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by Author_RJ

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi LitRPG Virtual Reality

A world doesn’t revolve around just one heroic act, and Athos's isn't the only story on Incipere.

To many, Earth just isn’t the home they want or need anymore. Leaving their names and pasts behind for life on the digital world of Incipere, River and Dante have taken quite a shine to the adrenaline-fueled lifestyle of the great dungeon divers and arena masters alike. Even if the world is watching their every step now, it doesn’t matter. A new life and newfound adventure on Incipere outweighed everything else. Really, what’s not to love?

Slaying monsters? Awesome.

Bringing foes to their knees? Oh, so satisfying.

Harnessing the powers of fame and epic loot? It’s their new reasons for being.

Despite everything they’ve done, their most impressive feat has to be getting the world’s first divine quest and being the first publicly recognized champions of the most potent of the gods, Unum of Incipere. However, all that was the tutorial.

Every gods’ favor has its price.

When everything that makes Incipere their home is put at risk, how far are River and Dante willing to go to keep their home safe from cascading crashes and an impending system failure?

Updates always bring fun, interesting new features. Don’t they?

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