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Danny had his arm around Natasha’s shoulders, and pulled her closer to him. They had spent many hours together in the room, and they talked about a multitude of topics, such as: the orphanage, the battle, the prophecy and the year. Now, the pair of them were tired, and just wanted to hug one another.


“Actually, wait, I have a question.” Natasha broke the silence.

“Another? What is it?”

“Since you basically missed the year, and only aged like twelve days, does that mean I’m older than you?”

“Oh. I didn’t think about that. I guess, yeah.”

“Yeah! Now I get to call you a baby, ya big baby.”

“On second thought, I’m definitely older than you.” They laughed.

“You can’t take it back now! You’re just a little baby!”

“You’re too far in to get out of the relationship now, and it’s with a baby, so I’m pretty sure you just put yourself on a special list.”

“Ah, that’s true. I’ll go down with glory then!” She snuggled further into Danny.

“I really did miss a lot, including you becoming a paedo, apparently.”

“Don’t blurt it out, you numpty! I won’t call you a baby, happy now?”


“Although, I will admit, you definitely weren’t that… muscular when you went into the Zone.”

“Nah, I put that on in the Zone. Sustainable stuff and all that junk.”

“Hey, I’m not complaining! Definitely makes things nicer though.”

“I still can’t get over how much you’ve changed in a year.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

“Good thing. I’d say you’re more mature, but the jury’s still out on that one.” Danny joked, which made Natasha gently slap his thigh.

“Bully! You’re just mad because I’m better than you at magic.”

“You’ve only had a year of training!”

“You had a few weeks!”

“Yeah, but I had special help! And I have precognitions!”

“How about we settle this in the duelling room tomorrow? Winner takes all.”

“What is ‘all’? What am I taking when I win?”

“My pride, my dignity, all of that.”

“So things you didn’t have in the first place.”

“You’re evil!” She laughed, which then turned into a sigh.

“You alright?” Danny asked, and gave her a squeeze, which was supposed to reassure her.

“Yeah, I’ve just got to get back now. Molly will be wondering where I am and everything.”

“Oh. That’s annoying.”

“Hey, it isn’t by choice. I’ll be back here tomorrow, I’ll whoop you in a duel then we can go take a walk. Sound good to you?”

“Sounds like heaven. I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Danny smiled at her as she broke apart from the hug.

“Bye, sweetie.” She leant down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Bye… cutie. I’m settling on cutie. I like it.”

“I’m not too sure, but I’ll come around.” She walked through her own portal as she laughed, then it fizzled into nothing behind her.


Danny sighed, and got up from the foot of his bed, then laid down on it and rested his head on the pillows. He thought about how a few of his other friends from the orphanage had remained in the school, and had become wizards. Or magicians. He still wasn’t sure what they were. Every now and then, he expected to walk into a lesson where they taught him how to conjure a rabbit from a top hat. Slowly, he drifted into sleep.

A note from DefinitelyAGiraffe

I know it's short, I know you're probably crying your eyes out (totally because if you're not then you're like, heartless) but there will be another chapter in an hour! Have fun! Have a good day!

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