Going back inside the Sun soakers room, Lurk put a hand on Aurks shoulder briefly before Aurk had the time to go back to his items and begin unpacking his gear.

[Progenitor Menu Access!]
Race : Goblin (75%, Scalemen 25%)
Class : Hunter, level 5
Name : Aurk
Sex : Male
Age : 8 months

Status : Half-Brother
Father : Xarn - The Terror of the farmsteads - Goblin (Dark Elf 25% / Goblin 75%)
Mother : Histaansi - (Scalemen 100%)

Stats :
[STR] : 10 (-5 crippled)
[AGI] : 15 (-5 crippled)
[STA] : 20 (15+5
[WIS] : 5
[INT] : 3
[LUK] : 20

Health : 40/40
Mana : 15 / 15
Abilities : (New Abilities detected!)
[Speech : Goblin]
[Axe] *New!
[Throwing] *New!
[Tracking] *New!
[Crafting Primitive] *New!

Traits : (New Traits detected!)
[Goblin Soul]
[Night Vision]
[Viper Spit/Bite] : Weak *New!, Locked (requires +75% Scalemen)
[STA Boost] : Small *New!

Natural Talent
[Crafting] : Small *New!

Status :
[Permanent Wound Eye]
[Permanent Wound Left arm]

Titles : Ice Wolf Killer - Wounded Warrior - Sole Survivor


"Hmm?.." Aurk turned his head slightly to acknowledge his attention was on Lurk.

"Uhm. Thank you, is it normal with that sharing we just did?" Lurk quickly thought up something to say, whilst also trying not to be too shocked. Another half brother, he sure is a grizzled goblin this one. Sole survivor Lurk wondered what that was about, must have something to do with that Ice wolf killer trait.

Aurk nodded briefly before going over, sitting down unpacking his bags.

"Normally if you kill something it is yours, if you can keep it. But we sun soakers are not accepted and must share our kills. Yes we could have kept those three for our selves, but it is better to hand them over... You did not take their heads with you?"

Aurk was taking out his axe which he began to check, before remaking some arrows that had broken during their hunt. as he talked to Lurk. Noticing lurk was empty handed.

"Ah.. No i decided to leave them outside as a warning, also i marked the doorway with their blood" Lurk scratched the back of his head, he really did not want to keep the heads. He still would not accept eating thinking beings, though he would worry if the Slightly Evil trait would have something to say about that if the chance happened. He decided to not take the chance.

"... Really?.. hmm..... Clever.. You will do well." Aurk paused in his tasks, looking slightly surprised.

"Though some goblins might take the heads, because there is flesh on them. But its a good way to mark territory i thought" Lurk stated as he sat down, looking at his prize for defeating the three goblins.

A Rusty dagger and another club, and three questionable rags that he would need to dedicate a lot of cleaning time too. He felt a weird sizzling sensation on the side of his head, knowing it was Sala that was staring at him constantly he sighed, not looking forward to the training she intended to go through with him later.

Lurk turned to look at the entryway as he could hear someone coming down it. Frel the leader of Sun soakers stepped in, looking around at everyone before looking at Lurk.

"Explain" Frel said staring at Lurk, feeling like he was being picked apart by that stare Lurk quickly got up.

"Uhm.. Yes sir eh. Well three gobs tried to come in and look for food, and they also tried to take this." Lurk went over to were the dagger Vorm had dropped on the ground, no one had touched it yet, Lurk thought it was a bit weird. He picked up the dagger, it was in good condition one of the better looking weapons in this group.

Suddenly a fist slammed into Lurks stomach and he was completely stunned collapsing onto the ground dropping the dagger.

[Toughness] Raised to 1.2

"..Do not touch what is mine!" Frel Said putting a boot on Lurks head stepping down hard briefly, Lurk coughed grabbing onto the boot trying to resist the force being exerted on his head.

"I.. Argh. Yes i will not.. I was handing it.. Argh to you..Cough" Lurk stammered out, earning a brief extra pressure of force from the boot on his head. Frel moved his foot letting him go, picking up his dagger.

"Do not let it happen again." Frel went down to his side of the room, Lurk coughed and managed to sit up. That punch knocked all the air out of him, and even caused normal damage. Normally, punching had only cause stun damage. Lurk made a mental note of not pissing Frel off.

After collecting himself he went back to his spot. He noticed that Sala was once more looking at him, but not in the same intense way. He gave a brief look, causing her to look back down to her rabbit skinning, her mumbling continuing. The others in the room seemed to be focused on their own situations.

Lurk had forgot that Frel was their leader, he would have to show his dominance over Lurk at some time, this was the first time and also the perfect time Lurk thought. Since Lurk had just done something rather noteworthy. Frel managed to remind everyone that he was still in charge and the top goblin in this group. Plus to enforce the rule, that Lurk did not know about to never touch Frel's stuff.

Lurk spent some time cleaning the rags, and decided to use them and the other rags he had to make some arm coverings. The longer he worked on them he noticed Menu giving messages of his crafting improving slowly.

[Crafting Primitive] Raised to 0.3
[You have created - Rag Bracers - Normal]

He thought about it when the messages came up, but why did he not already have crafting? Sala had shown him how to make his small leg coverings. Maybe because he did not do it himself, only giving some brief advice? But how did that explain the drawing skill and the intimidation he learned just now.

Was it once more just the situation? He was not overly involved with making the pants, but when he was standing there beside Aurk, that was standing there calmly projecting his own presence. The focus of goblins on him as he did the drawings, was the statement of placing down heads as a warning worth more to the menu?

That single thing raised his Intimidate from nothing to 0.4, but the drawing only appeared as 0.

Getting skills on ones own was weird, it must require a lot more training from someone or they have to stumble onto their own natural talents maybe. Compared to my skill list everyone else so far seem very focused on a small assortment of skills. Well they were basically on the tribal level, it would be weird to expect more.

Aurk was looking at Lurk as he was working on the bracers, the new gob was gifted. Sala could do a little but it was never anything worth mentioning. But Lurk just made proper arm coverings that would not just fall apart from nothing.

Sala went over to Frel with the rabbit meat and furs she had cleaned then went back to her spot. Lurk was getting used to this, that all their gains were handed to Frel, once they had done their work with it, he would then hand out the food. Once more showing his dominance over the group.

He handed out meat to everyone and then some of the furs to Aurk, before turning around looking at Lurk. Handing a rabbit skin to Lurk. who up till now had only gotten meat.

"Good work.. You are coming out with us tomorrow" Frel said as he left Lurk alone with his reward.

".. Thanks.. " Lurk said as he looked the rabbit skin over wondering what to make out of it when he suddenly felt Sala sitting right next to him.

"...So shall we eat first..or Train..." Sala said - a black intimidating fog rising up around her, as lurk swallowed briefly.

"..Uhm. Heh..Heh. Let's eat first..?.." Lurk said weakly backing away from the pure determination Sala was exuding, he would need the extra strength he thought for the coming trials...


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