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The door slowly opened, and as the room was revealed, I could hear voices and, The Thieving Magpie (Abridged) playing on the background.

"Welcome Mr. Smith! We have been looking forward to meet you," two hostesses hugged my arms. They were dressed in tight sexy outfits and wearing...Bunny ears!?

I slid away from them with such agility. It was as if my body had melted like butter to slip from their arms, and I regained my shape as I got free. It was at that moment when I realized, "aww, sh!t what did I get myself into this time?"

"You know what? I have to leave. Tomorrow I'll work at..."

"Hey, hey, hey. Silence is golden and it fits you better. Don't you think so Ariel?" Said a...Bunny-eared hostess?! As she placed her finger on my lips.

"Yes! He looks so handsome!" Ariel agreed as they both kept getting closer.

Step by step, I walked backwards with my sight fixed at them; and smiling nervously, I shook my head implying, "no". Shortly after, I felt a painful kick in my @$$, which launched me the whole 9 yards into the air.

HP: 90 / 100

"He's all yours," said a bodyguard as he lowered the leg he catapulted me with.

What goes up, comes down; unfortunately, I was coming down...in a damn nosedive! I couldn't find a way to gain balance and land on my feet or at least butt-cushion. I yelled on my way landing; I could almost feel a broken nose. I saw both hostesses waiting for me with their arms wide open. Before cracking my skull, one of them caught me by my hands, and the other one caught my feet. They held me in mid-air as if I were a jumping rope. I was being twisted as they spun me to jump above me.

"Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream!" The two @ssh0les sung while jumping me!! My body couldn't spin anymore, so my arms and legs began to unwrap themselves to the opposite side, accelerating faster and faster with every spin.

"Serena, here you go. Catch him!" Both hostesses said and they launched me to the other side of the room.

As my body drifted through the air, I saw many waiters and poker tables. One of them pulled a megaphone from his suit and shouted,


And just like you, I was left clueless.

"Wow, he's coming! I'm so glad I'm out of surgery. I never thought I would break-them-in this way." Said Serena as she waited me to land of her triple Ds.

Serena was swinging back and forth, "1, 2..."

"Hold on, what the heck?!" I yelled in the air. I don't think she planned to catch me.

"3!! Catch him!" Serena swung her triple Ds and hit me like a baseball.

HP: 60 / 100

Announced on his megaphone that same waiter who censored the previous scene.

With the hit's momentum, my body was deflected to another section of the game room. I could only see little stars flying around my head after the blow. A hostess from below, ran to follow my aerial trajectory while carrying a chair. She ran back and forth, calculating where would I land. The hostess jumped 7 feet and caught me with the chair. I landed on the chair with the force of a meteor crashing on Chelyabinsk. Such was the impact that I hit my back and the back-part of my head with the chair, ouch!

HP: 30 / 100

The hostess carried me along with the chair, she placed the chair in front of a table, and walked away; another hostess was serving me a cup of ice. The hostess who caught me came back with a bottle of Suntory Hibiki and with the same innocent smileā€¦but what am I saying?! More like the same bimbo smile!...She served me a double.

"Mr. Smith, we have been looking forward to meet you," said a man sitting on the opposite end.

"Yes, I already knew it. You are not the first one who let's me know in such a good manner," I replied exhausted and gulped the double.

HP: 25 / 100

A note from Pokar

I added the HP last minute and I'm thinking about adding weapon stats, something which I had not though about previously. What do you think? Add RPG stats or not?

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Timothy link @Timothy link ago

The only thing really censored in America is Child porn that Japan seems to not care about.