I awoke in the middle of a room, lit by different color crystals that hummed with a soothing melody as they became brighter for a moment when letting out their melody. Beneath the crystals a circle was formed with each crystal leading a line towards the middle of the circle to make a wheel like figure beneath me.

I had no form, I had no gender, I simply was. I knew things, many wondrous things but not who I was. Before I could think too far ahead, a door gently began to open and a female form came through. She was beautiful, she was young but yet felt so very very old at the same time. It was like you could feel that she simply was and forever will be. She was the goddess of death and birth. The weaver of destiny.

I raced to her and spun in a spiral around her until she grasped me between her hands and embraced me. “Calm child, your time has come again. Time to choose.once more.” She stroked her hand over me and although I had no shape I could feel warmth radiate through my being as she carried me to another room.

All around me was visions of people. Some were simply looking at each other, some were kissing some simply talking to each other while many of them were curled around each other having sex, some of those very heart warmingly soft and some… not so much.

I went forward to a vision of a small pair of people. They were having a picnic dinner on a rooftop. Mist and whispy grey smoke rose softly from the chimneys around the village they were in. The man was lithe with a curly greying dark hair with sideburns, his arms wrapped around the woman of wider womanly proportions. It was clear both were similar but still not of the same species.

I knew they were a pair of a halfling and a gnome. But that mattered not, it was the way they looked at each other, the wear upon the rings they both wore. The woman with lush hair that bordered between dark blue and black and emerald green eyes that seemed to look through the world like it knew and understood it all although her body youthful and in prime didn’t seem to match the eyes.

There seemed not to be a pair like them. Most were young, these two seemed to have most age, of course not counting the elves that some pairs were. These had love true and lasting, only rising as they had lived together for decades.

I spun again with the goddess. “Them, they are beautiful. I cant wait until I can meet her!” I bounced up and down, spin in random directions like I was an unbound electron. Taking a deep breath the goddess held me once more and blew a kiss at me. As my soul was transforming and moving I would see her look at the gnome with sympathizing look.

I felt warm again but I was in darkness. I panicked for a second until I felt it. Like a drumming that went through my body, I listened to it for a long time at least I think it was a long time as it was happening so many times I lost count. There was nothing than the beat for a long time. This was my life in this place of warmth and beat. It was peaceful.

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