Zero Stigma

Zero Stigma

by Phillipsi

If you don't have enough strength, then you beat it by technique.

If you don't have enough talent, then try ten, a hundred, a thousand times harder than anybody else.

If you don't have a path laid out for you, then create your own.

Feng Lan is a feminine boy. He gets bullied because of his stature and his lack of talent of martial arts in a world where war rages. However, despite his lack of strength, he puts in ten times as much effort as the others. He develops skills that no one else has. Is this enough to surmount the wall known as strength?
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Weak and Strong ago
Chapter 2: Lin Yu ago
Chapter 3: Mystic Arts ago
Chapter 4: Departure ago
Chapter 5: Lei Yin ago
Chapter 6: A Disturbance at Night ago
Chapter 7: Challenging the Beast ago
Chapter 8: Teacher, Grandpa ago
Chapter 9: Training ago
Chapter 10: Getting a Weapon ago
Chapter 11: Return ago
Chapter 12: Reunion ago
Chapter 13: Entrance Examination ago
Chapter 14: Bet on Match 1 ago
Chapter 15: Zhao Wu and the Spirit Gear ago
Chapter 16: Adventurer's Guild Mission ago
Chapter 17: First Kill ago
Chapter 18: Entering the Academy ago
Chapter 19: Insignia ago
Chapter 20: Game, Start! ago
Chapter 21: Conquering Sector 12 ago
Chapter 22: Wrath of the Ocean ago
Chapter 23: Fight for the Central Insignia ago
Chapter 24: Insignia End ago
Chapter 25: Tallying Points ago
Chapter 26: Midterms ago
Chapter 27: Blazing through the Prelims ago
Chapter 28: Freshman Division Results ago
Chapter 29: Fight against the Sophomores ago
Chapter 30: Midterm End ago
Chapter 31: Entering Senior Class ago
Chapter 32: Realms Beyond ago
Chapter 33: Cavern of Mysteries ago
Chapter 34: Cultivate or Die! ago
Chapter 35: Bad Luck ago
Chapter 36: Improvements ago
Chapter 37: After the Training ago
Chapter 38: Festival of Blood ago
Chapter 39: Nothing but Blood ago
Chapter 40: Hometown ago
Chapter 41: Ye Xingliu ago

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The Iron Dragon

Of all the fictions here that claim or have any resemblance to the wuxia/xianxia genres, this is by far the best.

The pace seems a little bit too quick? but that can be fixed with  the introductions of more side characters and world building. There are almost no grammar mistakes ( none that I found :P ) and this is quite enjoyable to read. Keep it up!


This is a good ff one of few in this site , and i have to tell u i am very picky when it come to novels so when i say good it means that your ff is really Good :) anyway i hope u don't drop it like many do in this site cuz i will be very disappointed and finally keep up your good work and don't stop no matter what

(sry for bad eng. not my main lang.)


Unfortunately could be much better


review pending re-write due to re-start of story.


It seems you rewrited the story but improvement is still needed on some things.

First why did he suddenly decides to leave his town? His sister? His family? No real explanation, he just say "I want to get stronger"...


Second thing, the most annoying, chapter 5 he leaves the city and 2 majors characters appears, the dragon and the old man who speak in his mind (fast paced story here, kinda rushed things by introducing all those things). The main issue is Why does he wants power?

Even at the expense of his happiness, cause the old man told him he'll suffer, and most likely dies if he wants too much power.

You need to explain the reasons behind the MC actions, not just let us guess.

Last thing, chapter 5 and still don't have any idea which type of character the MC is, not much dialogue, and the inner thoughts are lacking in profoundness.


Goes a little bit fast, but the power is awesome and the is fun to watch.


Is this Story Dropped or Hiatus?

I hope the Author continue this FF it's fun and entertaining if he don't have the motivation to continue at least Axed it with a decent end just to closed it.. T_T


hi loving the Novel i want more but there has been a recent lack of chapters, you haven't posted for more than a month wondering if u dropped it?


so much nonsense too fast paced


for example like "

you training for 3 years but not even reach the 1st check point?"


what checkpoint?

border checkpoint? dakar checkpoint? tour d france checkpoint?


train? what kind of train? there are a lot more practice method in ancient china than the rest of the world at that time





this is surprisingly good O_O

he isn't OP but has potential


I can't believe I'm saying this

I honestly feel there is to much fighting with. And I really wish you would have focused more on his skills in martial arts instead of giving him a weapon. The acupuncture angle was very interesting, but the constant fighting that honestly gets boring.

Simply put, add some other things aside from fighting.