Lady Wukong vs. The World

by Yuli Ban

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Female Lead LitRPG Martial Arts Strong Lead Virtual Reality Wuxia

Sun Wukong spent years grinding in World of Chevaliers. 888 levels later, she is no closer to the endgame. Frustrated, she takes a break to explore the gameworld for the first time. But then her pet dragon, Baphomet, is savaged by a greater dragon, Xifanglong— a tyrant who has slaughtered countless heroes and brought disaster and the worst criminality unto the land. Sun's plan is to find Xifanglong and whoop his ass.

But before she can take off, a wandering bodhisattva requests that she take a miraculous boy under her wing. Orphaned by Xifanglong, this Miracle Boy is prophesied to become a hero if he has guidance— guidance only Sun can give. Yet Sun's only desire is to kill Xifanglong, regardless of the consequences of defying the in-game prophecy. And ever since the game went free-to-build, Players have retooled the world into something a little more cyberdelic, providing Sun Wukong and her merry and ever-growing band of overpowered fools with an excellent opportunity to have a journey to crush the forces of evil.

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Yuli Ban

Yuli Ban

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