Aurk and Vorm seemed riled up still on their blood lust, having found one kobold that was still alive, Aurk began to torture it for the sheer fun of it. Vorm was slowly coming down from it though and had begun to loot a little, but still occasionally stabbed a corpse.

Sala was calm and constantly looking at Lurk, she still seemed shocked from the realization of Lurk being able to cast magic. Lurk decided to check the bags out, after picking up two daggers, fresh shield and a spear. Checking through the first bag out on the road it contained a lot of clothes, mostly pants and shirts for a human sized male.

Moving onto the small box one of the kobolds was carrying, it had a small latch to unlock which was simple enough. Checking inside it, there were a lot of small cogs, springs, tiny thin metal plates and a roll of wire.

"Where did they loot this from i wonder.." Lurk rubbed his chin.

"Sala does not know, what is this?" Sala came over to look, she picked out something that looked like a pen, but it was completely solid with the tip made of some dark crystal. The pen itself covered in tiny etched runes.

"it looks valuable.. Lets keep it in this box." Lurk put it back into the box closing it up.

Aurk had calmed down, his arms were drenched in blood and his breathing had calmed down.

"Good work... huff... " Aurk nodded to Lurk and Sala "lets gather the bags and see what there is, we can take"

Aurk went over to the building he shot arrows from. Vorm beginning to earnestly gathering loot from the kobolds into one location.

Checking the bags there were some wood carving tools, weights and scales, hammers and other odd tools that Lurk could not make sense off, they looked awfully delicate and some of them had broken already.

Some bags had small ingots of various types, one of these ingots was gold. The rest he could not all identify. He was not even sure it was gold, for all he knew it was some weird magic substance.

A bulky looking bag had a lot of books, Lurk thought it was peculiar the kobolds were picking all these items. Did they know they were useful? Or did they just loot everything not nailed down.

Opening one of the books Lurk confirmed he could not read it at all.

[Progenitor Menu : Detected unknown written language]

[No current active bloodline targets have access to language, unable to integrate]

("Hm.. So none of the touched goblins or people could read this? Not even mother?") Lurk pondered on the books, but he did not have enough time to look through more books til he suddenly heard a roar and the sound of Aurk yelling!


Lurk hurried outside along with Sala seeing Aurk firing his bow at a 2 meter tall wolf man, Its legs were digitigraded like the kobolds. Its arms were long and had big claws. Its head was that of a thin long wolf head, with glowing red eyes.

In its hand was a huge axe made of a black metal. The arrow Aurk shot, landed on its chest armor that was made of leather and pierced in, but it was not very deep. The rest of its body was covered in fur pieces.

"You will die goblin trash!!" The gnoll charged at Aurk, Vorm had vanished and was no where in sight. The gnoll swung down the axe on Aurk,

"[Air Bullet!]"

Lurk aimed at the gnoll and launched a wind shot at the gnoll. Causing a hole to burst on its arm, as they were not covered in extra fur or leather armor. Lurk did not think he had a chance at piercing the armor.

[Wind magic] Raised to 1.6

The shot to its arm caused the axe to slam into the ground, giving Aurk just enough time to dart to the side. Aurk threw the bow away and pulled out a shortsword and sliced it at the gnolls legs. causing a small wound to appear making the gnoll growl in anger lifting the axe back out of the ground.

"Pathetic goblins!" The gnoll followed Aurk as he darted back, standing near the toppled over statue, that was resting at the breaking point down to the ground.

Before the gnoll could swing another strike, Sala came running up the statue to just above the height of the gnoll as she jumped at the gnolls back, grabbing onto its neck she began punching it in the side of its face with her studded leather gauntlets.

"Gargh! Arghr!!" The gnoll began thrashing about letting one hand go of the axe trying to grab at Sala. Lurk aimed at the arm that was still holding onto the axe as he began spamming his air bullets as fast as he could.

"[Air bullet!]"
"[Air bullet!]"

[Wind magic] Raised to 1.9

The arm burst two holes that spurted out dark blood, its grip not as tight as before on the axe. Aurk jumped forward and saw that Lurk was trying to do and stabbed at the gnolls arm, the shortsword stabbed into its arm, causing its axe to fall out of its grip.

"[Roar!!]" the gnoll suddenly released a loud roar that shook into the very core of the goblins.

[Fear effected Detected!]

Lurk paused and began shaking, his air bullet missing the next shot, as he began to realize he was fighting a giant werewolf beast that could rip them all to shreds!!

"[Air bullet!]"

("What am i doing! i have to get out of here!")

[Fear Resistance] Raised to 0.2

("Fear resistance?.. wait.. No.. its a spell?! or a skill?!") Lurk was just about to bolt, when the menu appearing with the message of him gaining resistance, He quickly cast his new spell.

"[Lesser Status Clear!]"

Holy Raised to 2.2

As Lurk cast the spell his fear vanished instantly, it was a magical effect! But before Lurk could get anything more done, the gnoll grabbed onto Sala, who had also been shaken visibly by the roar and was not holding on as well anymore. The gnoll slammed her into the ground in front of it, Sala coughed out blood from the impact and was stunned.

The gnoll then kicked out at Aurk, that was stunned from the roar unable to protect himself. Aurk was sent flying along the ground. He tried to get up in a panic, but was moving slowly from the sudden kick he could not guard against.

Lurk needed to do something! His air bullets were not strong enough, why had the Menu not given him some new Wind spells like the holy spells did. This was a bad time to try new things but he had to try.! but first!.

"[Lesser Status Clear!]"

Lurk cast it at Aurk, who blinked and got up quickly grabbing his dropped shortsword

"Distract him!" Lurk yelled as he began to focus in his hands grabbing as if he was holding onto a sphere. Air began rushing towards his hands, causing small gusts to appear as he was trying to form a new spell.

"Grrr a Shaman... I will enjoy ripping your heart out and eating it!" The Gnoll stomped forward picking up its axe, But Aurk leaped at it causing it to have to block his first strike.

("Hnggg. Why is this so difficult. I need to picture it better. A sphere this big will not work. It will just cause a burst.. It needs to be like the bullet.. Wait!")

Lurk changed his approach and change how he was holding his hands like grabbing a sphere, instead pushing his hands flat together, but not quite touching. The compressed air sphere turning into a spinning flat disk.

"Aurk get clear! I got i.." Lurk was about to release the spell when suddenly a arrow struck out from a building behind the gnoll into his shoulder. The last kobold that had managed to escape, yipped in triumph and readied another arrow.

Lurk stumbled back, the spell loosing a lot of power that he quickly began to reform, but the kobold was readying to shoot him again! Aurk barely dodge the giant axe swinging past him. If Lurk did not shoot the gnoll it would overpower Aurk and come at him, But the raw forming of this spell like this was costing ludricous amounts of mana, he could not shoot it off to stop the kobold and he doubted if he could take another arrow and maintain the mana forming again.

Lurk gritted his teeth and poured the mana into the spinning air disk, the kobold yipping loudly as it nocked another arrow and pulling on the bow, when suddenly a dagger punched through its torso and Vorm leaped up from behind the kobold from his hiding spot.

("Alittle late Vorm but thank you!!")

Aurk had stumbled from the dodge he did and the gnoll had swung the axe up and was bringing it down with full force towards him. Aurks eyes widened out!

"[Tempest Disk!]"

[Tempest Disk] spell created
[Wind magic] Raised to 2.4

[Wind Spear] spell learned
[Wind Shield] spell learned

The axe sank into the ground next to Aurk, two gnoll arms holding onto the axe, but with no gnoll attached to the other end.

"AAaaieeeeeEEE!!!!" The gnoll yelled out in pain in a high pitched howl, its arms had been severed completely, black blood spurting out from its stumps just below its elbows.

Lurk ran forward with a dagger in each hand, and sliced just at the gnolls leg, where he suspected its Achilles tendon was, the gnoll collapsing onto one knee. His second strike with the dagger aimed at its abdomen that was now in reach.

"ArghrrR!!! Aieee!!" The gnoll collapsed onto the ground still sprawling madly, Aurk jumped up with his sword and stabbed it down onto the gnoll putting all his weight into it, the sword stabbing into it deeply, but still it was flailing around. Lurk and Aurk kept stabbing and slicing at the gnoll until it with a raspy breath and a last flailing collapsed.

[Dagger] Raised to 0.5
[Backstab] Raised to 0.4
[You killed a Gnoll Warrior] 200 xp gained
[Progenitor Level 2 reached!]
[Progenitor Access upgraded]

Aurk and Lurk were standing over the collapsed gnoll, covered in dark blood, both of them breathing hard . When a unknown voice was uttered.

"..Lurk.. is a Shaman?..."

The voice belonging to Vorm, a high pitched squeeky voice, he was looking at Lurk carefully. Aurk also turned to look at Lurk.

"...hah.. its a long story....huff..." Lurk said as he hurried over to Sala and pressed a hand against her torso.

"[Light Heal!]"

Sala blinked waking up, getting helped up slowly by Lurk holding her arm around his shoulder holding her standing.

"..I was hoping you would not let anyone else know..." Lurk did a weak smirk at Vorm and Aurk.

They both stared at Lurk then at each other.

But before they could say anything.

Goblins appeared around the corner, being led by Frel their leader.

""""""Geegegegege!"""""" The goblins jumping and screeching at the blood carnage in front of them, waiting behind Frel.

"Ah.. Seems you handled it well." Frel said, his eyes locking onto the dead gnoll then looking at the group. his eyes narrowing.

("..Ah crap") (Lurk)


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