Jackson continued to yell and ushered me to surrender.

"Get your ass over here now!! If not, her head will be gone! Try anything funny and I'll make sure her head is gone too!"

The two cutlasses hanging on his belt floated up and their blades were pointing at Mom. What magic is that? It's sinister and it's not from his Requip or Enchantment magic.

"What are those blades? Are they possessed by spirits?" I asked.


The dark black cloud happy face mask showed up and laughed.

"You're correct! Pretty smart, aren't you?" It said.

The other sad face mask popped out too. According to him, these two blades are props used in an opera theatre a long time ago. They manifested as spirits bound to the props after the theatre was abandoned due to unsustainable business. Jackson found the two blades in an island Bombard raided and the islanders claimed that they're haunted which is true to a certain extent. They were locked in a treasure chest and hidden away in the depths of a cave, seen by no one until Jackson opened the box.

Upon opening the box, they immediately attacked him but Jackson was able to fight them off and render them unmoveable by tying them down using chains that link to a heavy anchor at the end. He threatened the two to obey him or he'll snap them in half, which will cause the two to lose their existence. They took a liking to his straightforward attitude and became his weapons.

Wow, there's still time for a little backstory even though the situation here is quite dire.

Back to the present, with no way of counterattacking, I had to follow his orders. Gradually moving closer to him, my vision turned hazy and I felt my body weight several times heavier. I collapsed on the sandy beach. The dizzy mind I had kept me barely conscious. Seeing my weakened state, Jackson fired an anchor tied to a long chain to bind my body. Laughing triumphantly, he dragged me on the ground and pulling on the rope tying Mom in his other hand, reentering the ablaze town.

If only I can move... What are my options now?! Am I only be able to helplessly see me and Mom get dragged to the person who wants our heads?

Is this how Mom felt when her daughter was taken away from her right in front of her eyes? This feeling of regret and guiltiness?

I wished I should have brought another person to accompany us. I was overestimating myself.


Looking at the two cutlasses floating around Mom, I thought something.

Mustering all my leftover strength and concentration, I blew an icy breath targetted at the two blades, freezing them in mid-air. Ice spikes sprouted from the ice pillar entrapping the two blades, but it wasn't enough to reach to the rope tying Mom. I was hoping it could reach there and cut the rope, freeing her to flee.

"What an effortless struggle! Just stay put already!!" Jackson was shocked.

With her tied down hands, Mom reached out to the ice pillar. When she touched it, something strange occurred.

The ice pillar began to warp into a twisted cylindrical shape around her hand. Then, it turned into an ice sword. Jackson and I were shocked. Does mom know magic?!

Using that sword, she cut the rope tying her and charged towards Jackson.

"Zane! Hurry up and run!!"

"One relentless pest after the other!" Jackson grunted angrily, pulling out a sword in mid-air to block her attack and kicked her away. When blocking her attack, he dropped the chain that bound me.

After kicking her down, Jackson summoned more swords aiming at her.

"Dodge..." I softly yelled.

By the time she realised it, the swords were flying towards her. Mom was paralysed sitting on the beach.

She gonna get sliced in pieces!!!


"Clang!!" A loud sound of two metal objects clashing was heard.

The swords were deflected by a larger weapon, wielded by a girl dressed in black and red.

"Gabriel?!" I was shocked. I thought she's in the town helping the others.

"I felt that you're in trouble and rushed over here. You should have let me join you from the start instead of acting aloof!!" She was grumpy as she stared at me.

"Weren't you helping Tatenashi-san?"

"Well, you see..."

We're heading to another flashback?


A few minutes earlier, when the girls reached the town...

The streets were in chaos. The night was illuminated by burning buildings, where fire slowly spread towards the beautiful sakura trees. People were running around everywhere, some were putting out the fire while others evacuating.

The girls were overwhelmed by the situation. How could all this happen so suddenly?

"Ahh... What should we do? We have to evacuate the people and lead them to the port. No wait, we should put out the fire too!" Kanzashi-chan was looking around in a panic.

"Kanzashi-chan! Calm down! Do only the things you can do. Locate the source of the fires. Once I put that out, it will be easier to put out the smaller fires." Tatenashi-san squished her little sister's cheeks to get her focussed.

Kanzashi-chan began to pull out her Super Archive and scanning the surroundings to pinpoint which buildings were burned while the others helped the civilians in the town to relocate to the port. Most people had already evacuated except for those who were too close to the fire. Diana and Tatenashi-san were clearing a way for the people and Gabriel was on the lookout for others.

"Onee-chan! I found it, the fires started from four buildings! The town hall, the police station..."

"Let's just head there already! I'll put out the fire while you spirits bring out anyone that's trapped in buildings."

The four of them headed to the town hall first and found a group of ruffians robbing the bank next door, making the best opportunity out of this chaos. Whoever set the fire got a good read on the wind direction to make sure the bank was on the opposite side of the wind, preventing it from catching fire. Diana and Gabriel began to take down those robbers.

"Hehe, young lady. Why don't you join us to have some fun?" A grizzly voice spoke behind Kanzashi-chan.

She was caught off guard when a man showed up behind her and grabbed her back. As a reflex, she knocked his chin hard using her head, grabbed his arm and flung him to the floor. She was putting her training into good use already, what a quick learner.

"That's scary! These people are wearing... prison uniforms?! Who freed them and where's the police?" Kanzashi-chan questioned after looking at the man she took down. After looking around, she spotted more escaped prisoners.

"Gabriel-san, there are more people around that block in the jewellery store. We can't let them get away." Kanzashi-chan communicated using telepathy.

"On it!" She quickly headed to the scene.

While she was taking down the men robbing the store, she spotted even more people creating a riot further down the street.

"Everyone! These people probably started the fire to make a ruckus. They're all from the prison." Kanzashi-chan warned.

"Which means Jackson could be somewhere out here too!" Gabriel added on.

As more people surrounded Gabriel, she unleashed Hellish Tornado, a large cyclone of flames around her that swept away everyone near her. It was at this moment, she felt a sense of unease. A feeling that wasn't coming from her but her master.

"Woi witch! Zane-sama is in danger! I have to go to him now!! You can handle these weaklings on your own right?!" She yelled in the telepathy which made the others' ears ringing.

"Your voice is too loud..." Kanzashi-chan was wobbling around from the echoing in her head.

"Gabriel, that's rude!" Diana said.

"I knew something is going wrong. Yeah yeah, go over there quickly. Diana, take over Gabriel's spot. I'll handle the thugs and the fire myself. Kanzashi-chan, your safety is own your own hands. Hide somewhere safe and direct the townspeople to the port!" Tatenashi-san commanded as she put out the row of fire in front of her using her lance and washing thugs in vicinity away with her other hand.


"So there you have it. Now... let's put this man back to where he belongs..." Gabriel slowly walked towards Jackson with her scythe aiming at his head. Mom, who's behind her left the scene and rejoined with me.

"Dang it! Woi, you two! Send her into an eternal slumber filled with nightmares!"

The two cutlasses sliced through the ice encasing them and zoomed towards Gabriel. Both of them released black smoke that eventually trapped Gabriel in a ball of darkness. Is she going to be okay?

"Hah! She's now trapped in a room filled with her evil nightmares orchestrated by these two swords. Soon, her mind will break down and all that's left is an empty husk of her!! Do you two want to join her as well?"

"Crreeek!" The ball cracked.


With two slashes, the ball shattered into pieces and Gabriel walked out safe and sound.

"You planned to subject me, the Demonic Spirit who governs all evil to a nightmare? Now that's a good laugh."

Dark aura and flames began to surround her, exerting a tremendous amount of pressure.

"Y-Y-You're the Demonic Spirit??! Please forgive us!!" The sad face mask shrieked in fear. The other sword slowly falls behind too. Do they know her or something?

"Don't let me see your faces again or I'll send you two back to the Spirit World."

With that, the two spirits went poof and the swords fell to the ground. Did she manage to put those two down without a single fight? Impressive.

Wait... Gabriel's magic can negate all of Jackson's attacks since he uses magic weapons and her presence stops the two swords from functioning.

Does that mean she's a total counter against Jackson?!


Jackson who realised this too began to flee, running towards the crowd gathered at the port.

"You coward!" Gabriel chased after him immediately. Both of them were soon out of sight.

Mom pulled me out of the area to a place where I wasn't affected by sakura.

"Are you alright?! Does it hurt anywhere?"

"I'm fine already. Thanks."

As I could not step into the town, all I could do was sitting on the beach and watched the town from the sidelines. Slowly, the fires began to subside. After a while, the town turned dark and no more fires were visible. Tatenashi-san must have put them out.

Speaking of the devil, the others showed up and gathered around me.

"How is this guy in trouble? Look at him, wrapped around by his mother's shoulders like a baby." Tatenashi-san chuckled.

Immediately, I got up and Mom let go of her hands. She told me what happened on her end. They managed to put out all fires and rounded up all the prisoners that escaped. After some interrogation, they found out that the prisoners were freed by Jackson and the fires were started by Jackson with him using some swords enchanted with volatile explosives. He also told them to rob the whole town and make a ruckus, probably to split us up.

The red magic circle on my right hand was glowing. It's Gabriel.

I summoned her and she apologised for letting Jackson escape. He dived into the sewers underneath the town and when Gabriel saw a dead rat with its innards exposed, she froze in fear and lost sight of him.

"Well well, nothing we can do about that. Thanks for rescuing me, Gabriel." I said.

"I'm truly sorry, Zane-sama..."

"As I said, it's fine." I patted her head.

"Don't flirt with other girls in front of your girlfriend!" Tatenashi-san got jealous and punched me in the stomach. That hurt.

"What should we do now? Do you think he will go to the ship we saw last night?" Kanzashi-chan asked.

"Everyone should have some rest after working so hard. I'll go check if the ship is still there or not. If it isn't, we would know where to go next." I said and returned into the forest.

When I came back to the beach, I saw Tatenashi-san standing there waiting for me.

"Where are the others?" I asked.

"Ahh, they went to find a place to stay in the town. Kanzashi-chan noticed some sakura trees caught on fire and probably burned down, so there might be a place where even you can stay without any problems."

"There's no need to go out your way from me. I'll be fine camping outside the town too."

"It's fine. Let her do want she wants ok? Anyway, did you find the ship?"

"Yeah, it's still there. Jackson probably has not returned yet."

"Do you want to take over the ship now or should we head to Sepal Island first to ambush them?"

"Well, I don't know now. Ever since I came to this island, I have been making one mistake after another. Maybe I'm getting too overconfident and now I'm losing my cool."

"You're expecting too much from yourself. You don't have to put such a burden on yourself."

"You're right. It's only when things turn out like this that I realised my shortcomings. Sorry for putting you all so much trouble."

"It's ok. I'm always being selfish here so it's fine for you to be selfish at times. I'm always by your side to support you, so let me share your burdens too, albeit it may be an unnecessary one." She held my hand and smiled gently.

I gripped her hands and responded:

"Thank you. From now on, I would like us to make decisions together. Please tell me out if I'm overstepping my own limits."

"Of course! Leave it to this onee-san!"

Suddenly, Tatenashi-san received a telepathic message from Kanzashi-chan, saying that she and Mom found a suitable inn to stay. Both of us went back to our campsite to pack things up and moved to the location pointed by Kanzashi-chan to regroup. We entered the town from a back alley with both sides surrounded by buildings. I was feeling normal and was able to walk freely. After exiting the alley, we found the inn across the street, and not far from there was a couple of burned down trees. This might be the first time I could enter the town and move around with my full consciousness which felt great.

"Are you feeling well, Zane-san?" Kanzashi-chan approached me worriedly when Tatenashi-san and I entered the room we are staying in.

"Yeah, I'm good. Thanks for picking out a good spot. In fact, I do have to apologise to you and Mom for creating so much trouble. In the previous fight, I was not helping at all and if it wasn't for you all, Mom and I might have been captured by Jackson. That's why I'm sorry for being so selfish." I apologised and bowed down putting the two in shock and flustered to respond.

"No no, it's ok!! It's because there's sakura around which hindered you. If you are in your top condition, there would be no problem at all. Please don't blame yourself too hard!" Kanzashi-chan waved her hands trying to refute what I said.

"She's right. I'm also sorry that I was being careless and got caught. I'll be more careful next time!" Mom apologised as well.

After that, things got silent and awkward. Each of us felt guilty and don't know what to say to alleviate the situation.

"All right, everyone got their problems out of their system? Great, now let's not stand there like scarecrows and think together what's our next move!" Tatenashi-san clapped her hands once loudly to break the tension and ushered me to sit on a chair. Then, both of us summoned our spirits and we began to have a meeting.


"Jackson escaped from prison and we can assume he's heading back to the ship to tell them to set sail from Sepal Island to get the weather scroll. As observed by Zane-san, there's are no movements from the ship so Jackson might have not returned to the ship. If he's travelling under the sewers to avoid getting caught he might need at least two to three hours to get to the ship." Kanzashi-chan summarised the situation.

"We still don't know what Bombard plans to do with that scroll but it can't be anything good so we should stop Jackson from returning with the information of the scroll's whereabouts. Then again, we can't track him down can't we?" I added on.

"So all we can do now is to either stop the ship before it sails or to ambush the ship once it arrives at Sepal Island?" Diana chipped in with her opinion.

"If they managed to leave on their ship, they might call reinforcements before heading to Sepal Island to be wary and prepared against us. Where can we call our own reinforcements against that?" Tatenashi-san hypothesised.

Hearing that, I dug my bag for a magic stone and showed it to everyone.

"This is a one-way communication crystal Jellal gave me. With this, we can probably ask for Crime Sorcière's assistance but even it might not be good enough against their numbers if Bombard just brings another ship." I explained.

"So it seems like letting them leave this island is a bad idea. Then, maybe we can just take them out here with our current members and if we cannot do so, we will just stall them until Crime Sorcière can help us." Kanzashi-chan suggested.

"But can we do that? There's only four of us here that are fighters, and I hope that Kanzashi-chan can stay here with Mom to guard her. Will that be enough to stop them?" I was losing confidence compared to my earlier assessment of our enemy.

"Kanzashi-chan only detected another two more dangerous persons right? Since Gabriel can handle Jackson alone, we could quickly mop up the small fries and focus our efforts to just take down the other two. It's three against two so the chances are higher than you expected, you know?" Tatenashi-san reassured me.

"Yeah, leave that punk to me Zane-sama! I won't let him get away again!" Gabriel clenched her fist with vigour.

With that, we settled on our plan and sent a message to Crime Sorcière. Hopefully, they can show up as soon as possible.

After that, I asked Mom about her unusual powers where she remodelled my ice into a sword. She can't generate her own ice, but she could remodel ice to something else and use it as a weapon. This ability to shape ice into anything the user desires is the capabilities of an Icecrafter as explained by Mom. So, all this time, whenever I used Ice Make magic, am I subconsciously using this ability too to mould the ice? That might explain why I was able to learn it so quickly and it felt so natural for me.


It was dawn already when Tatenashi-san and I arrived at the edge of the forest. The ship was in our sights, suspended in the seawater not far from the shores. Several men were moving large sacks into the only entrance of the ship which is a long wooden plank extended from the rear of the ship. Tatenashi-san recognised a few faces and realised they were the ones robbing the banks. Does that mean they already made contact with Jackson?

We rested near the thick bushes to avoid being detected. Then, I put on my cloak. It's a black, full-body length cloak with a large hoodie.

“What's this?” Tatenashi-san fumbled the cloak around to investigate it.

While she was looking around, I suddenly vanished.

“Ah!! Zane-kun disappeared!! He chickened out!!”

“I’m just showing you its abilities.” I reappeared once I removed the cloak.

“This cloak can make the user camouflage into the surroundings when you charged magic into it. I got this after a job.”

“Cool!! Is there one for this onee-san?” She closed her eyes and put her hand out, expecting something.

“Err... I only have one.”

She started pouting. Well, it's been a while since she last asked me for something, I decided to lend her.

I put it on Tatenashi-san. The cloak was too big for her!! She was literally dragging the cloak. When she wore that cloak, it made her looked like a little kid.

“See? Your too small to wear it, little kid.” I patted her head.

“Zane-kun you meanie!!” She punched back and threw the cloak at me.


After that small conversation, we moved forwards and sneaked behind a large rock nearby the men. Before they pulled up the wooden plank to close the entrance, we charged in and Tatenashi-san threw her lance into the ship, knocking the men down by surprise. The moment we entered the ship, I stomped on the ground and fully froze the floor, walls and ceiling, along with the men. With that, we boarded the ship quietly. As we enter, all the light around us was gone. The ship's interior is illuminated with a dark dim light emitted from a lantern hanging down from the ceiling, and the place was carrying a dark aura. The place is pretty quiet.

Tatenashi-san followed me behind. We followed the only route and walked into a room after traversing down a long corridor.

The room was empty. There were boxes and a big pile of stuff here. Maybe here's the storage area. There are three exits here, east, north and west. We decided to take the west exit. We were on our guard now. Further inside, there are people around there. We waited to see what happens next.

Two guys were standing facing each other. They're arguing about something. I charged magic to my cloak and asked Tatenashi-san to hide inside the cloak.

“Don't do anything stupid to this onee-san, I'll punch you.” She said.

“Right right, I got it.”

Sticking close to the wall, we walked towards the west exit. They can't see us due to the cloak's camouflaging.

The west exit was right in front of me. As we continue to walk...

I bumped into something. Nothing's on the floor and there's no obstacle here. What was it??

I reached my hand and touched something in mid-air. Seeing my own reflection, I knew it's a mirror.

This uneasy feeling I got as I looked into the mirror... It's an illusion!!

Suddenly, projectiles were fired at us. Both of us dodge it.

“Huh? I didn't hit them.” A man spoke. Two men appeared from the shadows.

“Well, don't worry there are more chances.” A second voice was heard.

“Ceh, they got us….” I whispered.

“Then we had to defeat them!” Tatenashi-san said as she revealed herself from the cloak.

“Hahaha!!! Defeat us?? Don't you see how many of us are there?? This is our place, you don't stand a chance.”

The whole room shattered into pieces of glasses, revealing a wider room with two people standing on top of a stack of boxes, along with a bunch of lackeys surrounding us. Jackson was not seen anywhere.

The room itself was made by an illusion. That means they must have discovered us as soon as we stepped in!! We probably had been lured into this room. The cloak only hides our appearance but not our presence. That's the only weakness and that weakness becomes even more apparent when fighting against skilled mages so I rarely used it.


“Tatenashi-san, just focus on taking out those two. I'll take care of the others and come back you up afterwards.”

“Got it, just don’t have too much fun!”

I nodded as a reply.

“Then, let's begin. Ice Make: Shuriken!” A bunch of large ice throwing stars levitated around me, circling and moving in and out in rhythm to intimidate my opponents. Of course, I could launch them as I pleased. I rapidly shot all of them out to each individual I saw. They reacted in time and blocked against my attacks. Wow, they are stronger and better than I thought for a grunt. Some attacked me after slicing my shuriken. I draw out FrostEdge and used Seiun Kenjutsu: Half Moon Strike, creating a big slash at them. They parried it and continued attacking. I dodge away by jumping up to the second floor. But there were more people here. I draw the other FrostEdge and used Half Moon Strike again. It didn't hit anyone as it was blocked again!! They were fast enough to keep up with my movements?

“Then try this!! Double Half Moon Strike!” I moved in closer, slashed one of them up close then continued by using Half Moon Strike. Finally, they were knocked back and were down.

But, the numbers never decreased. In reverse, they increased.

That's where I understand what happened.

“Tatenashi-san, keep an eye on both of them! Make sure they are not illusions.”

Tatenashi-san heard that and reacted. She tried to attack them with Water Dragon's Wing Slash. But as soon as she cast a magic circle, it vanished! The magic was cancelled out?

Then it was followed by an explosion. Tatenashi-san was blown backwards. I had to do something quick!!

“Ice Make: Landmine Spikes!” I jumped down and made an Ice Make stance down on the floor as soon as I landed. The floor glowed with my magic circle. Then, the surroundings exploded and large ice spikes bloomed from that circle. On top of that, icicles shot out in all directions. Slowly, the mirrors used to make the illusions broke and the illusion effects wore off.

There's one guy standing next to the exit. He had a slim body, wears a pair of spectacles and dressed tidily in a black tailcoat suit. He cannot move anymore due to one of my icicles freezing his leg.

“Damn it! How did you break my illusion??”

“The moment your illusionary people take on my attacks. No one will be that dumb to take attacks straight on. That proves that they wanted to protect the wall, which you set up with mirrors. You were trying to get help by telling everyone that we are in your ship, right?”

“Damn you…..”

“Zane-kun, look out!!”

A fireball was headed my way. I tried to freeze it but as soon as I conjured a magic circle, it turned into an explosion. The fireball hit me and another explosion occurred.

“Zane-kun, you're all right?”

“Yeah, probably….” I realised that my magic was cancelled.

It was done by the spiky-haired guy standing behind us. Wearing only an unbuttoned shirt and baggy, beige pants that extended to right above his ankles, he sneered at me.

“Hahaha!! Is this the legendary Icecrafter I heard the best can do?? What a joke!!"

“Oh, now I'm angry. Tatenashi-san, you take out that glasses dude while I mop the floor with this guy.”

“Ok, be careful.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

Amidst this mess, I still haven't seen Jackson. Where is he hiding?


I got up and started attacking him with FrostEdge. He dodged my attacks and jumped back to gain some distance between us. I decided to create an ice floor to increase my mobility. As my hand touched the floor and I cast the magic circle, it disappeared again and exploded!!

“Now I see... How your magic works…”

“It's useless!! Mages are nothing without magic!!” He consecutively launched different elemental attacks at me. But all that magic was done with just one hand. I had to take my chance now.

I moved in closer to him and I didn't attack, all I did was just keep dodging his attacks and maintained a close distance between us. Unfortunately, I had to take some of his attacks too to maintain that distance. Thankfully, those magic attacks aren't as strong as I thought. His magic, which allows him to cancel magic and turn it into explosion wasn't meant to be used for single battles. You could say his magic is similar to Gabriel's. As soon as I saw an opening, I grabbed his arm.

“Try to undo my magic now!” I said as I froze his hand.

He can't cancel the magic. If he does, he will get caught in the explosion too. I got him.

Unexpectedly, he really used his magic. An explosion occurred and both of us flew back.

“Hehehe…..” I smirked. I did it...

“What is this?? How did it happen??” He looked at his other arm. It was frozen.

I waved my FrostEdge. I had it in my other hand. I distracted him during the time I was freezing his left arm. My katana touched the other arm and froze his hand with four rings. Those rings are Magic Rings and it was the source of his elemental attacks. He tried to burn it off but it wouldn’t work. My ice was stronger than the fire magic he wields. Also, he could wait for it to thaw out, it only takes about 45 minutes.

“Damn it!!” He tried to punch me but I dodged. With that, he lost his offensive attacks. He’s just as useful as a normal person now, as long as I don’t use my magic.

“You're right, Mages are nothing without magic. So, bye.” I used Seiun Kenjutsu: Meteor Shower and attacked him with a barrage of sword stabs, like how a rapier is used. That knocked him out cold. Finally, this guy is defeated. That was a pain in the ass.

Just when I thought it was over, there were still some lackeys behind me. I forgot they were there. To prevent any of them from running away, I sealed all exits and the walls with a thick ice wall. It took quite a while to cover the whole room since the room was spacious.


On Tatenashi-san’s side...

“Well well, look who we have here. A girl.” That guy started to give Tatenashi-san a creepy look. He claimed himself and that guy I defeated a Bounty Hunter too. But somehow, that guy I fought seemed to be weaker than Jackson. Anyway, the illusionist’s name is Seraph while the one I fought was Neo.

“Aargh, you're giving me chills!!!! You're pissing me off!!” Tatenashi-san looked angry and irritated. She started launching water spears at him. That guy disappeared.

“Damn it, it's an illusion!!” She pouting.

Suddenly her surroundings flashed. Tatenashi-san closed her eyes on reflex. The next moment she opened her eyes, multiple copies of him showed up. Tatenashi-san quickly created a water force field around her to protect herself. As soon as you touch the force field, strong water currents will cut you down to shreds.

They passed through her shield!! And they were not even scratched!! Tatenashi-san tried to fight them off but she failed. There's just too many of them. She took some damage. She was trapped in his illusions. The guy has her wrapped around his fingers.

“Arrgghhh!! This onee-san is pissed off with your tricks!! Stop being a coward and fight me like a man!! How dare you bully a maiden!! Do you even call yourself a man!!”

There's no response. Only more attacks coming at her. Tatenashi-san was careful enough this time. She stopped all of the attacks. That gave her some time to observe her surroundings.

“Where's the real guy??” She kept asking herself. Those clones stood back up. Although they are illusions, and even though Tatenashi-san knew they were illusions, they still could deal damage to them. How is that possible?

“Ohh yeah!!!” Tatenashi-san got an idea. She summoned a big pool of water. A wave of water big enough to flood the place. It was not ordinary water. It was boiling hot water. Slowly, the illusions started to turn weak and cloudy. They can't hurt Tatenashi-san anymore!!

“Let's go!!!! Ripple Break!” She stabbed her lance on the ground and the head of the lance was spinning. Then, the pool of water morphed into big ripple waves. It was strong enough to cut down the illusions and break the mirrors, which is the main cause of the illusions.

The glass shattered. Someone was standing behind those mirrors. It was Seraph.

"How did you break out?"

"Well, the illusions were all created based on mirror reflections. So if I fogged up the mirrors with steam, the illusions would be weaker."

“Arrgghhh!! Guess I had to do this myself in the end.” He started charging at Tatenashi-san.

“It's useless!! I know it's an illusion!” She snapped her fingers and used Clear Passion to explode the mist generated from the steam of her boiling water. His figure muddled and vanished as she destroyed the last mirror he set up behind her while defeating Seraph who was hiding behind that mirror.


Both of us regrouped again and took down the rest of the lackeys. When the fight was over, everything was silent. It felt weird and something’s off.

“Pheww, glad that was done!!”

“Let's get out of here and find Jackson, Tatenashi-san."

"Oh yeah, he was not seen anywhere eh. Where could he be?"

Suddenly, the ice walls I made earlier collapsed in a matter of seconds. Following that, ice projectiles shot up from the ground. It was so sudden we fell back and stepped on a magic circle. The magic circle broke and exploded, separating us.

That’s Neo’s magic! I was pretty sure I defeated him.

“Huhuhu… Play time's over. You two were just fighting dummies the whole time. As if my mirrors would be easily spotted by you people.” Seraph voice echoed throughout the room.


Someone walked in..... With a bunch of grunts behind. This is bad.

A cold wind blew by. What is this ominous feeling??

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I should ask back the same question.” A girl's voice could be heard.

“She's right Zane-kun. We're the ones intruding their place.”

Woi woi, now's not the time to lecture me...



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