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[You’ve successfully created an item set consisting of… an unnamed [Chest Piece], [Pauldrons], a [Belt], [Greaves], [Thigh Armor], and a [Helmet]. Your production method was highly unorthodox, but it has proven effective. Your [Unorthodox Craftmanship] has been raised to level 6. +5 Dexterity.


Please choose a name for the item set. […]


To Novak, his armor set was absolutely radiant and it sparkled like gold in his eyes. The system wanted a name for it, but he felt that was silly. What name could possible fit something so awesome…? Luckily the decision wasn’t too hard to make and after looking at the detailed rat-head pauldron he’d created a name came to his mind and he typed it into the system prompt.


“Sewer Dweller Set.”


It was an apt name, although potentially unfitting for such a wonderful suit.


[ Acknowledged. Displaying item stats.]


Sewer Dweller Set:


The set pieces made out of slime all had remarkable black sheens to them, while the [Aberrant] Fabric used to make the set was a startling white making the whole ensemble rather interesting to look at. The chest piece in particular was interesting because Novak had placed small dots of hardened slime across the fabric that attached to the chest piece from the abdomen.



All in all, Novak was exceptionally happy with the way the armor turned out. His only wish was that his cores were able to produce larger pieces of [Aberrant Fabric] because the ones that were currently possible to produce were only about two and a half inches wide which resulted in him having to wrap and thread the fabric around a slime mannequin that had his measurements to make the items. The end result made the [Aberrant Fabric] portions of the armor look like something that belonged on a mummy because of the way it spiraled.


Nonetheless, Novak happily equipped the armor and was soon able to witness a tremendous boost to his stats.









5 (98.5%)









(Regenerates 1% per minute if unhindered).

300/300 (+40 from items).



(Regenerates 1% per minute if unhindered).

17/450 (+120 from items).





Carrying Capacity:

40lbs (+30).

Current Loadt: 63.5 lbs.

Attack Damage:


Magic Damage:


Physical Defense :


(Lowers incoming physical damage by a flat amount).

7.5 (+61 from items).

Magical Defense


(Lowers incoming magic damage by a flat amount).

5 (+46 from items).



(The strength attribute increases physical damage by +1 per point, and carry capacity by 1lb).




(The Dexterity attribute increases player control and flexibility, useful for craftsmen).

10 (+15).



(The agility attribute increases movement speed and attack speed by +1 per point).

10 (+2 from items.)



(The constitution attribute increases health by +10 per point and phys def by 0.25).

30 (+4 from items)



(The intelligence attribute increases magic damage by +1 per point).




(The willpower attribute increases mana by +10 per point and mag def by 0.25).

40 (+5) (+7 from items)



(makes it easier to interact with NPCS, and improves player appearance).



Available Stat Points:



* Sub-stats


(substats cannot be allocated and often overlap with other stats).

Flexibility: 13.


Karma: -920



[Beginner weapon mastery lvl. 1], [Beginner poison mastery lvl. 1], [Beginner camouflage mastery lvl. 1], [Unorthodox Craftmanship lvl. 6 (+10 Dexterity)], [Unorthodox Knitting (+5 Dexterity)].



[Hidden in plain sight], [A Capable learner], [A good eye], [Untrainable], [No tolerance for failure], [Uncanny Sense of smell.]



[Vermin Exterminator], [Father of Nightmares].



  • [Usurp lvl. 1].
  • [Poison Production (U) lvl. 1].
  • [Core Strike (U) lvl. 1].
  • [Core Deployment (U) lvl. 1].
  • [Re-Assembly (U)].
  • [Slime Manipulation (U) lvl. 1].
  • [Lesser Claw Strike lvl.10 (U)].
  • [Lesser Dark Vision lvl. 8].
  • [Lesser Flexible Movements lvl. 3].
  • [Lesser Stealth lvl. 7].
  • [Basic Aura Manipulation lvl. 1].
  • [Hijack (U) lvl. 1].
  • [Basic Appraisal lvl. 1]


Novak felt strong in his armor, stronger than he’d ever felt, and he was enamored by the rat head he’d shaped one of his pauldrons into. In fact his mood was so good that if his pursuers were to show up right then he might even fight them— assuming of course, there was no fire mage there to melt his armor.


Novak’s cores floated calmly behind him as he enjoyed the sensation of owning armor he’d made with his own hands… but gradually he felt something was missing…


He hadn’t made himself any gauntlets so he thought maybe that was why the set felt incomplete… but the more he thought about it the more he realized the issue wasn’t the gauntlets. He looked to his hands, realizing that the issue was that he didn’t have suitable weapon or shield to hold. All he had was his [Poisonous Slime Blade] which had unfortunately proven to be rather ineffective in his last fight.


To make matters worse he didn’t like using it either, in fact his favorite weapons were the passive aura claws generated by [Usurper’s Lesser Claw Strike], but the issue was that the claws generated were too short and limited his fighting range in combat.


If possible he’d like a weapon that could utilize his claws strikes… but it wasn’t like he could put a claw on a stick and make the skill work. The ability required that he attack with his own hands or feet, he had to be unarmed… He also needed a shield or something to protect him from incoming damage, or alternatively a second weapon to deal even more damage with.


But his slime cores and his slime walls were the most effective shields he had.


“I wish I could turn my cores into shields…” He thought.


Novak’s cores were an extension of himself, so they would make great shields. Sadly he couldn’t forge them into items… could he? As soon as the idea came to him Novak started considering the possibility and soon his mind opened wide to an infinite number of other ideas. What if he made a shield using one of his slime cores? Would it still count as a slime core? And if so would he be able to generate a new one afterwords? And If not what would the item turn into?


Furthermore, if his slime and his cores acted as an extension of himself… then couldn’t he put a claw on a stick and make it work after all? The ideas came quickly and hit Novak like a flood. Why was he limiting himself so much in his crafting? His path as a crafter was definitely destined to be Unorthodox anyways… so why not try unorthodox things? At the worst he’d just be losing time and mana… And he could always re-summon the core if it was destroyed.


Novak looked at the [Poisonous Slime Blade] he held in his hand and came to a decision. Black aura flowed from his arm to the slime blade and like the result of a violent chemical reaction the slime blade melted into a puddle of reddish goop. A reddish aura within the melting item exited and was quickly caught and eaten up by Novak’s new black aura causing Novak to regain a large chunk of his mana, which in combination with the 120 mana he’d gained from his item set gave him enough mana to make approximately one item, so Novak decided on the easiest item to make first.


Novak willed his slime cores to produce a plethora of black slime— about fifteen or twenty buckets full of the stuff, then he started shaping it from memory. The shape in his mind was extremely familiar as it had sent him flying several times into a wall. Five sharp nailed claws, a palm big enough to hold the entirety of Novak’s head in its hands…


The slime changed to fit Novak’s will, forming a fairly accurate replica of Urbus’s clawed hand as Novak remembered it and following the formation of the hand Novak willed a lump of black slime to extend backwards forming a long inch and a half thick shaft. Then he withdrew a bundle of of leftover [Aberrant Fabric] and a bundle of leftover [Aberrant Thread] and used it to wrap around the items shaft. After which he was done.


He took a deep breath and channeled his black aura into the staff-like weapon he was making. He closed his eyes and imagined the finish product to the best of his ability. He imagined a weapon that could swipe forward as powerfully as Urbus’s own claw strike, and then his mana drained completely.





[You’ve successfully created an Unnamed item. +50% [Unorthodox Craftmanship] Experience.


Please choose a name for the item. […]


Novak took a second to think and then grinned as he thought of a suitable name for it.


“Hail the King.”


[ Acknowledged. Displaying item stats.]


[Item Name: Hail the king.


Type: Staff-Claw Hybrid.


Level: 5.


Rarity: Rare.


Durability: 100% .


Attributes: P.ATK +10, M.ATK + 20.




* Slime Like Tenacity: This item will repair itself by 1% every minute.


* The Unseen Claw: This item effect is only available to the weapon’s creator.


* High Quality Item: Although the materials used to make this item are partially common the unconventional workmanship and material processing have still made it somewhat luxurious. +2 Willpower..


Description: A special weapon made by a unique method used to crystallize slime. The weapon’s shaft has been wrapped in [Aberrant Fabric] making it quite comfortable to wield; however, the entire weapon is made out of highly flammable materials. Use with care.


Weight: 1.25 lbs.]


As the item crackled with black aura and slowly hovered down it achieved completion and Novak held it for the first time. The grip was very comfortable as described by the item description and Novak turned, “The rat king” around so that the palm of its claw was facing him. As he looked at the claw he was surprised at how life-like it was and briefly imagined it moving… The staff twitched.


The index finger moved followed by the middle and ring fingers, shocking Novak. That motion was the exact same motion he’d thought of in his head. He looked at the item description and read the effect titled “The Unseen Claw.”


The effect of the unseen claw was apparent immediately. It was apparent that the, “rat king’s” five fingered paw could act as an extension of Novak’s own hand. Which made him ecstatic given that that was his goal. He swung the paw forward as he imagined a lesser claw strike and aura flowed out from his body and on to the claw to make it happen.


Novak was over the moon. Now all he needed was a shield.



Back at the lab’s higher levels an entire day had passed and since then Elise had lost a lot of her anxiety. Sure, their quest had reached a standstill seeing as none of the objectives could be completed, but when a day passed without anything happening the foreboding feeling in her chest left her and the quest completion bothered her much less.


Things were looking good.


The guild was happy that nothing seemed to have happened and as such it was able to aggregate all its manpower into gathering resources and independent research within the lab. There were a lot of smart players within the “Red Axe Devils” so even if they never completed the quest “Matthias’s Last Will and Testament” the guild would still gain access to potentially game altering research and incredible funds.


The research would allow them to tame mutants or possibly produce them on their own using the other research available in the lab which could in turn bolster their forces both on the chaos shard and on the main continent, and that had far reaching implications not just for the guild but for Elise’s career advancement as well. She’d led the charge, so to speak, and she knew the most about the laboratory so she had become a valuable resource.


She was happy.



One hundred minutes later Novak had his mana completely regenerated and was ready to attempt making a shield.


The first thing he did was create more [Aberrant Fabric] and then wrap it around a cylindrical chunk of rubberized slime. That would be the handle of his shield. Following that action Novak didn’t delay in summoning slime to make the shield itself.


The shield he had in mind wasn’t very big, or heavy. Just a normal triangular shield that could block basic blows, but he left an orb shaped crevice near the top of the shield, and that was it. It was an exceptionally simple design, but he hoped that adding his orb would change things.


His orb flew down and wedged itself into the circular crevice Novak had left for the design. Following which Novak took a deep breath and summoned his aura. He hoped dearly that he wouldn’t somehow blow up the fruits of his labor and simultaneously injected his aura into his shield product.


Suprisingly enough despite the simplicity and size of the shield Novak soon found himself being drained of all his mana including the +140 mana he’d gained from the wisdom bonuses on all his items. The mana drained very quickly and as it did so it left Novak feeling somewhat empty and low on fuel; however as it happened the core he’d lodged into his makeshift shield started to crystallize and compress.


The amount of compression was unexpectedly huge and as such the orb formed several hundred little crystal fragments… but before the compression could finish Novak ran out of mana and Novak’s heart sank a little. Without mana he expected the item to be a complete failure, but instead of failing the core spat out a tremendous amount of slime – which his other core’s collected – and then it finished its solidification.






[You’ve successfully created an Unnamed item. Your [Unorthodox Craftmanship] has been raised to level 8. Unfortunately the item could not be completed perfectly due to a lack of mana.


Please choose a name for the item. […]


As Novak gripped his new shield in hand he wondered why the system required so much mana to turn add his core into a shield, but once he chose a name and saw the item description he understood why.


[ Acknowledged. Displaying item stats.]


[Item Name: The Aide.


Type: Shield.


Level: 5.


Rarity: Rare.


Durability: 100% .


Attributes: P. Def +15. M. Def +15.




* Incredible Slime Like Tenacity: This item will repair itself by 1% every 30 seconds.


* Minor Locus: This shield can store slime and use it to rapidly repair its durability by absorbing it; alternatively stored slime may be deployed to rapidly create a hard slime shield of 1.5 meters in height.


* High Quality Item: Although the materials used to make this item are partially common the unconventional workmanship and material processing have still made it somewhat luxurious. +1 Willpower..


Description: A special shield made via a unique method used to crystallize slime; however the creator of the item didn’t have enough mana to fully crystallize all the slime stored within this item’s core, therefore it is only partially as powerful as it could have been. This item is moderately weak to flames.


Weight: 3.25 lbs.]


It seemed the more voluminous the slime being used to craft was the more mana Novak would require to compress it. He sort of knew that already, but he hadn’t taken into consideration the massive amount of slime stored within his [Usurper’s Core]. Knowing that using his core’s in such a way was possible made Novak excited.


The shield resulting from his mishap was a very good shield, but maybe one day when he had much more mana he’d be able to make something even better instead.


Novak equipped his shield, “The Aide”, and his new weapon, “Hail the King.” All together everything felt amazing, not necessarily because Novak’s crafting skills had produced anything Godlike – in fact his items were only above average stat wise – but because he’d made everything with his own hands… which was an incredible confidence boost.


Novak felt like he could topple the world. The only thing he was missing was his third orb, which he discovered he now had an open orb slot for. He’d just have to re-summon it once he regenerated his mana.


In the meanwhile however, he decided he’d venture forth with his hijacked minions and Helman. He was confident he could take on another horde of [Corpse Dwellers] even without mana, and the prospect excited him.


 (Author's Rendition of Novak in full gear. Not necessarily final artwork).

Novak's new armor.

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