Ashes of the Arctic

by RabbleRouser

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

It's the year 2019 and Alaskan biologist Envy Travis gets psychic forewarning of a massive calamity only minutes before her world changes forever.  A rich brat by birth, a psychic by way of trauma, and an outdoorswoman by sheer stubborn will, Envy is now without power or a communications grid, fighting for her life in the terrifying wilderness of Alaska as something horrible is devastating the planet around her.  And, as she and her former Marine buddy are two of the only survivors of the initial disaster, she realizes the events rocking the Earth are not only horrifying, but unnatural, and carry with them a devastating truth:  That even if they survive the initial destruction, her planet is facing the same kind of extinction event that she studies in the arctic ice.  So similar, in fact, that it might be linked...

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Oh my universal lord! Wow! Damn good start to an amazing adventure that I am definitely looking forward to having a front row seat on!. Very rarely am I able to find books/literary works that actually make me feel! In the 1st chapter alone, I laughed, I freaking stopped breathing and panicked!! That was AWESOME to feel while reading!! For words on a page to reach out and grab me like that and pull. Me. IN! Love it!