The Wise Old Dragon

by MoonManJack

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead

What happens when a boy, raised on old stories, meets a dragon who is dreaming of his younger days? I will tell you, they spend their time doing chores around the farm and running away to far off lakes. That is until the boy is no longer a boy and the dragon is, well, he is still an old dragon.

More importantly, what happens when a young man and his wise old dragon lose their small farm tragically? When the young man’s grief is not met with loving words from his mother or stern words from his father. And when the fires of burning buildings drive the old dragon to remember times that should be forgotten. What will they do?

Maybe they will run off into the mountains hiding from all that would do them harm. Or maybe, just maybe, they will enter a world that has not seen such a pairing in a very long time.

Join our story as we try to have the patience required for old bones to move and young minds to learn as disaster and adventure appear hand in hand. Friends will be made as well as enemies, battles will be won and lost, and some legends will be proven to be true. A truth that should scare all of Elleton.

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