Grey's Another World

by BlueTurtleNeverSleep

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead Secret Identity Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

They say second chances are sweeter than the first. 

Greyson Carter was a 17-year old kid who only ever had one wish in his life. To protect and take care of the one and only person he ever loved and called family. He single-mindedly waited, planned, and worked for that day when he could finally take his little brother away from their wretched father and live a normal life away from the beatings, abuse, and suffocating environment which was their home. 

But one night, he lost everything. His dream had become nothing but a fantasy and he failed in protecting the one person who ever mattered to him. 

But at his darkest moment, when he thought it was the end, a light appeared. A devil's offer was presented to him.

They say second chances are sweeter than the first. They were absolutely right. 



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1. Rain and Thunder ago

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