Song of the Void

Song of the Void

by Vihyungrang

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A great race faces extinction and tries to leave a legacy for the future. Young races building on the ruins of the old. What happens when one of the old ones wakes up and finds the universe changed? Will she try to find new meaning? Will she try to help the younger races or will she punish the grave-robbers for their sacrilege? Or will the eternal servant of her people try and finally find some happiness of her own?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - Discoveries ago
Chapter 2 - Opposite approaches ago
Chapter 3 - Risks and... ago
Chapter 4 - Pests ago
Chapter 5 - The problem with all those opinions... ago
Chapter 6 - Choosing a path ago
Chapter 7 - Arrivals ago
Chapter 8 - Trade and "Diplomacy" ago
Chapter 9 - Real Diplomacy ago
Chapter 10 - Really? That simple? ago
Chapter 11 - Lunch Date ago
Chapter 12 - Best laid plans... ago
Chapter 13 - Socializing is hard ago
Chapter 14 - Stormclouds Gather ago
Chapter 15 - Pew Pew ago
Chapter 16 - The right timing ago
Chapter 17 - Lessons learned ago
Chapter 18 - Socializing is still hard ago
Chapter 19 - New tactics and plans ago
Chapter 20 - Hard day's work ago
Chapter 21 - Engagements of a different sort ago
Chapter 22 - Of history and making it ago
Chapter 23 - Small talk and big pinch ago
Chapter 24 - Fights and misunderstandings ago
Chapter 25 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 26 - Of doctors and fixers ago
Chapter 27 - Old Acquaintances and New Problems ago
Chapter 28 - More people, more problems ago
Chapter 29 - Mistakes were made ago
Chapter 30 - Show must go on ago
Chapter 31 - Run and Gun ago
Chapter 32 - Infiltration ago
Chapter 33 - Picking up the trail ago
Chapter 34 - Kitty Cat? ago
Chapter 35 - Kitty Cat! ago
Chapter 36 - Decisions, decisions ago
Chapter 37 - Remember, remember, the fifth of November ago
Chapter 38 - ...of gunpowder treason and plot... ago
Chapter 39 - ...I know of no reason... ago
Chapter 40 - ...why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot. ago
Chapter 41 - Small failures, big consequences ago
Chapter 42 - Conflicting ideas ago
Chapter 43 - Amateur psychology ago
Chapter 44 - So it begins ago
Chapter 45 - Data security is important ago
Chapter 46 - That's no moon... ago
Chapter 47 - Only a true love's kiss... ago
Chapter 48 - What lies beyond coincidences ago
Chapter 49 - Punishment and rememberance ago
Chapter 50 - Power overwhelming ago
Chapter 51 - Memories ago
Chapter 52 - Are you not entertained?! ago
Chapter 53 - Decisions and slowly unveiling mysteries ago
Chapter 54 - Culture shock ago
Chapter 55 - Expectations ago
Chapter 56 - Mysteries and solutions ago
Chapter 57 - Fight! ago
Chapter 58 - The Precipice ago
Chapter 59 - Of society and disasters ago
Chapter 60 - Holy Fury ago
Chapter 61 - Feces, meet fan ago
Chapter 62 - That can't possibly work! ago
Chapter 63 - More lessons learned ago
Chapter 64 - Goals ago
Chapter 65 - Fun and Games ago
Chapter 66 - Emotions are hard ago
Chapter 67 - Analysis and brewing conflict ago
Chapter 68 - Birds and Bees ago
Chapter 69 - Some things always stay the same ago
Chapter 70 - Nope! ago
Chapter 71 - Nope Redux ago
Chapter 72 - Introductions ago
Chapter 73 - Family Ties ago
Chapter 74 - Yeah, no. ago
Chapter 75 - I've come to bargain! ago
Chapter 76 - Wordplay ago
Chapter 77 - Revelations and Change ago
Chapter 78 - 5 seconds of fame ago
Chapter 79 - Job well done ago
Chapter 80 - Trouble brewing ago
Chapter 81 - If you're going to make a mistake, might as well lean into it. ago
Chapter 82 - Well, technically... ago
Chapter 83 - The Geometry of Shadows ago
Chapter 84 - Benevolent disdain ago
Chapter 85 - Yes, it's a plant puppy. Deal with it. ago
Chapter 86 - Striking at the heart ago
Chapter 87 - Expect the unexpected ago
Chapter 88 - Reflection ago
Chapter 89 - So which kind? ago
Chapter 90 - Medic! ago
Chapter 91 - Naming convention 2.0 ago
Chapter 92 - Standing at the crossroads ago
Chapter 93 - Grand Plan Mk. 1.0 ago
Chapter 94 - We have a gym now? ago
Chapter 95 - Politics, politics everywhere! ago
Chapter 96 - The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth ago
Chapter 97 - What do you mean no wars were started? ago
Chapter 98 - On the fringes of reality ago
Chapter 99 - Escalation ago
Chapter 100 - Meetings of consequence ago
Chapter 101 - Civil discourse ago
Chapter 102 - Of all things cosmic ago
Chapter 103 - On the borders of sanity ago
Chapter 104 - Gossip ago
Chapter 105 - For science! ago
Chapter 106 - If you mind it, you'll lose. ago
Chapter 107 - Winds of change ago
Chapter 108 - Home ago
Chapter 109 - Decision points ago
Chapter 110 - There are boats and then there are ships ago
Chapter 111 - Recruitment drive ago
Chapter 112 - Aggressive negotiation tactics ago
Chapter 113 - Denial ago
Chapter 114 - Resolution ago
Chapter 115 - ~fin~ ago
Promised AMA ago
The prologue of the new story is up ago

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Great story, a little weak on the reasoning behind the disappearance of the progenitors - surely some would have fled beyond the rim of their empire where the desease couldn't reach them, if no other path existed. But still a 5 star+ for overall awesomeness


The beginning of a new epic

If this is anything like the last book released by Vihyungrang then you will be in for a real treat. Based on what has been released so far expect an epic space odyssey dealing with themes of mourning, new beginnings and hope. I cannot wait for more to be released.


(Up to chapter 20) This is amazing.

I love this so far, i really do. The grammar is perfect as far as i can tell, charcters are fun and lifelike, the story is full of the right tropes in the right amounts to be fun instead of bland, and it is like Vihyungrang's other works. Which is only a good thing with its great style of writing. Hope you enjoy writing for a long time.


Ya boi



The story began with a fairly novel start, and there were a lot of intriguing aspects that left me with a growing anticipation of what was to come. Unfortunately as the story progresses, it becomes apparent that the MC is mary sue of all mary sues, one that throws her weight around without much care for consequences. She's even explained on multiple occasions that she 'just does whatever she wants based on her current mood'. This... is a rather poor and lazy way of designing an MC, "Just do whatever" contains very little thought to it and adds very little in the way of character, and makes it near impossible for readers to relate.

Another pitfall of the story revolves around the various race representatives she collects like galactic pokemon. Starting out they all have their own interests, personalities and agendas. However, as the story progresses, they gradually lose their personalities and transition into becoming the MC's cronies/yes men. These individuals even chat with one another merrily even when there is conflict between their two races.

The story eventually loses its way, lost amongst the stars as Selendil obliterates fleets and eradicates alien races based on her whims, all but forgetting about the looming threat of... whatever the antagonist is supposed to be, (is there even one? Who knows, she certainly doesn't.)

About the only minor saving grace of the story are the Shinzen, a zerg-like species who have more personality than Selendil and her crew combined. Because of them alone, the story will get 2 stars instead of .5


I was interested in the premise, but the characters fall flat pretty fast.

The side characters are at their most interesting before they meet the MC or before they join her growing harem party of pretty much the most powerful/important people of their respective races.

Afterward, they are just yes men who become pretty shallow. 

The story follows a very strict, predictable and unimaginative pattern. The crew finds a conflict, the MC easily can and wants to handle it directly, the side characters tell the MC what she can and can't do and they sit around a table making plans.

Each time they make a plan it is always the "stealth" option, they then follow that plan and it turns out exactly as planned. 

You are told and shown the MC is all-powerful and yet the useless side characters always have her sneaking around. They don't add to the story. 

The attempts at humor are cringy most of the time, especially with the Cat race. 

The story just has the Mary sue all-powerful MC going around listening to those sidekick scrubs, everything they do always works out for them.

The author keeps hinting that there should be some kind of mystery or great evil but so far this is more like a slice of life story without any real goal. 

Its an interesting read but I started getting bored halfway through after waiting for some kind of pay off with the story.



About trust in an author and an interesting novel.

There is a moment in the life of an author where they gain the trust of the readers. If tomorrow Jim, butcher, author of the Dresden Files, releases a book about whatever I would provably read it becaus I trust Butcher to deliver something at least decent and worth my time.

I trust this author, and you should too.


as far as song of the void is concerned the the history so far (2018/12/19) is interesting. we have to wait and see.



Good story. Poor character interactions

Reviewed at: Chapter 12 - Best laid plans...

The story and setting is really good

The world building is on point

The character interaction however is really bad. Not because the characters aren't interesting, because they are.

But because the characters never react in a conversation, it reads like two NPCs from a shitty MMO that doesnt have character animation having a conversation with each other and at some point it get really grating, seeing as this story has just so much potential 

Jacob Newman

Wonderful to see more from Vihyung

this is anything like his previous stories, i'd say grab a bag of popcorn, but you'll be through far too many by the time you realize it's 6 in the morning and got no sleep. i have on more then one ocassion gotten in trouble in highschool for reading to much, and i'll say this is author is the culprit

  1. I come here for the god like previous novels, and I stay for the wonderful writing. If you ever want something wonderful, come to this author

A Space Epic that falls a bit flat


Song of the Void follows the adventures of Selendil, a member of a previously thought extinct species. Woken up from her slumber by an exploration team, she is faced by a universe in which she is alone. What can the future hold for her, when her race belongs in the past?



I take the style score to judge how the author uses the language in order to further the story. With that said, it's actually pretty easy to judge - the author writes all pages basically the same. Paragraphs contain absolultely no variance in punctuation. This is somewhat of a missed opportunity as a little variance would greatly improve its readability. The author also does not attempt to insert any purple prose: perhaps a casual phrase, offhanded humour or a cutting remark wouldn't go amiss? The author is writing a space epic, but unfortunately their writing lacks the impact to truly convey the emotions of the story: one moment in which Selendil starts to come to terms with how alone she truly is in the universe may make her cry, but it certainly won't make you. This isn't LoTR and I appreciate you do not have the time to ponder upon every sentence, but it wouldn't hurt to try.


Grammatically it at least passes the standard of having few to no glaring spelling mistakes. The one very noticeable mistake is in dialogue: the end of speech should be ending in a comma and not a full stop, but this is easily fixed. Issues again crop up with punctuation at times as the author's refusal to use punctuation other than commas and full stops can create awkward phrasing and readability issues. However, the grammar standard still falls in the upper tiers of the site.


As of Ch 28, we have not yet fully uncovered the full scale of the story, so it is difficult to give an accurate assessment. That being said, however, the story is plagued by one major problem - the protagonist is a Mary Sue. Our Selendil is a narrative black hole, everything being sucked into her void of mary sue-ness. Everyone's narrative arcs, characterization, and thinking is warped in the presence of the Mary Sue, bending in service of making the Mary Sue as awesomely awesome as possible. Smart people get dumb around the Mary Sue. Confident people quake in their boots. Seasoned veterans tremble in awe at the combat prowess of the Mary Sue. What story can truly unfold if the protagonist can fix every problem they face? 

The worldbuilding is somewhat thought out, if slightly weak in places and greatly towing the suspension of disbelief. It relies on some tropes for many of the species we have encountered, but this is no real issue. 


As already mentioned our main character is a Mary Sue, thus she is basically perfect in all areas, but there is one area where she is deficient even by her own admission - she is not socially savvy (surprise, surprise). Someone who is all 10s in every category is difficult to characterize, and because characterization should be tied to plot, that's a major problem for the narrative.

Funnily enough, this means that the side characters are often more interesting; they have a past that isn't ancient history, relationships with people that aren't long dead, desires that aren't as nebulous as the MC's, and obligations and responsibilities that actually cause difficulties for them. Unfortunately, since all side characters are drawn towards the MC eventually, they are somewhat restricted in their development. Additionally, I have a strong suspicion that many will be part of the MC's harem that she is slowly, but steadily forming. The reason the character score is marked higher is mainly due to these side characters; I would truly have enjoyed seeing chapters based on some of the characters if they did not revolve around talking about the MC or setting up a plot point for her.


Despite my many criticisms the novel is very readable; it is what I would describe as a popcorn read - enjoyable in the moment, but not what you'd eat as a main meal. The worldbuilding is good enough that it causes no major issues and the story is still slowly being revealed to us. However, this is unfortunately all overshadowed by the main character. If you are looking for a simple wish-fulfillment romp of a Mary Sue in space then this novel is for you; otherwise, you may want to look elsewhere.