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Nothing's ever easy.  Especially if you're a lowly henchman who has a tendency of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Gus has always been a letdown to his superhero family, having just a single skill that really doesn't amount to much. That is, until he becomes marooned on an island after the orbital station he was working on crashed.  While there, he soon discovers how all supers have obtained their powers, and takes advantage in an attempt to change his fate.  He isn't alone on the island, and he is most definitely not welcome.  

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Carl Stubblefield

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1:1 - Free Falling ago
Chapter 1:2 - Crash into Me ago
Chapter 1:3 - Thnks fr th Mmrs ago
Chapter 1:4 - Island in the Sun ago
Chapter 1:5 - I Will Survive ago
Chapter 1:6 - Basket Case ago
Chapter 1:7 - Sweet Dreams Are Made of This ago
Chapter 1:8 - Sensible Shoes ago
Chapter 1:9 - History ago
Chapter 1:10 - Dressed for Success ago
Chapter 1:11 - Re: Your Brains ago
Chapter 1:12 - Somewhere on a Beach ago
Chapter 1:13 - Connected ago
Chapter 1:14 - Building, a Mystery ago
Chapter 1:15 - Monsters of Rock ago
Chapter 1:16 - Room at the Top ago
Chapter 1:17 - ...Baby One More Time ago
Chapter 1:18 - Welcome to the Jungle ago
Chapter 1:19 - Take the Long Way Home ago
Chapter 1:20 - Try This ago
Chapter 1:21 - Back in Time ago
Chapter 1:22 - Jump ago
 Chapter 1:23 - Runaround ago
Chapter 1:24 - Weapon of Choice ago
Chapter 1:25 - Electric Slide ago
Chapter 1:26 - If Only ago
Chapter 1:27 - I Keep on Rising Up ago
Chapter 27: Float On ago
Chapter 28: The Riddle ago
Chapter 29: Doomsday ago
Chapter 30: Breakdown ago
Chapter 31: The General ago
Chapter 32 - Rocky Mountain High ago
Chapter 33: Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time ago
Chapter 34: Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag ago
Chapter 35: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends ago
Chapter 36: Paranoimia ago
Chapter 37 : Glitter Freeze ago
Chapter 38 : Below the surface ago
Chapter 39 : Sabotage ago
Chapter 1:41 - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked ago
Chapter 1:42 - The Final Countdown ago
Chapter 1:43 - Final Boss ago
Chapter 1:44 - Runnin’ With the Devil ago
Glossary ago
Chapter 44:  Dream On/Epilogue ago
BOOK 2 START! Chapter 2:1 - Start Over ago
Chapter 2:2 - Ship of Fools ago
Chapter 2:3 - Aurora ago
Chapter 2:4 - State of the Heart ago
Chapter 2:5 - Tempest ago
Chapter 2:6 -  Around the Bend ago
Chapter 2:7 - You’re My Best Friend ago
Chapter 2:8 - Incredibad ago
Chapter 2:9 - Jailbreak ago
Chapter 2:10 - Still Alive ago
Chapter 2:11 - Follow Me ago
Chapter 2:12 - Geek Out ago
Chapter 2:13 - Threshold ago
Chapter 2:14 - We Are Family ago
Chapter 2:15 - Invisible Touch ago
  Chapter 2:16 - She's Crafty ago
Chapter 2:17  - Catch me if you can ago
Chapter 2:18 - Lay My Claim ago
Chapter 2:19 - Comin’ Thru ago
Chapter 2: 20 -  Holding in the World ago
Chapter 2:21: Dive Down ago
Chapter 2:22 - Cat’s in the Cradle ago
Chapter 2:23 - Doucheworm Attacks! ago
Chapter 2:24 - Back in Black ago
Chapter 2:25 - Love Missle F1-11 ago
Chapter 2:26 - Gives You Hell ago
Chapter 2:27 - Close to the Edge ago
Chapter 2:28 - Foolish Pride ago
Chapter 2:29 - Carried Away ago
Chapter 2:30 - Grown Up ago
Chapter 2:31 - Break Stuff ago
Chapter 2:32 - Breach (Walk Alone) ago
Chapter 2:33 - Falling to Pieces ago
Chapter 2:34 - Don’t Bring Me Down ago
Chapter 2:35 - Freedom ago
Chapter 2:36 - The Future Soon ago
Chapter 2:37 - I Will Not Die ago
Chapter 2:38 - King of Yesterday ago

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The Vale
  • Overall Score

Flawed, needs improvement.

Two characters in an isolated location. One character only exists in the mind of the other (effectively). World building is all done through infodump, character building is done by anecdotal recollections and both seem irrelevant because the characters aren't interacting with other characters or moving through the wider world, they are operating inside a box and only interacting with themselves. As of chapter 35 the isolation seemingly continues (it should be noted that I started skipping and skimming over parts simply to check how the story would develop after chapter 12 as I noticed certain trends. I saw little to contradict anything in this review other than mention of a single antagonist character)

On the rpg elements - I feel it's poorly constructed, high tech plus magic solution that is overexplained to its detriment, leaving holes in the mechanics and making it feel slapdash. 

Motivationally the MC seems to solely be a vessel to progress within the system of the rpg elements with no other goal, with a side of base building.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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What's with these overblown ratings, this fic barely and I mean barely better than average..

The main characters isn't too the interesting, the whole nanite powerups are partially nonsensical.. the island kinda makes sense but the house/mansion and the power up it grants make no sense

The Alfred voice simulator is the only good thing this fic has going for it... the Dark nanite concept is ludicrous.



  • Overall Score

A confusing and disjointed litrpg/super story

It doesn't really know what it is, so it tries to be everything. Ends up mostly illogical. The mc is also really weird, he wonders at nothing that happens, questions nothing.

  • Overall Score

Great concept, enjoyable follow through.

Concept is quite interesting.  the follow through is also quite good.  looking forward to seeing where this goes.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Not sure how this qualifies for the Fan Fiction tag. Writing this at chapter 16. The story is well crafted, I haven't been pulled out by any weird grammar errors yet. Several different mysteries exist, but for now the main character is just trying to survive. Don't know if this is going to be an amazingly great book, but for now it's decent.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Great story.

Slow progress from the beginning, building up to a nice finish.

The idea of using a unique power up such as the Nth is an innovative idea. 


The execution of the power up was believable.

The loneliness of being on your own, on a deserted island was a nice setting.


Congratulations on the completion of your book.


It was a fun read.


  • Overall Score

Enjoying this series so far hope it continues.