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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Saskia thought her life was finally getting back on track after the accident. Then she got trolled.

Now she's up a tree the size of a planet, and all who meet her either run screaming or attack on sight. If everyone would just calm down and stop trying to kill her for one moment, she might get a chance to explain that this has all been a horrible misunderstanding.

Contains light GameLit/LitRPG elements, but no number crunching.

Chapters average around 4500 words / 16 pages. Updated weekly.

Cover art by MrZombie.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book 1, Chapter 1: Threads ago
Book 1, Chapter 2: Trolled ago
Book 1, Chapter 3: Pincushion ago
Book 1, Chapter 4: Telegraphing ago
Book 1, Chapter 5: Home ago
Book 1, Chapter 6: Greenhand ago
Book 1, Chapter 7: Adorribles ago
Book 1, Chapter 8: Alchemy ago
Book 1, Chapter 9: Ruhildi ago
Book 1, Chapter 10: Necrourgist ago
Book 1, Chapter 11: Oracles ago
Book 1, Chapter 12: Skellingtons ago
Book 1, Chapter 13: Demon ago
Book 1, Chapter 14: Chosen ago
Book 1, Chapter 15: Descent ago
Book 1, Chapter 16: Arborcaede ago
Book 1, Chapter 17: Arbordeus ago
Book 1, Chapter 18: Trowbane ago
End of Book 1: Character Survey ago
Book 2, Chapter 1: Disarmed ago
Book 2, Chapter 2: Questions ago
Book 2, Chapter 3: Hollow ago
Book 2, Chapter 4: Worms ago
Book 2, Chapter 5: Saskia ago
Book 2, Chapter 6: Split ago
Book 2, Chapter 7: Focus ago
Book 2, Chapter 8: Killer ago
Book 2, Chapter 9: Shapers ago
Book 2, Chapter 10: Underneath ago
Book 2, Chapter 11: Fork ago
Book 2, Chapter 12: Pit ago
Book 2, Chapter 13: Vindica ago
Book 2, Chapter 14: Bastion ago
Book 2, Chapter 15: Funnelling ago
Book 2, Chapter 16: Screaming ago
Book 2, Chapter 17: Coming ago
Book 2, Chapter 18: Gathering ago
Book 2, Chapter 19: Fallback ago
Book 2, Chapter 20: Inferno ago
Book 2, Chapter 21: Vassal ago
Book 2, Chapter 22: Shattered ago
Book 2, Chapter 23: Icing ago
Book 2, Chapter 24: Yona ago
End of Book 2: Character Survey ago
Book 3, Chapter 1: Eraser ago
Book 3, Chapter 2: Colony ago
Book 3, Chapter 3: Blow ago
Book 3, Chapter 4: Tempest ago
Book 3, Chapter 5: Vortex ago
Book 3, Chapter 6: EXP ago
Book 3, Chapter 7: Cloudtop ago
Book 3, Chapter 8: Fireflower ago
Book 3, Chapter 9: Essence ago
Book 3, Chapter 10: Waveriders ago

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Undermind is unique. It is. That is unfortunately uncommon these days but I, a longtime lurker on many stories, feel like it would be a disservice to this fiction, and to other readers to not leave a review. With that grandstanding introduction, I give you:



Undermind is a third person narrative with two point-of-view characters, which allows for greater detail and scene descriptions while maintaining the character's tone and perspective. We have our friendly neighborhood troll, and the formerly magical and now buff elf. Yes. That is right. The author has managed an approxomately 1:3 division of screen time, with the majority going to Saskia. They don't get bogged down in detail, maintain a consistent use of tense, tone and voice. I wouldn't say that the style is excellent, or ground breaking, but in my reading it never screwed up. In my opinion, the author handles multiple narrators well, chosing them carefully and giving each a different feel for the reader.


Often, I come across fictions one after another that feel like they came from the same mold. Undermind doesn't. Undermind manages to integrate some seeming LitRPG elements, yet doesn't overdoes. Isekai? Somewhat. While our protagonist does appear to have jumped worlds, there is no unfair advantage, no 'hero' class, no overarching big bad to quest towards. Undermind is a pleasent mix of genres and tropes that don't feel overused in concert:

  • Lovecraftian Horror
  • LitRPG
  • Isekai ("Another World")
  • Tolkien
  • A Hodgepodge of mythology.

It meshes together nicely, and moves along at a pace appropriate for the circumstances. To avoid giving actual spoilers, the story leaves you with a lot of questions, but ones that you are excited to try to anser.


I don't have much to say here. I am a native speaker of English that if I can toot my own horn a bit is quite well read. I noticed no grammatical errors in the entirety of the fiction. That is not to say there aren't any, but in reading none inhibited my experiance.


There is a well rounded cast so far, but the author is able to distinguish between their main cast and the supporting characters. In total, there are only around six recurring character and their associates. These characters aren't paper mache either, they are developed and clearly individuals. An unfortunate reviewer critisizes a few inital acts of our beloved mobile mountain, but clearly feels themselves a cold blooded efficient machine of reason. I cannot empathize. Each character has their own goals, morals, strengths, weaknesses, backgrounds and motivations, and as such feels real. I would not recommend this should you dear reader prefer self insert novels where the protagonist works off some obscure utility function without a shred of humanity, because Undermind is not that. There is room for improvement, there always is, but Undermind's characters are well developed and show the potential for growth and change.


Undermind is a good novel. It's not on the scale or level of Brandon Sanderson nor Isaac Asimov, but it doesn't have to be. I enjoyed the content currently published, and wish you an nice evening with this well thought out and unique read.

Irradiated Slag Heap
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Long Review is Long. Good Story is Good.

Let me start off by saing that Undermind is a brilliant story. It started off a bit slow, but picked up quickly and developed a unique plot that continues to hold my attention and leaves me checking for new chapters several times a day.

The plot begins with the oft-repeated portal fantasy trope and a strange, eldritch subplot as our main character, Saskia, finds herself in another, somewhat familiar, world that resembles the Yggdrasil of ancient Norse mythology. While her appearance drives a good portion of the natives to fear and revile her, she does end up finding a companion in a similarly ostracized, if somewhat diminuitive, dwarven woman.

This description is purposfully vague, so as not to spoil too much of the story. If you want a more accurate description, I'd suggest you read it yourself.

Analysis and final thoughts:

I think the main character's appearance is a solid handicap, and it's made for some very interesting interactions with other characters.

The somewhat-eldritch subplot is a fantastic addition, and really helps this work stand out from the rest. What little we know about the character's unique origins leave me incredibly curious about the direction this story is heading, while not being so obtrusive as to detract attention from the main story.

The writing is done well, with errors and misspellings virtually nonexistant. This helps the reader focus on what the author is saying as opposed to how they're saying it. Personally, reading something that has been poorly written gives me a terrible headache, and all but ensures that I'll abandon it sooner rather than later. A poorly written tale is one that has been butchered in its infancy.

I will say that some of the earlier perspective swaps and dream sequences had me somewhat confused, but that soon cleared up. Each character stands out as their own person, with individual opinions and attitudes.

That's about all I have for you. If you read this whole thing, have a cookie. If you didn't, read the TL;DR.


TL;DR: Read the story. It's good.

Lost Carcosa
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Read up till chapter 9 so far. I have to say that this is probably the best story I've read so far on Royal Road (which doesn't include many, to be fair. I'm fairly new.) The chapters are the perfect length -- at 3-5 thousand words I'm neither bogged down or bored -- and the characters are interesting. I especially like the worldbuilding. At times, I feel that there are a few too many made-up words for fairly standard fantasy creatures, but the concept alone -- of a world made from a giant tree -- is just awesome. And there is more to the world than just what we've seen. There's mention of interesting locations that the characters may or may not visit, and that have certainly captured my interest. Great job, Seal!

  • Overall Score
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Style Score - The story's style allows for the reader to understand who is talking, what events are unfolding and what the characters are reading. SealJohnson also changes the text style to apply meaning to the affected text. 4.5 star because I want quicker releases and I need to have a negative occurrence somewhere.

Grammer Score - I'm not gonna say I'm perfect with english grammer so I won't notice the correct place to input a semicolon in stead of a comma but I do notice simple mistakes such as the usage of "your and you're", "Though and Thought" and other similar occurrences. So yes 5 star simply because I can't notice any of the story's mistake through a simple read through.

Story Score - The story seems to be an adventure story where you follow a women who woke up in a new world in the body of a troll. Her first meeting with sentientent beings end with a spear in her gut with them yelling in a foreign language.

Character Score - Some might find the MC responce to flee from a spear in the gut to be unrealistic however she has never fought before, she's in a monster's body which has a higher pain threshold than her human one and her body would be affecting her mentaility as well.

What I do find strange is one of her companions has been through decades of torture and seems to adjust to quickly to her current situation. (Though I do agree that having a catatonic companion would hurt the overall story).


The story is good with around ten pages per chapter and with what seems to be weekly release. If you're looking for a wish fulfillment or an edgelord type MC this story doesn't seem to be for you.

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More isn't always better. So I'll just say this:

You are very, very skilled. And your story is one of the best I've read on royal road. Feel proud, please keep writing and don't let the 0.5 review's get you down. Because they don't know what they're missing.

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reviewing because reviews count more than ratings


it's probably fine if I don't write anything of particular use to new readers, since nobody ever visits the second or third page of a fiction's reviews

undermind is some good shit though

only negative IQ folks be reading randidly or metaworld instead of this

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Otherworldly trollish adventures

What a weirdish, fun and amazing read this has been so far!

This story starts with the MC, the young woman Saskia going to work, after having been in hospital for months due to a injury she got during mountain climbing. Yet not everything as as simple as it seems, for after a ordinary day, she suddenly collapses and awakes in another place after a strange dream, in a new body in a strange world. There she has to survive, to grow stronger, and unravel the mysteries behind the world, and her own past.

Great characters, im liking all the 3 plot revelant characters, they are all interesting in their own ways, and most of the sidecharacters. Saskia is just the best part of this story, she is so fun to read about, while she struggles with her new form, while trying to keep to norms from her past life. The interactions between her and the other characters are quite well done.

The world is wholly unique, of a kind i havent seen before, it is basically a enormous tree, the size of worlds, Arbor Mundi. Civilizations live on the branches of the tree, mostly living seperated from eachother. The author took the classic fantasy races (no humans), and gave a new spin to them, making them part of the world as a whole, along with all the other weird creatures living in it. Then theres the magic system, and now thats something actually special. Capablity of being able to use magic is determinded by the place of conception, those places are places of power, over such places wars are fought.

Great, even if sort of unpredictable so far with a mysterious background plot, but thats a part of the charm of this story.

Good grammar, barely any mistakes to be spotted overall, and they get corrected when pointed out, there may be some that arent that clear due to the English used in the story, atleast for those not that familiar with the english language, but most readers should have no problem at all with the grammar in this story.

Good pacing, chapters feel just right even with their length. Story doenst drop off at all but keeps going strong.

The author has written the multiple leads in this story quite well, one main perspective (Saskia) and another smaller one, theres a good balance between them, i cant personally say whose's chapters are better written.

A unique story, and wonderfully so! Certainly going to keep reading future chapters, and i trust in the author keeping the same quality standard that he has written so far.

I recommed those interested in non-standard isekai to read this, you most likely will not be disappointed!

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  • An original take on the 'transported to another world'. Good world building, interesting and attractive characters. The author isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, there are no easy victories here, mistakes will be made and learned from, hardship will be overcome.

11/10 would hug a troll. 

  • Overall Score

Starts a bit slow, picks up rapidly!

Most stories on the site have gone with a good/bad dichotomy or they go the edgelord route. This is very much a shades of gray story done quite well. As of Book 2, Chapter 21 I'm impressed! Easy five stars.

  • Overall Score

They have a cave troll

A refreshingly creative and well written gem among the scores of played out fantasy stories.

Author has a natural grasp of language and tone, making great use of the fantasy setting to describe a truely wonderful (and occasionally horrifying) world that feels lived in. The themes of discovery, violence and hatred are handled in a mature and neuanced way and the world is explored and explained at a measured and natural pace. Unlike (most) other stories in the genre characters are realisticly flawed and multifacited, never being perfectly good or irredeemably evil.

If you're looking for a good, interesting isekai story with some very light 'gamey' elements you can't go wrong.