Use... Everything!

by thedaidontstop

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

*Disclaimer: Due to the frequency with which I update there is bound to be some content re-writing/cleaning somewhere down the line. So if you're going to read this, read it with buckets of salt.


Many would have commented that games were for children prior to the year 2469, but with the release of Xorbitol's Chaos and Fame no one dared utter those words any longer. The world's first truly lifelike VRMMO experience, Chaos and Fame has changed the very foundation of society itself. Now many players spend more time playing the game than in the real world, and why wouldn't they? They can make money in the game too.


Sadly, this great shift has left many individuals in dire straits as Xorbitol uses its funds to amass greater and greater power in the real world and those left outside of the game suffer the consequences. Novak was one such person, but now he hopes to use the game as a catalyst for his own growth... unaware that such a simple reason would cascade into something much, much greater.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch. 0 * ago
CH. 1 * ago
2. Prelude to the Great Banquet. ago
3. The Feast Begins. ago
4. Chewy. ago
5. Biting off more than you should. ago
6. Death by... ago
7. Consumption. ago
Brief Intermission Concerning the World Of Chaos and Fame: ago
8. Fragments. ago
9. A familiar face. ago
10. A familiar place. ago
11. An unexpected encounter. ago
12. Exploring the lab. Part One. ago
13. Exploring the Lab. Part Two. ago
14. Exploring the Lab. Part Three. ago
15. Exploring the lab. Part Four. ago
16. Every Good Story Needs A Boss Fight. Part One. ago
17. Every Good Story Needs a Boss Fight. Part Two. ago
18. Into the Dark. Part One. ago
19. Into the Dark. Part Two. ago
20. Into the Dark. Part Three. ago
21. A New Friend. Part One. ago
22. A New Friend. Part Two. ago
23. The Hatchery. Part One. ago
24. The Hatchery. Part Two. ago
25. A plot unfolds. Part One. ago
26. A plot unfolds. Part Two. ago
27. A plot unfolds. Part Three ago
28. A plot unfolds. Part Four. ago
29. A plot unfolds. Part Five. ago
30. A plot unfolds. Part Six ago
31. A plot unfolds. Part Seven. ago
32. A plot unfolds. Part Eight. ago
33. A plot unfolds. Part Nine. ago
34. A plot unfolds. Part Ten. ago
35. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part One. ago
36. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part Two. ago
37. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part Three ago
38. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part Four. ago
39. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part Five. ago
40. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part Six ago
41. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part Seven ago
42. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part Eight. ago
43. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part Nine. ago
44. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part Ten. ago
45. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part Eleven ago
46. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part Twelve. ago
47. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part Thirteen. ago
48. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Part Fourteen. ago
49. What Nightmares Are Made Of. Fifteen. (End of Arc/ New start). ago
50. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part One. ago
51. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part Two. ago
52. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part Three. ago
53. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part Four. ago
54. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part Five. ago
55. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part Six. ago
Everybody Panic. ago
56. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part Seven ago
57. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part Eight. ago
58. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part Nine ago
59. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part Ten ago
60. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part eleven ago
61. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part Twelve. ago
62. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part Thirteen. ago
63. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part Fourteen. ago
64. Those who Dwell in the Desert. Part 15 ago
Ch. 65 ago
Ch. 66 ago
Ch. 67 ago
Ch. 68 ago
CH. 69 ago
Status Update ago

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  • Overall Score

Perfect, but worried for power creep

Before I say anything about power creep, I want to put out one thing. I love the style, character, and story thus far. I like the skillset the MC has and that facet of the story's potential going forward, however, I have one big problem with it. 

In its current form, it will lead to power creep problems later on and thus hurt the story later on. For instience, while right now, he is just another strong character, eventually, it will become absurd to the point of breaking the story itself. If I may suggest a solution, I suggest implementing a skill number limit. This will force the MC to specialize while also offering him a point to set himself apart with, while also leading to a more realistic approximation of what the unique class should be.

I should say, this is just my opinion on the story, but power escalation can be a big problem going forward and has wrecked its fair share of stories. Even if you don't do it the way I suggested, I highly recommend you recognize and address it somehow. 

But other than that one minor concern, I really like the story thus far and hope you keep with it.

  • Overall Score

Good Premise, but Storytelling feels forced

Had to Lower Rating even further. Honest Review, and has spoilers! So heed my warning before reading.

My main problem is the main character actually fearing virtual reality enemies like it'll kill him in real life.

It feels fake, it feels forced.

And then there was the whole filler chapter about class inheritence. One whole chapter which contributed nothing to the story other than a rat's memories.

The main character in this story also seemed to feel pain. When watching the rat's memories synced with the rat and felt every pain the rat felt. Which is stupid. Another VR where the mc will "Clench his teeth and go through UNIMAGINABLE PAIN to succeed". Dude, it's a game.

My last beef is his class. It's a cheat. Basically let's you steal other mobs masteries/skills etcetc with some stupid Penalties. Penalties feel forced and useless in the long run. And the skill Ursurp is a plot armor. He'll probably end up as another "Jack of all trades, master of all" character. Not to mention it's traits, basically confirmed he can learn non-class skills faster. Skill has very few limits that are ACTUAL limits and not just things that can be bypassed with 2 hops.

In the end of the day, it feels forceful. Like the author is forcing the characters to do stuff. 

Frankly I don't believe anything that is happening. A story, even fiction/fantasy needs to be believable. Even if the mc turns into an uber-arch-omega-strong-godlike existence it is fine as long as the process to it is believable. This one isn't. And I don't like it.

  • Overall Score
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relatable character, wonderful world building

overall love the style and the way it drops away from info dumping the game world so we the readers are learning as the hero is really helps draw you into each discovery and plot.


the author is slowly improving their writing and expect that many will soon be following this amazing adventure

  • Overall Score

It seems the prevelance of unrealistic VR has led people to faulty impressions of what high realism VR would be like and mark down this fiction because of that.

I see reviews here talking about how its just a game and how him feeling pain is stupid, now that's just foolish. The whole point of VR (Virtual Reality), especially those touted as high realism, is to have as many aspects of reality as possible or entertaining in a virtual situation. Things like pain, muscle reflexes and fear would be part of that as seen in this novel. This isn't a keyboard and mouse controlled MMO through a screen.

The end goal would basically be to have a fantasy universe with an rpg system working in concert.

This is also why the VR and litrpg novels annoy me, in that they constantly have characters using skills like they're pressing a button, meaning you're in the game but you're not really playing it like you are. If people would just stop and think how it would be like being completely in a VR game and yet constantly having control fully taken away when using skills you would realise how quickly that would bore you.

Arin Vale
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Execution needs work

Style: The abundance of tables messes up the reading and story flow. It is not necessary to have repeated boxes of the same or similar information. Also, games don’t bombard you in such as way to write basically a sentence after every monster kill. That would quickly be annoying and fill up the screen, exactly as what is happening in this story. Also, the stats screen needs better formatting. It shouldn’t just be basically two columns of identifer and value. The explanation of each stat is not necessary on a status screen and should be informed through separate windows to be basically not brought up each time the status window is. Think of it like a more info window when ‘clicking’ on the stats. Writing style wise, it’s solid. However, the chapters are spaced weirdly, sometimes ranging from single to double spaced. It makes it choppy to read.

Story: Yikes okay. This one was interesting. While I like your style of narration in speech, actions, and explanation, the pacing needs work. For one, the detailed killing of every rat is not necessary and acts like filler which lasts for several chapters and gets soon revisited after a short break. It would’ve been better to time skip half of those rat battles and move on to greater, more varied fights and events.

Grammar: Good enough.

Characters: The single most blaring fault? Lack of backstory. Lack of direction and goals for the characters second. There’s very few background details on why the MC is the way he is. What is he chasing? What does he aspire to be? Values, motivations, feelings, concerns, longings etc. All essentially missing or lacking in depth or quantity. Like why is he so scared of so much then haughty the next moment? This applies to other characters too. Something substantial must be given in the beginning, but we have basically none. In one part, it says it was going according to plan. What plan? Nothing clear was said on a plan. To be the best/make money/or anything vague and broad like that is not a good goal too. It can be the overarching one made up of smaller ones that are more focused. These small goals or steps in the big plan get stringed together as plot and pacing. So he kills a lot of rats, why. And of all things, rats, really? To chose that as the monster repeatedly killed is.. well boring, uninspiring and not thrilling. Too bad, because the action details are well done (if excessive in length/repetition). Back to characters, in short, what’s happening is this. They are actors who act well but have no deeper substance because the audience doesn’t truly know them; they are supericial and shallow in the sense that actions aren’t backed up because of known personality traits. So how can one connect to characters rather than follow along for the sake of the story? It lacks realism.

Overall: The elements are there. The story just needs some trimming and adding here and there in parts and as a cohesive whole, balance. Pacing, tables, and characters (thought/emotion in regards to backstory), these three sum it up in what needs to be improved most. The execution of these need to match up to the writing style.

Xav Gaming
  • Overall Score

Love the way the story progresses, and how the character grows into himself. It is amazing how even though there ar dark themes to the story, somehow it still feels light hearted.