Apocalypse on Endless Earths: Apocalypse How? A LITRPG Adventure

by Rayman1313

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Sci-fi Harem LitRPG Male Lead Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

       Declan Mason is just an average guy who is about to pop the question to the woman he loves more than anything when his whole world gets turned upside down.  No, that's not right, it gets crushed, pulped, eviscerated, and apocalypsed to hell before he even realizes what is happening.  He suddenly finds himself working for an Extradimensional Entity that has tasked him with committing genocide on a daily basis.  As Declan's new job, it seems, consists solely of him eliminating alternate versions of his Earth.  Not content to just destroy, he vows to save the woman he loves one planet at a time.  Soon, he's up to his armpits in doppelgangers of his dearie, and he starts to get a clue as to why he has to destroy each world.  Just to complicate matters the Horseman, the person who held his station prior to Declan taking over, has decided it is up to him to stop the Entity's murder spree and has placed Declan in his cross-hairs.

       Apocalypse on Endless Earth's is seriously silly and actively adventurous.  Can one man learn to destroy numerous worlds in new and creative ways while simultaneously saving copies of the woman he loves?  Find out!

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1st Anniversary
I Am Ascending (IV)
Rising Star
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1) The last day in the life of . . . ago
2) A brave new world to destroy ago
3) The Crowed Warrior ago
4) Ready Room Or not ago
5) You Can Suck My Blood ago
6) Never say die ago
7) Assassination Interlude ago
8) My Hero? ago
9) Saving Sarahs ago
10) The Fast and Furious Road Warrior ago
11) Assassination Tango Earth 9dS895WW ago
12) Cyborgs, Centaurs, and Bunnies . . . Oh, my! ago
12 1/2) The Great Escape ago
13) I've Got your back ago
14) Face to face ago
15) Fast Travel ago
16) You're a what? ago
17) Krome Dome ago
18) Rabbit Season ago
19) I'm just a Poe Boy ago
20) Hay is for horses . . . ago
21) Cult .45 ago
22) The Return ago
23) Alone Time ago
24) Confession is good for the soul, but not for Declan ago
25) Saving the Day ago
26 The invigilator schemes against Declan ago
27) Making a mess of things ago
28) Ambushed ago
29) Your Place or Mime ago
30) Yours, Mime, and Ours ago
31) Anti-personnel Mime ago
32) I Have the User Manual, Can I please Call Tech Support? ago
33) Sarah Smiles, er, schemes ago
34) Horseman vs Revelator ago
35) Girl talk at the coffee shop ago
36) The First Rule of Coffee Club is Don’t Interfere with Coffee Club ago
37) He Who Plans Ahead . . . ago

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