the title I thought it was gonna be the same old same old. Reborn into another world, poor reincarnation pathways, and then some OPness to hook the reader on some interesting gimmicks. But oh lord did this turn out to be something much better. 

Reading the constant updates and exciting turn of events, and the constant baits and switchs of what is viewed as a magical world on this site; I must say im impressed so far with this novel.

Props to Ianthern, and hopes for more quality chapters in the future.

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Wow, at last I found an autor that dares to have a different take on a fantasy~esque~SiFi plot.

I really like fantasy settings,. but after the 32th story with almost THE SAME SETUP one could say it's starting to get a bit old.

I understand that it is not easy to pull an unique plot out of nowhere, but if almost every (reincarnation) story goes through the exact same stages (other than the dying and reincarnation-part that's kind of necessary) then that might become a problem.

(~All the more reason to praise you for your boldness, autor~)

... ehrm where was I?

ah yes:

Thank you for writing this story. Until now I enjoyed every chapter and I can't help but love your style. Everytime i think of the words: "tremendous wizardry" I start grinning like an idiot.

right now I don't have that much to say about the characters, because other than the MC (who is well written) there isn't enough material to rate yet.

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Well now, Isn't this Interesting

In my time at RR I have read many stories of people being reincarnated into other worlds, different times or as different creatures. However I believe that this is the first one I have read where the Main Character does not have a true physical body.

From what I have read so far it is an interesting concept, as he is simply pure Mana no once can see him, he has none of our conventional sense and to see him struggle with the simple things that we often take for granted is an enjoyable read, even more enjoyable to read was your subverting of his belief that his world was one of pure fantasy.

Due to this he can no longer rely on his information about certain fantasy tropes that he happened to remember from reading a book or playing a video game, which increases his need for more information and that in turn can lead to new ideas.

All in all it was a very good read and something that I believe that those who are looking for a story about someone reincarnated into another world which does not follow the Main Characters expectations of said world would most certainly enjoy.

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Interestingly different

At Chapter 18 and I like how different this story is from others. It stays away from the usual ficition troupe. I escpecially like the uniqueness of the MC, being living mana. This has alot of potential, and I am exceited to see where this goes.

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Unique Story with a great deal of snarky humor.

This is an amusing story that has quite a bit of snarky self philosophical introspection.  In short your not sure the MC has lost it yet.  Great read!

The main theme behind this is if you were going to be able to live forever, what would you do to not be bored?

That and the main character's form is very unique.  Lots of unusual ground to follow.

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A intriguing and interesting story

As an avid reader of fantasy fictions on this website, I really enjoy it.

While having similarities to many other stories, that is only on the surface. The setting breaks the mould from other similar isekai or high fantasy fictions. The non-human lead is new and interesting, I would say it is quite well made and I eagerly look forward to following this fiction for the rest of its life.


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I'll be the first to admit that i like reincarnation novels,

Heck, i might even love them, so when i tell you this one is good, trust me, its good.

When it comes to the grammar and structure of this story everything's pretty good, so just assume i give it like a B+ and i'll get to the part i like the most, Pacing.

Most novels in this genre are a form of wish fulfilment for the author, what that means for most of them is that in a VERY VERY short period of time the character goes from average joe schmuck to OP McMurderface, this novel is an exeption,

25 chapters in and i can say the pacing, motivations and just general feel to the story are all in that perfect sweet spot for me, the author is obviously in for the long haul and i'm happy to be along for the ride :)