Lurk had managed to dodge by spreading his legs at the last moment, the ground having a small sizzling mark, clearly, she was aiming for something very specific, Lurk sighed and collapsed being happy he did not lose any important bits.

"Haaah... Ok, lets calm down... It is just what I told him I wanted, so I could talk to you, but I forgot that he would expect baby results... I will try to save you before that even becomes relevant, i really do not want to see someone die because of this..."

Lurk said to Resti, who had collapsed again, looking annoyed at Lurk, sulking a bit she was reacting a bit temperamental, but Lurk gave her a bit of leeway due to her situation.

"Why are you doing this..." Resti asked again.

"Its hard to explain, but the goblins are not supposed to be like this... We all have a curse on us, something is manipulating us to act in evil ways. Normal goblins do not question this at all. I want to change it somehow... Giving in to this curse will make it worse, atleast after what i could gather from examining the goblins here..."

"But... i have an ability to change my -ahem- young... I think over time I will be able to remove the curse somehow... One day maybe."

"...What do you mean... You can change your young?..." Resti looked at Lurk quizzically

"Hmm... Well, you know how goblins evolve?... I think it's like that, but I have the ability to pick their evolution. My first born at least will be slightly guarded against the curse. "

"... Your first born?... You are already putting goblins in a woman!!!" Resti said, her hand giving a few sputters of fire, but the ball did not form.

"Hey hey!!, Its a goblin woman!! Ah wait, are you out of mana?... You will go unconscious if you keep that up... Here.." Lurk moved closer and grabbed her hand gently.

[Elven Soul Link]

"Ah good, it works... Was unsure if High Elf, Wood Elf link would work..." Lurk said as he gave Resti some mana so she would not go into mana shock and lose consciousness.

"... You know I am a wood elf ?..." Resti said the fires in her hand vanished, as she calmed down.

"Yes... I can see your species with my ability. Human / Wood Elf... Uhm... Is something wrong?"

Resti was looking a little upset, a tear appearing.

"Nothing... I was just reminded of my mother..." Resti said Lurk looked at her Menu again.

"Let me try and remove this poison... But you have to fake being paralyzed if anyone else comes down here..."

"[Lesser Poison Clear]"

Lurks hand glowed with a gentle golden light, his spell coursed through her body, she seemed to be able to move better. She sat up. Covering her body up. Lurk had been all this time trying his best to not look at her naked form, she did have ripped pants but her shirt was torn to shreds.

"Can you explain this to the other women also?... I am low on mana right now so ill try to come down later and remove their poison too. As long as they know to fake it... I will also try to bring some clothes down...The light I put in the ceiling will not work for very long... are separated from some other women, but they have already been, well..."

Lurk explained as he got up and moved to the exit.

"...How will you save us all?..." Resti asked Lurk as he exited the room.

"... I guess I will have to kill all the goblins that resist..." Lurk said looking back with an intense stare, as he stepped outside and closed the door.

Lurk headed upstairs, making sure to not go near Vrek, in case he might smell that he had not mated with the woman. Walking inside the Sun Soakers cave, Aurk, Vorm, and Sala came over to greet him.

Lurk looked at them, he had their full attention.

"I am gonna need your help..."


A few days passed, the nest was stirred up as the Sun Soakers began to guide goblins out into small groups to put up scouts camp network. Making sure to hammer into the goblins put there on their tasks.

Lurk also used some of the tools and things he had acquired from the town and Frels stash to make some snares. He could put up a good deal of excellent traps, the wire was a good strong mesh that any small prey could not easily escape.

He got Sala and Auck to help him, making not so good traps made of tough string made from the clothes they had looted. Showing them how to make a simple Snare he had once looked up when he was roleplaying a ranger in a game. He liked to look up things to sit and explain in details during a gaming session how his character would make things.

[Trapping] Learned!

This helped catch a lot more rabbits and small critters. But they had to check them often. Lurk also helped with hunting, as they were able to take down bigger/faster Prey than normal.

Killing a Boar and deer on occasion. Lurk began to gather more food since Sala after just a few days had already grown a big belly, which she smiled nonstop over. But she also seemed to being drained incredibly fast, but once she got enough food she recovered fast.

Clearly, the goblin women were built to this sudden demand of nutrients for the baby. But it was still way too much for it to be 'natural'. Lurk surmised that mana was also involved. He recalled hearing that the cave he was in was mana-rich. So he began filling Sala with extra mana, casting a few regeneration spells on her after she had eaten. To try and saturate her properly.

Of course, Sala was now expecting to get proper sexed up, Which Lurk did not mind at all. Though he felt bad for Aurk and Vorm, hoping he was not stressing them too much.

The women that were being bred also began to show bigger bellies, they were completely dejected and broken. Lurk pitied them immensely and tried his best to make sure they did not get drained too much, but their bodies were simply not built to handle the quick growth of the goblin inside them. He did not have a good amount of luck getting them proper amounts of food. The night scouting goblins did bring in a lot more food but they never shared extravagantly to the women.

Lurk made clothes for all of the Sun Soakers, along with Aurk all their gear got properly fixed up, their gear had now increased significantly in quality, everyone had a good dagger and Vorm had begun training with the bow alongside Aurk.

In order to also stretch the food supply, he began trying to dry the meat, using his new cooking skill. Which at first was an issue, since he had to make it outside the cave any fire inside the cave would just cause everyone to choke.

He kept healing his hand, but it was slow going. He was unsure how long it would take, but he had hidden his stump beneath a leather covering he managed to make that was strapped to his arm. He put a small hook on this leather piece. So he had some utility form from his hand.

But on the third day when they were getting ready to leave.

One of the goblin bosses were standing outside their cave entrance, with a couple of his gobs. Looking at Lurk from underneath his full helmet.

"We need to talk you worthless gob!" The boss said loudly

Lurk activated his [Pure Ogre Power] and moved over to the Boss, giving him a sudden punch in the gut that completely floored him, his gobs behind him drew their weapons and so did the sun Soakers. The cave beginning to become active with goblins laughing and cheering as they got to see some violence.

There was a pause as Lurk stood over the boss.

"Talk then..." Lurk said looking down at him with disdain.

The boss was coughing up blood, gasping trying to recollect himself, he looked up at Lurk, red glow from his eyes under the helmet staring hate at Lurk.

"... You are taking to many of my gobs out to scout!!!" He managed to say out as he got up.

"... Ah so the other bosses are picking on you now?... Go talk to Vrek about it... Next time you want to talk, you will call me Shaman..."

The boss snarled as he backed away. His gobs looking at him oddly, looking back and forth between him and Lurk. They followed their boss as he left.

Lurk looked over to Sala after they were alone, the goblins in the cave booing from the lack of violence, but they were laughing at the boss for being decked.

"So... Like that right?" Lurk smiled at Sala

"Yup! Sala thinks Lurk is learning to be a proper boss!" Sala smiled as she had been trying along with Aurk to teach Lurk the finer diplomacy and inner group workings of goblin society were. Mostly was a mix of - How strong are you, how strong are your gobs? Have you made your point through violence in front of a lot of goblins.

"Well you make it easy to be an angry boss" Lurk grinned at her.

"What does that mean!!!" Sala said angrily and before Lurk could react


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I'll try to make this better in the long run as i am going through the recent chapters.

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