Dragon Heart. Path to the Unknown. LitRPG Wuxia Saga. Book 11

by Kirill Klevanski

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

"Dragon Heart" is one of the top-rated Wuxia LitRPG novels in Russia. The author has been writing the story for only one and a half years, however, it already has 1500 chapters spanning 18 books. The whole story is planned out and will have over 2000 chapters and 20 books. The version in Russian has been read over 30,000,000 times.  This story has made Klevanski the  #1 or #2 author on the 4 biggest self-publishing sites in Russia. Right now, "Dragon Heart" is being translated into English and published chapter by chapter on several American sites. 


You can buy the 1st books on Amazon or read it for free in Kindle Unlimited.

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He was born anew in a world where martial arts were indistinguishable from magic. He’d only received a neuronet and meaningless desires from his past life. What lies ahead? He’d dreamed of adventure and freedom, but those dreams were taken away from him. The same way his mother, father, and sister had been taken away. They took his Kingdom, they even took his destiny. But he is willing to wage a war, against the whole world if need be, to bring everything back. Even if a whole army opposes him, his sword won’t waver. Even if the Emperor sends entire legions against him, his step won’t falter. Even if demons and gods, heroes and villains alike, unite against him, he won’t bend to their will. His own will is iron itself, unstoppable. His name is Hadjar and he heeds the call of the dragon heart within him. 

This novel contains uncensored scenes of battle that may or may not include depictions of violence and gore. Read it at your own risk.


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Kirill Klevanski

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Andrew Robinson

Now all that remains is an advert

Reviewed at: Chapter 257

Still worth a read if you have Amazon Unlimited but nothing really now remains on RR :-(

Sukhpal Singh

I like the way how you represent story..... I tried to read other books also but still i didnt get any book that i can compare with #DH.. Eagrly waiting for the chapters of 10th book.. Can you please tell me when you will be posting chapters? I have to check RR a lot to confirm regarding new book...

North Wind

I like cultivation novels, but there are many Chinese ones with no in-depth characters that get everything handed to them, all with the exact same story in different words. Completely different here. The world is very well developed, and you understand what is going on in the world, not just what is relevant to the main character. The world isn't centered around Hadjar, and he has to respond to what is going on.

The story is amazing. Hadjar has to gain his power and work for it, and he isn't automatically the most powerful after two weeks in whatever region he is in, and he doesn't have every special variant of spirit that makes him OP. He fights for his power, and I really enjoy how he gains insights about himself. The cultivation system is super fleshed out. It isn't just gain energy, 5 minutes later you got a new level. Hadjar struggles for everything. One of my favorite parts about this story, is the connection between the books. There are different arcs, but there is no extra information just for a higher page count. The author inputs seemingly irrelevant information, but it connects to an important part of the series, 7 books and 2 arcs away. Its really well connected. It isn't like the author wrote a general idea of where the books will go, it is as if he had an epiphany, and just memorized his whole story and everything that will happen, and it only takes a while because he needs to write it down and translate it.

There is no language issues, and I have read books where the content is translated from the original language, and either the grammar is bad, or it looks like someone just put it through a translating app, and they don't get the gender right. Here, there is better grammar than actual books that came originally in English.

The characters are super fleshed out. You love every single one of them. They all are their own people, and aren't there just as "stepping stones" for the MC. There is no arrogant master that gets crushed, and then this recurrs. There are arrogant nobles, but they aren't an important part of the story, and are mentioned more as side-antagonists, and not the key to the story. The MC and his friends don't have plot armor. They have a very real chance of dying which happend when one of the best characters, Hadjar's best friend, died at the end of book 3.

This series is just completely incredible. If anyone actually read to this point, good job, and I think you should ignore the negative reviews before trying out this series. Most of them are complaining about what the story doesn't have. I don't think that what they want is bad, just that it would make a completely different story, and if they want that, they should right it themselves.

Thank you Kirill for this gem of a series.


I love this soooo much, it has good plot, amazing character development, and you can just picture hadjar, you can picture him slaughtering Monsters and humans alike, it is an amazing novel and I love it. I first found this on kindle unlimited, and fell in love with it At that time there were only the first two books in english, and I even started learning russian to read ahead in the series. 


True Gem in every way.

Reviewed at: Thank you!

One of the best story I've read so far.

Short version - I definitely recommend you to read this series. This is one of those stories that will make a special place in your heart.

Do Note that most of the books (of this series) are on kindle, you can also use kindle unlimited subscription.

Long Version -
This story is an enchanting mixture of excellent world building, emotions and spiritual beliefs. I will explain all three of them.


1. World building 

Unlike your typical wuxia series, the world is not shown as a ladder for the main protagonist to climb through. The world feels more real and dynamic, it doesn't start and end with the protagonist (though Hadjar is a main focus of the story) but instead flows on its own and the protagonist has to accommodate to the world (not the other way around).

There is no simple formula like :-

protagonist going to a new location -> seeing their geniuses -> getting to know the hottest girl -> gaining immense power by their cheats -> defeating the geniuses/becoming a hero -> goes to new location/forgetting about all the things happened in the previous location.

Side note : there are a lot of cool/epic scene of protagonist showcasing his unbreakable will and honour.

This story have costs attached to every major action the protagonist makes. Some actions goes well but others don't, and the costs associated with them have a real, meaningful impact on the whole story.


2. Emotions

The heart of the story.

Characters of this series (unlike most of the trash wuxia novels) are damn real and when two fleshed out characters interact, some super amazing and emotional scenes are made.

The bickering of brothers, feeling of edge when working with enemies, the awe of army men of their general, the honour of a martial artist, reminiscing the past. Every scene creates an emotion into you.

And the central scene of hadjar (protagonist) are just BRILLIANT. It makes you feel every iota of pleasure or pain that he is experiencing.

3. Spiritual beliefs 

Again, unlike most of the trash. This series takes cultivation path seriously, not as a simple system of cultivation level, but in a real sense where the anatomy, training, cultivation methods and most of all - beliefs play a major role.

The world of dragon heart is filled with different kinds of people, all with their own worldview of the fundamental objective truths. Those people whose beliefs most closely matched with the truths are more enlightened in their cultivation paths. 
Some cultivation paths are also based on false version of fundamental truths, making them limiting.

Other variations of the gaining strength are also practiced by people which, unlike cultivation, relies heavily on people's beliefs of the world, of themselves, of life & death etc.

Ending Note:- 

As I've written above, this is a story you should read as it will take you into a world of epic saga that you'll see unfold before you.


Mind you, this is a really well written story so far, and it is definitely written in a manner where it certainly catches the reader's attention thoroughly and forces them to keep reading despite the fact that they are well past their bedtime lol. 


The only problem I have with the story is the fact that, there is a bit too much foreshadowing of the future. In the sense that we are told what has happened like 10 years in the future, and then the story takes place in the flashback. Now this is neat the first couple of times you do it, but after it just turns a bit annoying as you already know where you are going as a reader and just wish to reach that point asap so that you can move forward with the rest of the story.


Another thing that annoyed me was the fact that the main character didn't change his name regardless of how common the name Hadjar is. But seriously, reading the story so far and how meticulous the author has been about his/her plot, I am almost certain that this was done on purpose, but it still doesn't make it any less annoying in any sense.


Lastly, I believe a separate chapter should be posted to list all the cultivation level/skills and jargon related to the story that pops up simply due to the fact that the stroy is being updated almost daily and a lot of readers might forget the jargon if they haven't been checking up on updates a lot. A chapter listing the different skill that allows us readers to view back at quickly would definitely help in that regards.


Also, the grammar is as close to perfect as you will get on the site, the characters have some depth to them, they are not the simple crap that you see in most cultivation novels on here wuxia or qidian. Good job, you should definitely take some good cred for yourself when it comes to characters, they were all very well fleshed out and allowed us as readers to connect to them. Personally, I would love for you to sort of explore that more as from what I have read so far, Characters might perhaps be your niche, maybe a slice of life short story in the future for you as an author?


Keep up the great work, and please don't take the slight criticism up there in any negative manner, this is a story that is meant to be written in an epic manner and red in one as well, and so far justice is being done, hence the high rating. Hope to see updates more frequently, cheers!


Fun, Enjoyable, Enthralling.

Reviewed at: Chapter 428

At first it was just another series... but then I came to like the MC and his adventures. Now i can't get enough! After reading all the books on amazon kindle I just had to continue, so here i am.


My only compalint, a really weak one at that, is that chapters dont come out fast enough! then again I've yet to meet someone who can read as fast as me so it is an unreasonable dream to ask for chapters as fast as i can read them. 


Very good story, translated from russian but very well done. Very few grammer and/or spelling errors. The dialogue and character building is good.


LITRPG tag: the theme is there, but the natural flow of everything makes it seem less a game and more a natrual part of the world. much more story based than "game" based. Makes for better content in my opintion.


If you  are looking for a number crunching, skill gaining, quest completing mad man... this book doesn't have that. it does have a great story, great dialogue, great characters, and a very cool "magic" system.


Devoured the prologue and first fifteen chapters. I feel like a drug addict! I need my next chapter fix man!

This is a great book so far. I have neve read a book of this genre before. I have read a lot of LitRPG, and I think I like this just as much.

I keep thinking I need to learn Russian so I can read my favorite books faster!


Okay, but pacing issues

Overall this is a decent story following classical fantasy tropes. Revenge, a good king being toppled by a jealous relative for greed. The prince crippled but seeking revenge.

It's also a cultivation world and that doesn't mesh all that well with the main plot. The cultivation reader wants awesome power leveling, not watching a tragedy unfolding for 150 pages. So we get an in-media res start before jumping back to the very beginning of this story.

That serves to actually reasure the reader this isn't just going to be a tragedy and shows the background of this story, but it seems like a bad compromise. Being hyped for cultivation you've got to slog yourself through 150 pages of fantasy tragedy. And once you've accepted the way this story goes a miraculous change happens.

Overall this is a well written story, with great imagery, but I can't find myself to like its structure. 150 pages of flashback is a bit too much for me.


Alright Folks, We've Hit Gold!

I haven't written a story review on RoyalRoad in years because as I'm sure you all know, writers here have a tendency to abandon stories for new ones as different worlds take their fancy, or disappear altogether, and writing a review tends to make me to attached to a story. It's not altogether a phenomenon unique to Royalroad either; it happens with even well-selling authors on Amazon (RIP Brent Roth). That being said, this time we hit the motherload! There are already ELEVEN books written in Russian. The motherload of motherloads.

In terms of story quality, it has the game elements and even some wuxia elements to it that we all know and love, with what seem like decently fleshed out characters thus far. I can't promise you the story will increase or even maintain quality as I can't read Russian to get some advanced information, but the idea that this one could somehow be dropped with so much already written seems superfluous, and at some point, even if the story quality ebs and flows, at least we're getting consistency here no matter what happens. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a longer lasting story, and that looks like what we have here. Follow/favorite this one, I've got a good feeling here.