Use... Everything!

by thedaidontstop

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Many would have commented that games were for children prior to the year 2649, but with the release of Xorbitol's Chaos and Fame no one dared utter those words any longer. The world's first truly lifelike VRMMO experience, Chaos and Fame has changed the very foundation of society itself. Now many players spend more time playing the game than in the real world, and why wouldn't they? They can make money in the game too.


Sadly, this great shift has left many individuals in dire straits as Xorbitol uses its funds to amass greater and greater power in the real world and those left outside of the game suffer the consequences. Novak was one such person, but now he hopes to use the game as a catalyst for his own growth... unaware that such a simple reason would cascade into something much, much greater.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
0. The beginning. ago
1. A Smell Unlike Any Other. ago
2. Prelude to the Great Banquet. ago
3. The Feast Begins. ago
4. Chewy. ago
5. Biting off more than you should. ago
6. Death by... ago
7. Consumption. ago
Brief Intermission Concerning the World Of Chaos and Fame: ago
8. Fragments. ago
9. A familiar face. ago
10. A familiar place. ago
Update (not anything bad though, so nobody panic). ago
11. An unexpected encounter. ago
12. Exploring the lab. Part One. ago
13. Exploring the Lab. Part Two. ago
14. Exploring the Lab. Part Three. ago
15. Exploring the lab. Part Four. ago
16. Every Good Story Needs A Boss Fight. Part One. ago
17. Every Good Story Needs a Boss Fight. Part Two. ago
18. Into the Dark. Part One. ago
19. Into the Dark. Part Two. ago
20. Into the Dark. Part Three. ago
21. A New Friend. Part One. ago
22. A New Friend. Part Two. ago
23. The Hatchery. Part One. ago
24. The Hatchery. Part Two. ago
25. A plot unfolds. Part One. ago
26. A plot unfolds. Part Two. ago
27. A plot unfolds. Part Three ago
28. A plot unfolds. Part Four. ago
29. A plot unfolds. Part Five. ago
30. A plot unfolds. Part Six ago
31. A plot unfolds. Part Seven. ago
32. A plot unfolds. Part Eight. ago

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relatable character, wonderful world building

overall love the style and the way it drops away from info dumping the game world so we the readers are learning as the hero is really helps draw you into each discovery and plot.


the author is slowly improving their writing and expect that many will soon be following this amazing adventure

Xav Gaming
  • Overall Score

Love the way the story progresses, and how the character grows into himself. It is amazing how even though there ar dark themes to the story, somehow it still feels light hearted.